Need urgent advice on buying from us


My uncle is going to usa a day after tomorrow ,i am thinking of asking him to bring me ipad4 3g 16gb and nexus 4 . will he have to pay customs? if yes what percent? is there any way to avoid it ? how much worth of electronics can they bring back ? any help will be appreciated.


Hey i also have the same concern..i am planning to get htc one from usa as its really cheap there...what i want to know is if i get international warranty for the fon from usa itself then will it apply here as well since its international?


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abhilash ... depends upon htc service center in your area .. on paper they should provide but the are reluctant.. normally if you get good piece you wont require service center
cooldude .. just tell your uncle not to carry seal box .. if you need box for future sale .. then he can flat the box and keep it in check in and carry phn in hand .. you can find out custom duty related information on customs website
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