Podcasts Thread V1: The art of storytelling


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A while ago I used to think about podcast as some sort of boring drivel about technology and other stuff. I mean who would ever prefer to listen when one can watch a movie about the subject ? That sounded not so interesting to me.

Not until I got to hear the first podcast mastering the art of storytelling, Radiolab. I can recall, in great measure, that it was on the subject of Patient Zero. This topic sounded intriguing to begin with. And the more I listened to the content, the more it piqued my interest and gripped my attention throughout the length of podcast. One thing that struck me with surprise was the exceptional quality of sound engineering used.

My search for more such podcasts led me to great many others. Here are the ones I have been enjoying so far. Excluding the ones in listening queue.

1. Radiolab
2. This American Life
3. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
4. 99% Invisible


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Audio books | full length novels in audio form | audio books in podcasts form

My favorite are :

The Leviathan Chronicles - An Audio Adventure -(freee) SCi-fi 'nuff said
Anything by the company graphic audio - REALLY REALLY AWESOME!
podiobooks.com/ - lots of free audiobooks (legal)



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Listened to "Antibodies" episode on RadioLab. Pretty informative. And the way CRISPR can be used to genetically modify organisms (possible selective genome editing) and the idea of creating dinosaurs, interesting stuff. Reminds me of Gattaca.

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I've been listening to Joe Rogan and Lex Friedman Podcasts .

Any similar podcast channel suggestions?
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