Friend coming from Hongkong

My friend is coming from Hongkong next month.

Please suggest...What should I tell him to bring..which is..expensive here or not easily available or not available at all....


I think all the electronic products will be cheaper over there than here so you can get a good phone!!

BTW is your friend an Indian who is working there or a localite of that place??
I want Coolermaster N620 (not available here) & Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard..

Is there much difference in price ?

Please suggest IEM under 2k..


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CoolerMaster has already released Hyper 612 PWM in the international market, better go for it.
@ ssb1551....He is doing MDS.Yup....they use English

Is it possible to carry CM Storm Sniper Transparent Sidepanel....if available.
I will use it on my Haf 922 :)
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