1. S

    Thread stuck in driver

    Hi all, you can also count me on the list who is faced the error thread stuck in device driver. yes, last night everything was fine but suddenly a error occur on my computer that thread stuck in device driver. I'm here to find the solution of this error.
  2. Æsoteric Positron

    Windows strikes again ==>WHEA error - A fatal hardware error has occurred.

    WHEA error - A fatal hardware error has occurred. A record describing the condition is contained in the data section of this event. Can anyone help regarding that error on event log? My computer basically freeze today, and had even given some BSOD errors sometimes this is the critical error I...
  3. nac

    [HELP] Display driver crashing/BSOD

    I have bought Zotac GT 710. Purpose is to use two monitors I have. Ever since I switched to GT 710 from iGPU, I'm facing issues. I installed latest driver 378.49 the very first day itself. Tried google, and tried some fix but none works for me. - BSOD - Crashing (Display driver stopped...
  4. sujeet2555

    pixelation in the game and video corruption

    i have MSI gtx560 graphic card installed.while running game i got some green pixelation and then the game crashed .after that any game won't start and always crashed CTD or BSOD .after that i opened the nvidia control panel with the 3d preview box and it bsod .now the system won't start and bsod...
  5. Moy

    BSOD Error: Kernel Security Check Failure

    I am having BSOD saying 'Kernel Security Check Failure' frequently. I recently updated to windows 10 64 bit from windows 8.1. After activating windows 10 I reinstalled it [for fresh installation]. After that I am having BSOD, mostly 'Kernel Security Check Failure'. I ran memory and HDD test and...
  6. R

    Constant BSOD, Doing a clean Install of Windows 7 did not help. How do I identify the problem?

    So I have been having constant BSODs, freezes, unexpected errors and so on while using my system. Initially I thought something went wrong with the drivers I have installed (I had recently formatted C:/ and reinstalled windows since I do that every 6 months or so to keep the system fast) but it...
  7. Niilesh

    Windows won't boot after bsod

    The problem I see the manufacturer logo then it gets stuck on a black screen. what happened i was watching a movie then suddenly i got a bsod after my laptop just won't boot. I am 90% sure bsod was BSOD - Driver Power State Failure i have tried Booting into safe mode - doesnt...
  8. G

    Hibernate on laptop problem?

    Hello, to all of you. I have a Laptop having specs CORE i5. 8 GB memory and 500 GB hdd, actually whenever I try to hibernate, I got a BSOD after some time, which stated "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE", what could be the problem? please let me know the solution, I've tried to attach a screenshot of...
  9. A

    BSOD Error "video_tdr_failure atikmpag.sys"

    Hi, I have a Sony Vaio VPCCB45FN Laptop, Find below the configuration, Archived VPCCB45FN : C Series : VAIO? Laptop & Computer : Sony India Intel i5 2nd Gen Dual GPU = Intel HD3000 and AMD Readon 6630M. Factory OS = Windows 7 HP I was facing a BSOD saying "video_tdr_failure...
  10. adityak469

    RAM problem

    I had bought a RAM from Flipkart a year ago. I didn't use it as my processor is only able to use 3GB and i had a 2GB stick already installed. So now, i installed it just to check it and to my surprise, after installing it, BSoD was being displayed sometimes. Any help? My rig- Pentium D...
  11. ithehappy

    Back to back BSOD!

    I was playing BF4 and had BSOD in less than three hours! This is in a long while I have had this many number of BSOD. What could be the reason? Is there any kind of logger which can record what's going on actually?
  12. bssunilreddy

    Why a BSOD occurs?

    Hai, I bought my PC in May,2013 but there has been no BSOD until this morning.Why did my PC show BSOD? What are the causes of a BSOD?I usually install the latest drivers.Please see my config in my Siggy.When the next BSOD occurs I shall take screenshot and post it here.
  13. P

    Bsod with event id 6008

    hi, im getting bsod error like clock inturrpt. when i later investigated in event viewer the error is having event id 6008. when i googled it , i came to know it is due to lack of drivers or due to over clocking. But i didnt over locked on any time and my hard ware drivers also up to date...
  14. D

    windows 7 not loading bsod

    My laptop is asus 7 ultimate. Let me explain in detail. 1. I just started pc and started a game.suddenly the game froze so i closed the game nd restaretd game. 2. Same thing happnd so i restarted pc. 3. Now i was getting a BSOD screen after windows loading fora fraction...
  15. D

    is my lappy hardware at risk

    My laptop is asus 7 ultimate. Let me explain in detail. 1. I just started pc and started a game.suddenly the game froze so i closed the game nd restaretd game. 2. Same thing happnd so i restarted pc. 3. Now i was getting a BSOD screen after windows loading for a fraction...
  16. cyborg47

    I think I just got my Graphics card fried.

    So here's what happened, I installed Grid2 last night, launched it. Got through the main menu, and suddenly, the graphics on the screen went bizarre, screen gets forzen, and created a weird sound(not from the system, but through the headphones). I quickly restarted my computer, but faced a BSOD...
  17. TechnoHolic

    After BSOD & HDD Not Recognized

    After BSOD, HDD Not Recognized I was surfing..suddenly a BSOD occured..restarted the pc using reset button because windows was hanged at that time..After restarting, the harddisk wasn't recognized at boot pressing the reset button again, entered the BIOS menu and there is no...
  18. R

    CPU not booting but making incessant beeps.

    Guys, Since yesterday evening my CPU has not been booting and giving me incessant set of 3 beeps with the power button syncing and flashing according to the beeps. I will post a video soon of the same. I have already reset the RAM, I have 2x4GB so I tried to boot with a single stick at a time...
  19. P

    BSoD win 7

    Hi, I just recently assembled a new Desktop myself, with help of this site. My rig is Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB Seagate Barracuda 1 TB Desktop internal hd Asus DRW-24B5ST Internal Optical drive MSI ZH77A-G41 Motherboard Intel Core i5-3470 Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB (2...
  20. amruth kiran

    Survival after bsod...

    HEY GUYS!!! i just lived through a BSOD and have no idea how i managed to come across it in the first place..i have a few doubts about this: 1> can a VIRUS cause a BSOD? ( cause i got my HDD scanned at my dad 's office and it showed 2500+ viruses .. possible???) 2> can un-updated system...
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