1. Shasanka_Gogoi

    sum notepad dilemna

    ok... i thnk it sounds quite simple bt still... i dnt hv a solution... i hv a backup of ma sms's on a notepad file... its like arnd 1000 lines ,,, nw all i wnt to do is to invert d lines... i.e ,, to bring d last line on d top nd vice versa.... plz tell me hw to do it..if it cn b dne thnks
  2. raksrules

    Queries on bringing new laptop from Canada to India

    I have recently purchased a laptop from here in Canada. Now the question is that i am coming back to India on 15th November. Since this is a new laptop and i am bringing it to India what things i have to take care of ? I mean i dont want to pay any charges to any customs etc. I suppose i can...
  3. A

    Secret Game in MS Office?

    Hi, I heard that theres a secret/hidden game in MS Office Applications like MS Word, MS Excel etc? Is that right? If yes, then how can I bring it on? With Regards Abhik
  4. saqib_khan

    How to bring out desktop in Sidux & Ubuntu?

    Hi, I m new to linux. Whenever i boot from a live CD/DVD there comes a console or command prompt, whatever u call. I tried 2 flavours of linux, Ubuntu & Sidux. What to do to bring out a desktop? I mean i want a GUI . I don't know the commands therefore. I also don't know...
  5. dreamcatcher

    Best of luck for IITJEE 2008

    hey guys...wish all those guys appearing for the most prestigious under graduate xam in the world-JEE 2008- a best of luck..rock it and bring glory to urself and ur family... BEST OF LUCK p.s. sum1 wish me too.. :(
  6. krates

    google vs microsoft + yahoo

    The topic says it all i think it is not going to bring any change
  7. dreamcatcher

    New SE Phones on 6th

    SE is all set to bring out its new range of phones on the 6th of nov..namely the w890i-3.2 mp cam walkamn 3 play now 4 and all tht of w880.. the k660i-no specs yet and the w350i-upgrade to the w300i then on the 15th they r most probably going to bring out a new range of smartphones and a...
  8. L

    A small help

    I guess this is not a major problem but its starting to irritate me. The thing is all my mp3 files only shows the song title and it no longer displays the artist and album name which happens normally. Is there anyway i might bring the display of the artist and album name back. The collection...
  9. subratabera

    Now, here comes VIXTA is a Fedora-based Linux distribution designed to be user-friendly and eye-catching, similar in look and feel to Windows Vista. Trying to bring linux to the “masses”, not just sysadmins.... Source: *
  10. B

    Help me out , little bit about India laws ..

    Im a foreign student , stay and study in Bangalore for the past 2 years . I've purchased a pulsa bike under my name . Since i've graduated from study , can i bring the bike along with me back to my country ? Is it possible ? Can you give my some ideas about the necessary procedure like tax...
  11. S

    Bring my printer back to life

    I have an old Epson C41UX printer. Once i ran out of ink and thought of refilling it. So ignoring the warning of the company, i refilled rather than buying a new cartridge. but after that the printer didn't work.It only gives the ink cartridge empty warning. I've heard that printer head also can...
  12. koolbluez

    Rate the "RATE THE" series... :D

    One more Rate the... thread... hell I'm gettin pi$$ed off by this plethora of threads... spawning like the devil's minions all over the serene landscape of this forum. That's what I'm feeling now... so I thought y not rate these threads themselves.. & see which one really worked out... So...
  13. anurodhjindal

    How to bring back new mail identification icon ????

    hi, I am using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. When the new mails comes it shows the new mail idendification icon. But i have hide that icon once and from now i haven't got any identification icon. How to bring it back.
  14. A

    help with new grafix card

    hey guys,iam stayin in the uae and am planning to purchase a new grafix card soon...iam confused over which me out... geforce 8500GT(256mb) here costs 550dhs(around 6050Rs.) geforce 8600GT(256mb)costs around 990dhs(around 10890rs.) but i read in many posts here that xfx 8600GT is...
  15. O

    h/w from bangkok/hong kong

    how much is the price diff for cellphone/ laptops/grphic cards in bangkok airport & honkong city??? & are we allowed to purchase there & bring here without duties??& what abt warranty in such cases??
  16. champ_rock

    search bar of opera gone

    hi the search bar that is present on the top right corner of opera has disssapeared please tell me how can i bring it back?? thanks
  17. Lucky_star

    System doesn't Standby....Help me..

    Usually when I used to Standy the Computer by selecting it from the Shutdown Menu, the fans(CPU and SMPS) would shutoff and the system would come to a low power state with the Power Led blinking. Pressing the Power button again would bring it out of standby.. Recently I installed XP again, and...
  18. hailgautam

    Google working on cell phone?

    Source:Google working on cell phone? - Rumor In a move that could bring Google to the physical consumer market for the first time, reports have surfaced over the past few days about the Internet leader in talks with other companies to bring forth the Google Phone.
  19. S


    A Game basing on the movie DHOOM is gonna come out next year. i dont have any details yet, but will soon bring. I saw this in local new paper.
  20. V

    50 Fun Things To Do During An Exam

    Saved from * You should not attempt these things during an actual exam. The following is meant for entertainment purposes only. 1. Bring a pillow. Fall asleep (or pretend to) until the last 15 minutes. Wake up, say “oh geez, better get cracking” and do some gibberish...
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