1. bukaida

    Is Dell FX5200 AGP Win 7 compatable?

    My onboard video Intel Extreme graphics 2 on Intel 865GBF is not supported by win 7 and it is not possible to go for an upgrade of 10-12 K at this moment. One of the E-Bay site is selling Dell NVidia FX 5200-128MB ( 2nd hand @ Rs1400) which he claims to be compatible with win 7 ( No ready made...
  2. B

    Advice about buying an AGP 8X card from Ali express

    1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans: Frontech 450 watts 2. What is your budget? Ans: 5k 3. Which resolution will you game at? Ans: 1280X720 or 1920 X 1080.. the games like DOTA 2 and CS:GO should be playable at 60-80 FPS..Eye candy is...
  3. R

    Is AGP slot graphcs card available?

    Is AGP slot graphics card available now? I have a 865GVF mobo.
  4. aloodum

    [Want to Buy] Used AGP card

    Need an old working AGP card , preffered 4X...No restrictions :) Hit me with offers
  5. ranjitsd

    agp card

    Forsa GeForce GT610 1 GB DDR3 F-NH-G610102B38L4G-171L AGP Card, Compare and Buy latest AGP Online in India: is it true or printing mistake
  6. digit06


    where will i get a agp to pci e converter please tell me if it there or not!
  7. digit06

    which will support?

    iam having a 4 pci slot(not express) and a agp 4x slot which is the graphics card slot will both support graphics card or only agp will support! :| and my specs are 1024 gb ram ddr1 nvidiageforce fx5200 gfx card (agp) gigabyte 7vm 333m - rz motherboard 80 gb hdd amd athlon xp 2600+ 2.47 ghz
  8. digit06

    WHich GRaphics card ?

    I Am having a Agp graphics card slot i now i am having geforce fx 5200 but new games wont work i need a agp graphics card which need for speed run or hot pursuit can work it need a graphics card which the following games would work please tell me which :-(
  9. J

    Any AGP graphics card

    Well my friend wants to buy an AGP graphics card. The onboard GPU of his motherboard went bad and so he wants to buy an AGP card. This card is not for any gaming, just basic net surfing and watching occasional youtube videos. So any AGP card should suffice his needs. Please help friends.
  10. ranjitsd

    need agp card

    where can i get agp or pci card in bangalore i have intel 865gbf motherboard hd 4670 agp or zotac gt 520 pci
  11. P

    AGP card needed

    The GF 6200 AGP card used by my deceased nephew's wife and their young son has gone kaput and they cannot afford to replace the entire system yet. So I'm looking for a stop-gap replacement for the AGP card. I'd like something better than a 6200 if possible. A 6600GT or 7600GT would be great...
  12. B


    need AGP Card. Help me out. i am living in Surat, Gujarat. i am going to Mumbai(Borivalli West). anybody know where can i get it from there?
  13. GeekyBoy

    Need an AGP graphics card

    Guys, i am a bit cash strapped, and require a decent agp graphics card to play new and older games(my older agp card went kaput). I dont want to spend an entire fortune on a new system and am content with playing at lower resolutions. I reside at Kolkata and would prefer to buy from someone...
  14. S

    Please help me in selecting an AGP Graphics card

    Hi, I am looking for a graphics card to play POP-Forgotten Sands, etc. I have Intel i845g board which only supports AGP. I am having PS of 300W. Please suggest!!
  15. GeekyBoy

    Agp card for old machine

    I have an old amd sempron 2600(overclocked) machine, which has an agp slot....i just want a graphics card good enough to run nfs shift at okay settings(ie 800x600,low-mid).....i will be investing in a bulldozer when it gets this will be an intermediate till i buy a...
  16. speedyguy

    Changing Age old monitor

    Hi, My system is quite old and as of now i just need to change my monitor as its starting to strain my eyes. its a studioworks 45v 14" from LG. Now hardly i can see any shops that sell crt monitors as my current one. so is it possible to replace it with a new LCD. i mean will my system accept...
  17. S

    any AGP card supporting widescreen resolution

    I need a 4X/8X AGP card which can run widescreen LCD with resolution of 1368 * 768 Cheapest will do. Delhi seller desired
  18. I

    Need a used processor and motherboard

    Plan to upgrade my old dabba, but short on cash right now.:oops: Hence, looking for used processor+mother boards. I am from Bangalore Ideally looking for, (AMD Phenom or AthlonII processors or Core2Duo)+ suitable mobo (Ideally motherboards with AGP slot (dont wanna throw my old GPU) and...
  19. atin

    AGP Graphics Card

    Hi I am looking for a AGP graphics card in the range of about 1000. Would prefer sellers from Bangalore.
  20. atin

    Used AGP Card

    Hi Anyone want to sell AGP Graphics card.My budget is about 1500-2000. I would prefer sellers from Bangalore.
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