1. sam9s

    Top 5 all time Action/War/Martial Art movie

    Top 5 all time action/War/Martial Art movie Whats your top 5 all time Action/War and Martial Art movie ...... Now action as a genre is vast, so think and share. The only genre I do not want to include is WAR, and Martial Arts.They deserve their separate top 5. Though there is no rule to...
  2. Faun

    Podcasts Thread V1: The art of storytelling

    A while ago I used to think about podcast as some sort of boring drivel about technology and other stuff. I mean who would ever prefer to listen when one can watch a movie about the subject ? That sounded not so interesting to me. Not until I got to hear the first podcast mastering the art of...
  3. S

    Anyone from Delhi/NCR interested in doing Art Of Living Course?

    Is any one interested in doing any Art of Living Course? For youths(18-30),we specially have Yes+ Course by Art Of Living.. * Anyone interested can just reply here..
  4. H

    Post awesome box art here.

    Post your favourite box art in this thread as long as: 1. It isn't Chin Down, Eyes Up("90% of hit video game covers") 2. Isn't generic hero walking away/walking into the frame.(CoD, BF) 3. Isn't posing with a weapon with a air transportation in the background.(Crysis 3) Dark Souls...
  5. sahil1033

    How can I add an image as 'album art' to a mp3 file ??

    Help please !!
  6. ramakanta

    Add Album Art to MP3 Songs

    Is there any procedure to add and remove album art in MP3 Songs ?? thank you.
  7. CommanderShawnzer

    The Digit Artists

    this thread is dedicated to all kinds of art :Painting,Concept Art,sketching,digital art etc incase you are posting 100% your own art please put any form of identification on your posts
  8. R

    elegant looking tv

    I am not much concerned about the price and technology of 3D TV’s. All I want is my 3D TV to look like an elegant piece of art in my living space. Which TV would be the most suitable for that?
  9. Nanducob

    Good Movies like Amores perros?

    Does anybody here know any good movies similar to Amores Perros(love's a b!tch) or Y Tu Mama Tambien(and your mother too):D.Dont know if i can call them 'art movies' but it was fun watching and those movies gave me some 'inspiration':D.thanks:)
  10. CommanderShawnzer

    help me to plan my education/career path

    well i'm a class 10 CBSE student and i want to become a software engineer/programmer/coder/whatever OR a game developer(the one which creates art assets) but i figured becoming a good coder is the stepping stone to GD'ing about me well i'm not exactly a "maths genius" i.e for me algebra in all...
  11. theserpent

    Share your digital/Matte Art.

    Hey, share all your matte paintings digital art here Here are few i have done using photoshop and wacom bambo one:wink: My devianART profile *
  12. T

    BMTC goes hightech :grin:

    BMTC first in India to offer wi-fi connectivity hot spots with state of the art technology for its commuters :) Source : *
  13. sygeek

    New Algorithm Impressively Depixelates Pixel Art

    New Algorithm Impressively Depixelates Pixel Art In a new research paper, Microsoft’s Johannes Kopf and The Hebrew University’s Dani Lischinski describe a new algorithmic method for converting pixel art into sweet, smooth vectors. In the examples above, each of the images in the middle show...
  14. D

    .flac thumbnail image in windows 7

    i have recently started listening to .flac files but unlike .mp3 files, if i add an album art to the .flac file, it is not displayed in windows explorer when viewed in thumbnail (large icons in windows 7) view. is there any codec pack or third party software that will enable me to view the album...
  15. L

    Flac file icon or album art in Win 7

    Is there a way to get flac files to display album arts in win7? You know mp3 files are so good to look at with the album art being displayed inside the folder. I wanted to know if i could do the same for flac. Make it display album art instead of that boring default icon. Am hoping there's a...
  16. jxcess3891

    Post your MS Paint Art

    Hey guys I'm back after a very very long hiatus. Maybe most of u won't even remember me. But nevertheless it's back to creating some stupid and controversial posts for me. So keeping in the spirit, here's a thread for posting all your ms paint art. U need to strictly stick to ms paint which is...
  17. C


    Screw me for stupid title. Am pretty much sad. I made it into top three animation universities in UK (Bournemouth, Teesside and Herts). Two unconditional offers and one conditional. Got a call from my mother and just came to know we just can't afford it. 14lacs/year is pretty huge for us. We...
  18. x3060

    Album art for music?

    i want a player that's capable of producing album art for my music collection , i recently downloaded one from a site ......123(u know).com, and it produces a thumbnail album art in place of default mp3 thumbnail that windows give (in my case foobar gives)...anyone knows about a player thats...
  19. VarDOS

    Anybody having DeviantArt account?

    Hi friends, I want to post my small creation on Deviantart. But after reading its terms and conditions, i am in confusion, of their Law And Order... I haven't posted any of my art any one could tell me that should i post the creation? Will it be OK according to law? Thanks Varad
  20. V

    The Art & Science Of CSS, Go grab it for FREE

    Yes, you got it right, Sitepoint has come up with yet another free ebook giveaway & this time it is The Art & Science Of CSS (worth $29.95) absolutely FREE. It is authored by Jonathan Snook, Steve Smith, Jina Bolton, Cameron Adams, and David Johnson, five of the biggest names in CSS design...
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