What can I ask my wife to bring from US


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My wife is in US and will be returning next weekend.

I was planning to ask her to bring something from there but am unable to decide what.

Initially I was planning for a wireless keyboard mouse combo but am not sure as they are almost prices same there and in India.

I already have an IPAD, KINDLE. I own a nice mobile... Can someone suggest something.

Eventually I thought of a Audio enhancer for my laptop. But again... doubtful of its usage.


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if i where in place of you , i will try to get some of following gizmos

1. Portable media Player :- Watch HD/ Blu ray from Portable HDD or memory Card or pen drive/ Phone (mass memory mode )
this Gadget support almost all formats ... It is best replacement for Blu ray Player for HD Movie on your Hd tvs (3D also)...
(Better then Buying a Blu ray player then buy /Burn Blu ray Disk (Blank Bluray: 150-250 rs each, Movie Blu ray 1000- 2000RS ) for watching blu ray movies ... )
why u buy Blu ray disk again and again.. and Handling it is worst ....

Ex: Western Digital USB 2.0 TV Live Streaming Media Player - Wi-Fi (DLNA)
Asus Digital Media Player O Play Air (HDP-R3)
And many more..... some comes with internal HDD of 1-2 TB

2. Portable USB battery Chargers:
This is very very very essential gadget (i have one) .
What if you have some extra charged Batteries in you pocket/ bag every-where. So that if your Iphone/Ipod/Phone or any gadget is low battery , this handy Portable USB chargers,charger ur Iphone/ipod/ipad/phone and any Gadget to 2-3 time to full battery ... almost all new gadgets/ mobile have USB charging right.. charge on GO....

i have following :
1.TeckNet® Dual-Port iEP380 5000mAh 1.5Amp Output Universal USB Battery Pack For iPad 1, iPad 2, iPhone 4 4G 3Gs 3G, iPod.......
2. TeckNet® iEP387 7000mAh Dual-Port 2.1Amp Output Universal USB Battery Bank

Just check Out "mAh" For these , so more of it , more time u can charge ur Iphone/ Ipad ..
There are some Branded Product in this Like cooler master / belkin/ sony/ sanyo selling this...
and believe me it work like charm ...

(Some has ability to charge via Solar cell as a bonus with Ac charging : But expensive )

3. digital photo frame
AS simple it is . It has a Screen on which Your favorite picture slideshow goes on.

you can keep on your showcase so that when ever you look at it any random pic of your come back and You smile :) :) :)

Note: BUY bigger screen .. good .. i bought small one (as it was expensive) But now not felling good....

4. Docking station portable speaker for iPod & iPhone

these are Portable speaker system for all Portable Devices like mp3 players, iphone, ipad and mobile phone.... they are either charges or connected to AC Main.. (so when no lights , switch this sound system and enjoy)

and I bet this sound speakers are having very decent sound and some have surround sound

ex :
Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S715i for iPod and iPhone (approx 40-60$) Very in Budget (others are above 100-150 $)
Logitech Wireless Boombox : amazing :p:p :p :p (it has 6 speakers and Surround sound ) approx 80$ - 120$ Works via Bluetooth . There are 1000's of Review of it on net ... this is has blown many reviewer's mind off..

Creative D100 Pure Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System (Black) for iPhone and Android and MP3 Players with Bluetooth
Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i - Black
Sony Ericsson MBS-200 Bluetooth Portable Speaker - Black
Philips DC315/05 iPod Docking Station - Black
JBL Radial Micro Version 2 Speaker Dock - Black
Sony XDRDS12IP iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock with Clock Radio Function

Some more :
Sanhieser Headphone CX300 : Budget mind blowing headset
packs of Ferrero Rocher and Lindt & Sprüngli Choclates :)
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-Sony Live View Watch (Pairs with your Banned Roid Fone)
-Nike Fuel Band
-Sony Tablet P/S

Maybe some remote car, I know it may sound kiddish, but boy, once you try it its freaking awesome.


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Get the ZO2, like I posted before
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