1. gsoul2soul

    AGP - mystery (a lil one)

    Hmm.... anyways, a lil silly question (which is becoming a habbit) Any Device will be damaged if High power is given... Not if it's low right? So... even if in my AGP card instead of Two... im using only one molex (he he he i'm not at risk of Burning or damaging my AGP?) ************* I...
  2. M

    THE FUTURE OF 5200 fx

    Hi guys my friend is going to buy the geforce 5200fx agp 8x card for 2100rs.Can itplay gta sa,doom3,quake4? PLz reply, Thanks,
  3. gsoul2soul

    AGP Card POWER not enough ?

    I bought Geforce 6800 GS AGP CARD (which apparently needs from power from AGP slot and from two other molex connections) My current Power Supply in Computer is 300 W.... Do I need to Upgrade my Power Supply? I joined my AGP CARD but nothing came in Monitor and... Motherboard also didn't...
  4. gsoul2soul

    FX 6800- two molex ?

    well... call me dumb but !!! I'm damn confused !!! HELP big time... I'm scared, i might Ruin the card, if i do some blunder !!! i got a AGP card FX 6800... now i don't know how to connect.... apparently it has one connector (on AGP card) from where "two Molex connectors branch out"...
  5. V

    [Urgent] Which Motherboard?

    I thought of getting a new PC with the configuration as specified below: AMD 64 bit 3000+ processor 1 GB DDR2 RAM PCI Express AGP card Creative SB LIVE audio card 5.1 speakers As i am going for external cards, my motherboard integrated features need not be great...But it should have...
  6. G

    Fs:New 6600GT AGP 128 MB

    Got an New piece of AOpen 6600Gt AGP 128MB for Sale.. Purchased 1 month ago..Brand new Piece with Driver Cd..reason for selling..I need an Play Station 2 ...So i would sell it for Rs.5800+ courier charges...Location- Chennai
  7. G

    Tv tuner card / Graphics card for my config ...

    Hi guys , I want a tv tuner card for my comp. My config is as follows. P4 - 1.5 Ghz. 512 mb Ram. 200 Gb Hard disk. 32 mb agp card - Nvidia. HIS Motherboard ( supports only AGP ) - Almost 4 yrs old. OS - Win XP and vista Beta 2 (It hardly runs on my PC !!! ) I was looking at...
  8. bkpeerless

    agp within 4000

    i want to buy a agp carg within 4k suggestion plz will it support the hp motherboard k2-e6gl
  9. A

    FS: PNY Personal Cinema AGP Card (Geforce FX5700, 128MB)

    Got it from USA 2 years back but hardly used it. Used it only for a total of 3 days for testing purposes only. DOES NOT come with original packaging as the person who got it for me threw away the original box to save on space. Asking Price: Rs 2400/- shipped Warranty: 15 days personal warranty...
  10. bkpeerless

    is my agp card damaged ? !!!

    i have gforce mx 4000 . for few days when i am plucking the monitor point with the graphic card the picture is turning redish and blueish. I hare reinstalled the driver and refixed fixed the card to the agp stot but nothing is happening. has my card gone bad or my slot is damaged. can i repair...
  11. A

    Price Of Nvidia And Ati Graphic Cards In Delhi

    Graphic Cards In Delhi HI Friends, I Have a Mobo With 8x agp slot agp 3.0 (1.5v) can u tell me the graphic cards sutable for this mobo to play games and to do multimedia projects. Can u tell me the graphic cars that should I buy which has atleast 128 mb memory can u tell me the price of these...
  12. executioner

    Suggest graphics card

    What's the best (PCI-e and agp both)graphics card under Rs.7000
  13. C

    AGP nvidia FX5200 256mb

    I have an AGP nvidiaFX5200 256mb bought it 2 month ago used it for 2 weeks then my processor failed .. i now plan to get a mobo with pci-e i bought this for Rs.2800 i dono the current price any one prefer this jus reply in this thread or my mail id
  14. urvish_acharya

    Compatibility Issue(AGP Card)

    hi, config of my pc is Intel 850 GB mother board, p4 1.6 GHz processor 256 MB RD RAM 80 GB Seagate HDD 64 MB NVidia AGP LANCER sound card bla bla bla now can i install 256MB of AGP in my system??will it give proper output? i want to upgrade my 64 MB agp with 256 as i am facing...
  15. S

    for sale Leadtek 6600gt agp 128mb & mobo

    I have a Leadtek 6600gt agp 128mb baught frm us so no warranty running fine comes with pandora tmrw original dvd willing to sell it for 4500/- + shipping ALso i hve a Msi K8n neo 2 platinum for sale its baught locally about a year old comes with 3 years warranty so 2 years warranty left...
  16. midhunmon

    SMPS Voltage drop stops AGP from working?

    Will a voltage drop below 3V on a 3.3V rail of an SMPS cause the AGP card to not operate? The system LED and The HDD Led both are glowing but no picture and the monitor is in a state as if in standby mode.
  17. saROMan

    Which Card to Buy

    I have 3 Cards b4 me to choose from ... first my PC ... p3 600 Mhz(OC to 800 Mhz) 256 MB SD Ram SiS 630 Chipset ECS Mobo 14' Monitor(is it necessory to mention here :D ) Will Definately like to play Max Payne 2 /Serious sam 1(2 if possible)..etc etc... i am not Building any hopes...
  18. P

    AGP Card Problem

    hi everybody, my pc configuration as below, AMD Athlon XP 2600+ nVidia GeForce FX 5200 (128 mb) 256 mb DDR RAM motherboard : VIA KT400-8235 Now, problem is that my AGP card of nVidia not working properly, it display properly but make my graphics distorted after working around half...
  19. Stalker

    soldering an AGP slot??

    guys my friend has an HP desktop. his config is Celeron D 2.0 Ghz 256 mb RAM intel 865 chipset. the warranty on the desktop has run out, so he wants to add an agp slot to the mobo. the motherboard has markings (a space with lined silver dots) wherin u it appears that he can fit an agp...
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