1. Official Techie

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City

    please help i am facing problem at the mission where i have to control the helicopter to drop bombs the helicopter comes upwards down and i have tried very hard to bring it in right position but i m not able to everytime i try i end up blowing the helicopter please help how should i do this
  2. dhawald

    problem in opera quick search

    I am using opera 9 the quick search in the opera toolbar,below the address bar which used to search the page in real time as I typed, has been replaced by google search see link * how do I bring the opera search back. I did...
  3. M

    Windows media player vanished!

    After installing Service pack 2 the media player is no where in the pc.This is the only player I use and never installed any other player.Plz tell where to look or what to do in order to bring it back.
  4. M

    $100 Kids' Laptop ..India --are close to agreement,Nicholas Negroponte said.

    tke a look..... i think this is good news for us.... *,aid,125961,00.asp they willl bring this project in india as pilot project...ahead than other countries... * pics of $ 100 laptop...
  5. D

    How bring "connected icon" in the system tray in win 98?

    How bring "connected icon" in the System tray in win 98 in case of Broadband. I am using MTNL triband with a Router that is connected to my comp via usb, which is recognised as Remote NDIS device.
  6. T

    iPod not recognized on computer, appears as removable drive.

    I bought an iPod from a friend a few days ago, its an older one with no color, but has the single click wheel button. So I tried to bring it to one of my friends houses to put some songs on it and it wouldnt show up on the left, and when you look for the iPod in my computer it shows up as...
  7. T

    can i connect my laptop's hdd to my desktop

    i wanna know can i connect my laptop hdd to my desktop computer i know i can connect it through lan but the prob is that i live in indore while my brother who has the laptop lives in bhopal so he finds very hectic to bring his laptop everytime he comes so i wanna know if i can take out the...
  8. C

    Folder options clashing

    The task pane in all the windows have disappeared and is disabled in the folder options dialog. Any way to bring it back :)
  9. R

    Good graphics card for the masses.Here is the answer!

    Did anybody saw this review at THG? * Serious performance at affordable price (less than 100$, may be 8000 INR here). If somebody can bring it from US, u get 50 plus frames per second in DOOM3 and HL2 at 1024x768 @ less than 4500 Rs
  10. QwertyManiac

    Firefox trouble ! (find funcionality)

    Help ! 1st when i used to jus press a button on my keyboard on a page in FF, the find/search bar used to automatically open, Now i have to manually open it by ctrl+f ! Help, that functionality of auto open is gone ! how to bring it back ???
  11. zegulas

    AMD problem

    I have an AMD 3000+ processor and installed the cool & quite software, it says it would bring the freq down to aprox 800MHz when not doing anything, but the software just brings down the clookspeed by 200MHz i.e. from 2000MHz to 1800MHz. What should I do to bring it down to save power. It does...
  12. K

    LCD Blues !

    I'm interested in buying an LCD monitor. A decent 15" costs about 13,000-15,000 here. But in the US, a 19" is available for around 280$, which is less than 13,000. Is there some way i could get that ? Could I ask some friends of mine in the US to bring one home... Will the customs charge duty...
  13. Dipen01

    !!!!! Virtual Memory Query

    hey there... i have PIII 1 GHz 64 SDRAM and am using Win XP.... Actually i have a doubt .. are there any barriers or limits on increasing Virtual memory... i mean i dont mind using 500 MB of HDD space for it..of-course of its possible... ill be glad if anyone can bring some lite...
  14. D

    Motorola RAZR V3

    I costs a cool 38000 in India but a little research on CNet was all that was needed to get the true price of this phone.The lowest price is 189$[around 9.5k]and the highest price is 498$[Around 25k]. So if you're buying this phone tell your favourite uncle/aunty/bro/sis living in the U.S to...
  15. L

    Good Job Done !

    :P I am very glad by the the Response of lot of the users to teach the newbies about HTML and JavaScript. Keep the good work going. I my part I wish to bring into notice to all the users some free hosting sites, :wink: 300 MB 50 MB
  16. S

    Microsoft XBOX

    Is xbox discussions allowed here. If so, is it possible to get xboxes in India and how much are they costing there? I currently own 3 xboxes, I plan to bring them over to India and setup lan party. To enjoy some games I plan to bring more or would be easier if I just buy from India. Thank you
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