1. warfreak

    Best AGP card for around 3.5K

    My friend has a really old config and he needs to upgrade his PC with a gfx card. His system config is :- Intel P4 2.4 GHz 256 MB DDR ram 80gb hdd 400W PSU His mobo has agp 8.0 interface. What would be the best agp card for him? He is a casual gamer with just a few sessions of CS 1.6 for 1-2...
  2. G

    FS: Koss KSC75 earphones

    Gforce's Christmas sale (all kinds of stuff, updated daily) This thread has a lot of stuff FS. Read on... Rather than wait for what seems like an eternity for a thread to get approved out here, I've decided to continue posting new items in this thread. I'm not trying to bicker with the mods...
  3. S

    FS - FX 5200 agp

    The card has no warranty left. Ppl on old setups with an agp slot going waste can benefit from this. It supports DirectX 9.0b and plays all not so modern games at resolutions of 800x600 or 640x480 (obviously u cant expect more from a geforce 5 series card). ;) I myself finished the game...
  4. harishgayatri

    AGP 8x Card with HDMI out

    My system is Intel original D865GBF motherboard with 256MB DDR RAM Does anybody know the Prices of Nvidia or Ati AGP 8x Card with HDMI out. I would like it to connect to My SONY BRAVIA T -Series 19 inch LCD using HDMI I stay in MUMBAI. Please mention If I have to make some extra changes to...
  5. J

    System freezes bcoz of AGP Graphics Card

    hi everyone.. i was using AGP GeForce FX 5700 graphics card for my Intel 865 motherboard.. now a days the system freezes when i login into windows.. :confused: now am using my system without graphics only.. cant play any of my favourite games and my multimedia work.. :cry: i tried...
  6. salilrane

    Need ur views in this graphic card Club 3D 9550 SE CRT/DVI

    Introduction: Club 3D Radeon™ 9550SE offer unprecedented graphical power and support for the AGP 8X standard Inspiring cinematic quality with latest advances in ATI engineering Full support for Microsoft® DirectX® 9 the industry-leading API for the most wanted gaming titles Next-generation...
  7. thilina

    Hw can I enable AGP VGA on my pc?

    My motherboard is KOB 650GL NDSMx.Chipset is SIS 650GL(North.b) ,Sis 962L(South.b).I want to install an AGP card to it.I put an AGP card to the slot & connected the monitor cable to it,bt the signal dnt cum to it.Bt when i connected M. cable to my on-board vga port while the pc is on,monitor...
  8. a_tif

    FS: P4 proccy + ram + gfx card

    My old mobo 865 died and had to upgrade the system . Now i have the following components lying around 1) P4 2.8 Ghz Presscott Socket 478 800 FSB 2) Hynix 512 MB DDR ram 3) Sparcle 6200 AGP 256 MB 4) i-Ball 400W SMPS My location is mumbai If interested PM me and quote...
  9. R

    selling mobo+procy+ram

    hey hi guyz i m selling sum stuff procy intel 2.66ghz -- 1.5k mobo msi 915 --- 1.5k (having agp slot) 1 gb ram + 256 ram --1.5k (400mhz) prefer a buyer in delhi/ncr
  10. A

    Graphic Card Woes

    Hey all please provide a suitable graphic card for me spec are: motherboad:Intel 865G Processor:Celeron D Budget: Rs 5000 pl suggest a suitable nVIDIA oR ATI Card :confused::confused: tell their price and specs too............ pl do it fast it should be able to play games such as...
  11. J

    AGP Card on D845GVSR

    I have P4 2.4GHZ on D845GVSR.Above the pci slots a group of connectors are visible, above which it is written as AGP slot.My question is whether an agp slot added there . If yes please suggest some good performing boards around 2k...PLZ REPLY IMMEDIATELY...
  12. G

    urgent: Graphic card needed

    my pc specification is intel 850gb Motherboard+intel 1.4 GHz motherboard support 4x AGP graphic card.currently i have nvidia riva tnt2.can any one suggest me good graphic card which support 4X AGP and is 8X AGP card can run in 4X AGP slot.please help
  13. Zangetsu

    PCI Graphics Card..

    I have old mobo (4 yrs) with no AGP slot..& i saw e-VGA PCI graphics cards...on their site r they worth 4 my current system...??? :confused: which games they can play atleast....;-) No comparison with AGP or PCI-e...
  14. S

    Upgrading Suggestions

    Suggestions For Upgrading I mainly use my PC for browsing and a bit watching movie. With SP3 my PC is really very slow and want to upgrade it. My budget is around 3k. Please suggest me whether if increasing RAM and adding an AGP will help. Also do i need to change my SMPS if i add an AGP card...
  15. H

    ATI AGP driver problem

    Hi, After installing the ATI AGP card, my WINXP OS automatically detected the driver but not able to get driver for my win2k OS. I downloaded the driver from ATI & gateway website but no use. Pls help....... Sharing you the system info using DirectX: Display Devices...
  16. A

    Problem No AGP or PCIE ???? HELP!!!! SOS

    Hi , to all I am Apoorv and new to this forum I have a LG MyPC with Intel 845GE Motherboard and a 2.4 Ghz Processor and 256 MB ram have been using this since 3 years But now the performance is bad and PC is quite slow Hence i wanted to upgrade it but i discovered it doesnt have a AGP or a...
  17. Roadripper

    How much ll i get ???

    FS:Want to Sell this rig!! Sellin this off Prices mentioned post ur PMS ... BTW running vista ultimate and al games like grid creed etc... P4 3.06ghz Prescot.. 1.7k--SOLD gigabyte 8I915mef6 wit agp and pci express 16X slots 1.4k ddr 333 mhz 1.2k---SOLD 512mb ddr 333mhz 600 ... plus...
  18. R

    What is the best graphics card(AGP 4x,1.5v) for my config?

    I have found that my machine is compatible with only AGP 4x,1.5v cards So, please tell me the best available AGP 4x,1.5v graphics card, my mother board specification is in the below link.. Other system spec: CPU: Pentium 1.4 Ghz RAM...
  19. S

    want to update processor (amd939)

    ok i have an amd 3200+ 939 socket and i want to upgrade my processor. i cant find a x2 processor for the 939 socket even in nehru there a mobo i can buy which is 1)cheap 2)supports agp (i have a nvidia6600 which i adore) 3)i know its asking to much but supports ddr1 (ithis would be...
  20. M

    New Graphic Card for AGP slot ?

    I want to know wheather there are new graphics card available for AGP slot from either ATI or nVidia. As far as i know there are graphics card available from ATI and those cards are based on HD 3850, I also want to know wheather cards belonging to HD 3870 are availbale for AGP slot. What about...
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