Want to buy new Tablet!!!


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I want to buy a tablet and here are my requirements.(budget max 15k)

1)7 inch Screen is sufficient.Android 4 atleast.
2)It should be high resolution and touch should be buttery smooth and lag free.
3)Atleast Dual core CPU and GPU should be able to handle HD games with ease.Hardware should be powerful.
4)Will be reading lots of ebooks on the go.
5)Will be watching movies...should be able to play 1080p lag free.Should play a wide variety of formats.

Please give ur valued suggestions.
I thought of buying the Nexus 7 32 GB 3G.I have relatives in Germany and they have Google Play Store there where the Nexus 7 is being sold for a cheaper price.My relative will be bringing it when coming to India.How do I bring it in without paying for the customs?

If they bring the unlocked version,will it work with Indian 3G sims here?
Will I face any problem or restrictions while using it here? Or is it better to wait next year and get it from Grabmore.in ?
How do I service it if any problems happen?

Is there any way for me to access the Google play store for devices website for Germany on my PC?


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Samsung Tab 2 suffices most of your requirement listed above. Nexus 7 does not have SIM card slot. At its current price of 19K it is not worth it , at the moment ASUS is working on Low cost version of Nexus 7 .Also Acer is trying to launch 99$ tablet. I would suggest to wait for some time before you decide to get it from abroad.
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