1. A

    Nvidia to bring the Battlebox Experience to Mumbai next month. Cheers! Abhijit
  2. C

    Need urgent advice on buying from us

    My uncle is going to usa a day after tomorrow ,i am thinking of asking him to bring me ipad4 3g 16gb and nexus 4 . will he have to pay customs? if yes what percent? is there any way to avoid it ? how much worth of electronics can they bring back ? any help will be appreciated.
  3. T

    Microsoft now understands Windows 8 is very annoying

    "MICROSOFT CHANGES ITS MIND" Windows 8.1 set to bring back the Start button | The Verge
  4. Y

    Would you rather...

    Would you rather buy MMX A116 Canvas HD for 14,500/- or Samsung Galaxy S III for Rs. 19,500/-? My budget is around 15k. At first I wanted to buy MMX Canvas HD A116. But then, a friend of mine said he can arrange me a S3 for Rs. 19,500/- new, sealed pack and with bill. I asked how and he said...
  5. gohan89

    Want to buy new Tablet!!!

    I want to buy a tablet and here are my requirements.(budget max 15k) 1)7 inch Screen is sufficient.Android 4 atleast. 2)It should be high resolution and touch should be buttery smooth and lag free. 3)Atleast Dual core CPU and GPU should be able to handle HD games with ease.Hardware should be...
  6. H

    please help i m going to buy a tv from dubai

    hi this is himanshu touching u for ur valuable suggestions.. one of my friend is going to dubai for a trip this january.. i m planning to buy a samsung LED or PLASMA tv ranging from 40-46 inches.. please tell me which one should i go for and what is d procedure to take the piece in dubai and...
  7. S

    GPU custom duty?

    hello freinds myself sahil from mumbai.i wanted to ask you about the custom duty applicable on the components if you or you freinds bring them from outside india. i have a freind living in hong kong.i have asked him to bring me new graphic card sapphire radeon hd 7950(prices are really high in...
  8. ajayashish

    What can I ask my wife to bring from US

    My wife is in US and will be returning next weekend. I was planning to ask her to bring something from there but am unable to decide what. Initially I was planning for a wireless keyboard mouse combo but am not sure as they are almost prices same there and in India. I already have an...
  9. JojoTheDragon

    Can I use a model for the Workspace Contest?

    I was wondering if I can bring in a model for the workspace contest that is currently going on here ?
  10. Gauravs90

    SOPA Emergency IP list:

    So if these ass-****s in DC decide to ruin the internet, here’s how to access your favorite sites in the event of a DNS takedown # News
  11. bajaj151

    Friend coming from Hongkong

    My friend is coming from Hongkong next month. Please suggest...What should I tell him to bring..which is..expensive here or not easily available or not available at all....
  12. sumonpathak

    wPrime 32M/1024M Battleground

    All right guys…its time bring out the potentials of your processors here….so I bring to you the Wprime benchmark thread…..the rules are simple… You must use thewPrime v1.55 version choose 32M calculation have a valid screenshot (see example below): clearly show wPrime time, processor...
  13. R

    What to buy in China

    A friend is going there for work. Budget of 1.5k INR I have soundmagic's pl50. any good foam tip replacements i can ask him to bring? anything else that is really cheap there?
  14. akash22

    problem with my task manager

    can someone help to bring back my by other tabs of task manager
  15. pulkitpopli2004

    bring deleted data back from external HDD

    Many softwares are available to bring the deleted data back from HDD... is dere software available for externall HDD also..?? i asked some shops at Nehru place abt this.. they were offering some s/w cd for 100bucks.. bt i thot its better to ask you guyz first..
  16. Zangetsu

    Happy Diwali to All Digitians...

    Dear All, I wish a prosperous & Happy Diwali to all digitians & members of thinkdigit May this Diwali bring new light & success to our lives.....
  17. T

    WD TV Live Plus or Viewsonic NexTV VMP75??

    guys my aunt is comin 2 india this nov..adn needed 2 know which is better among the 2.... so that i can ask her 2 bring 1.... as i watch 2 much of movies.... so needed 2 know which is better.... thanx angel
  18. W

    New Hardware| Freezing Software [Please help]

    guys, i recently upgraded my pc and got the following Hardware- Intel Core 2 Quad q8300 2.5GHz Intel DG41KR motherboard 2GB DDR3 RAM ATI RADEON HD4350 graphics card 320GB hard disk (sata) I had installed Windows & ultimate in the beginning but then formatted and installed Windows XP...
  19. rhitwick

    Prototype help requiired

    How to kill Elezabeth Green? I'm fed-up of trying. for last three days I'm trying and it keeps on fighting even if the life is just one bar. I'm trying with devastator attacks. Plz help it takes two hrs to bring its life to one bar, and if that continues for three days, u can guess my mental...
  20. Anorion

    [By Demand] April 2009

    Hey there bring em on
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