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  • sorry , for my last post , i can't sell the phone for 1500 as mentioned in the previous post , the last price would be 1700 , the samsung phone you are saying costs 1700 is very cheap ( C160 ) , i had considered buying this phone before .

    The mobile i am selling C170 has a very good keypad ,(unlike C160) and has very good earphones , superb sound quality ,with speakers , that is the reason why it costs 400 more .

    Also both the phones C160 and C170 still cost the same as they did three months back when i bought it, rs 1779 and 2069 , respectively . So i think my selling price of Rs1700 is very justified . i used this phone for only 2 months , and m selling it for Rs 400 less than what i bought it for.
    hiii , the last price i can quote is 1500 . i bought this mobile 3 months back for 2089 form mobile store. So can't reduce the price any further . By the way , i think i forgot to mention that i can currently in mysore.
    And this mobile has fm , is color phone and has gprs , if i forgot to mention all this .
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