1. ratzee199

    System is not booting after BSOD

    Hi, Today morning I got a BSOD. After that I restarted my system. My system is not responding properly from then on. In the morning, it was not booting at all. In the evening, I was able to boot it up in normal mode. But I was not able to load any program. Even when I started Windows Explorer...
  2. mandarpalshikar

    BSOD if EnableULPS set to 1 on Maximus V Formula with HD7950 CrossFireX setup

    Hi Guys, Need your inputs please. If EnableULPS is set to 1 in registry while using HD7950 crossfire setup on Maximus V Formula, I get BSOD and my OS hangs at start. So I need to set it to 0 to use the system. This does not affect power usage much as the second card takes only 15 watts in idle...
  3. P

    Blue screen of death!!!

    Hi Guys My configuration is as follows: Core i5 3570 k@stock 3.40ghz with Hyper 212 evo with push Asus P8Z77 V Pro Corsair Vengeance 2*4gb 1600Mhz Corsair TX 650 W Yesterday I was fiddling with Asus AI Suite and used the auto tuning option to overclock which gave me an overclock of 4.2...
  4. A

    The blue screen of death error code 0x000007B

    My system recently showed up with the BSOD error saying "your system has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer".It responded to run CHKDSK /F and also to check the hard drive controllers and for viruses.I did a boot time scan with avast antivirus,along with system restore,and a roll...
  5. krishnandu.sarkar

    Bsod registry_error

    Hello, I have faced this BSOD REGISTRY_ERROR before 2-3 times but on rebooting the PC, everything went fine and I didn't cared to notice the same in detail. And everything went on fine till today morning. But the problem started severely when I booted the PC today evening, everytime after...
  6. justme101

    The BIGGEST problem in my "LIFE of PC"!!!!!!

    Hey guys!! I ran into a PC trouble after a long time and that too a BIG one!! So i was playing Batman Arkham City on my PC which has been a daily routine since the past week and suddenly the game freezes and the PC shuts down with a BSOD saying "Memory_Management". I restart the PC, works fine...
  7. B


    My system just shows a bsod and restarts within 10 seconds after i start the system. Is this a problem of psu? Mine is an iball 450w... I will change it in a month anyhow, buying corsair. But i need to lnow the reason of bsod. Please help.
  8. A

    Graphics Unit BSOD ------ Blue dots and system crashes

    HP Envy 14 1015TX Intel Core i5 450M ATi Mobility Radeon 5650 500 GB HDD Operating System Installed : Windows 7 Home Premium My computer has switchable graphics. I hadn't used the high performance graphics unit for quite some time. Could be 3 to 4 months. Recently after procuring a game, I...
  9. amjath

    Continuous BSOD every 20 min

    Hi all, This is a issue for my friend. He is having Dell Alienware 15x. His laptop experiencing continuous BSOD every 20 min. I have attached 2 screenshots which he sent me please help.
  10. theserpent

    BSOD Still appears

    Well guys Today i got my mobo back.(As you'll know the sound wasn't working). Now sounds fine. After i installed my gfx cards drivers.I restarted my computer and WOLAH BSOD :-x:-x came :(. Wth.Even now bsod comes :( Please tell me whats the problem
  11. R

    Memory Management BSOD error.

    So suddenly from this morning i have been getting memory_management BSOD errors and it comes up randomly. There error code i get is STOP: 0x0000001A , i have searched google for the solution and not come across anything precise that has to be done. My Specs can be seen in my...
  12. D

    graphic driver crashes

    hey frnds.. i recently got a new pc with the following specs core i5 2500k intel dz68db corsair 4gb vengeance corsair vs 450w wd 1tb green now when i install the driver for my hd3000 the systems shows bsod (dumping physical memory) and restarts my os is windows 7 ultimate 64bit pls help
  13. setanjan123

    Faulty RAM?

    Hello. My PC had the no post no beep situation. My hw engnr bro cm and did sm tinkering around(remvd gfx crd nd pc startd 2 beep. Then re installd nd startd normaly). Dis was a fw days ago. 2day at mrning was playing Stalker. Ran smoothly wid no prblm. In evening when i trid 2 boot pc during...
  14. V

    Compaq Presario C308TU - XP installing help

    Hi, I am trying to install OS on Compaq Presario C308TU. Following are observations On booting normally, a long continuous beep. After which if went further and XP logo is displyed, within a second a BSOD is displayed and system reboots. Can not see BSOD code. Booted from Linux, I...
  15. K

    Urgent Solution needed regarding BSOD!!!

    from some days i am facing several bsod errors... and it shows the error relating iomap64.sys and creates dump files and its finished there.. till now had occured 8-10 times in last 15 days..!! any help will be highly appreciated..!!
  16. Z

    Suggest needed - Driver update[windows 7]

    frndz, plz suggest me any good freeware to update my drivers of windows 7 , coz m suffering from bsod :(
  17. P

    BSOD problems

    Sir, My Configuration: Intel Core 2 duo E7200 @2.53 GHz Gigabyte G41MT-S2P Motherboard Seagate 500 HDD Kingston 2 GB DDR3 RAM Samsung LED SyncmasterSA100 Monitor Inbulit Graphics memory 782 mb(displayed by CPU-ID) Windows 7 installed on 15th Oct 2011. ****************PROBLEM**************...
  18. CommanderShawnzer

    xbox 360 S vs Gaming PC

    pls tell me i'm planning on getting a xbox 360 4gb with the 320gb harddrive which comes to rs 23000. should i buy this or a gaming pc?? dont post that xbox has the RROD prob as pc's have their own infamous BSOD problem and the virus/malware problems and i'm looking for the GAMING potential and...
  19. future

    BSOD , phenom x6 1090t with 1600mhz ram

    Hi , i recently purchased the following rig , Amd phenom x6 1090t asus m5a97 Gskill ripjaws 2x4gb 1600mhz Now the problem is when test my system with prime95 , it remains stable for 3-4 hrs but when i stop the test , i get bsod IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL error. Even when i use pc for...
  20. S

    System Freezes followed by BSOD

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my PC after taking buying advice from the forum. Post installation, I am facing a problem of system freezing, which is immediately followed by a BSOD. The message in the BSOD is : "A clock interval was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated...
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