1. yogeshm.007

    XFX GeForce FX5200 128 MB RAM [AGP]

    1. Model number and details: XFX Geforce FX5200 with 128 MB DDR RAM, VGA output (also featuring TV out). Very good buy for anyone still using integrated graphics on old PCs with AGP slot. Card is physically and electronically in good condition. I had never removed the card before since the time...
  2. S

    Which AGP 8X GPU?

    Hi, I am in need of a GPU card. As my motherboard is old, I have option of PCI and AGP slots but prefer AGP. Need your help in knowing which AGP slot based cards should I go for? Its price info would also be helpful with your reply. Rgds, SNG
  3. newway01

    Used AGP Graphics Card

    I am looking for a used AGP card .. Interested in models like Nvidia FX5200, 5800, Nvidia 6600, 6800, Nvidia 7200GS , ATI X1650PRO, ATI HD 3850 etc, ATI 9200 etc... 256MB cards more preferred... If someone got it please PM me or reply here...
  4. Cool G5

    Pentium 4 Computer

    I want to sell my pentium 4 rig which consists of, Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHZ(Socket 478) MSI PM8M-V Motherboard (Has SATA & AGP ports) 512MB DDR RAM Seagate 40GB IDE Hard-Disk(No Bad Sectors) D-Link Dialup Modem Zebronics 7300GT AGP Graphic Card (Brand New, Under Warranty) Cabinet...
  5. R

    ATI Radeon X1650PRO AGP 512MB Video Card

    AGP 4x / 8x, DDR2, 256-bit, 400MHz/667MHz DVI, VGA / D-SUB, TV / S-Video OUT I bought this Video Card a few months ago but it did not support my PC since i dont have AGP interface on my mother board. I bought it @ Rs. 4500 it is as good as new, price on your request. Please read the...
  6. adirawat20


    Guys my parents bought a new mobo which is having AGP gfx slot. So which is best AGP card My prefences. ATI 4650 ATI 3850 ATI 3870 Nvidia 7950
  7. cooldude666666

    AGP Graphics Card in the range of 2k - 3k

    Please suggest me some good AGP based graphics cards which are not much costly, say in the budget of 2k - 3k.
  8. midhu

    Please suggest a motherboard with both AGP and DDR2

    Dear friends, My system Config: AMD2800+/ Asus K8VMX/ 512MB/ Segate 80gb/ Geforce 6200AGP. I am planing for an upgrade, but I don't want lose my Geforce 6200. So can we have any motherboards that can fit both AGP slot and DDR2. I have googled a lot, but I cudn't find any. Please suggest...
  9. keith_j_snyder2

    FS: Gainward 6800GT GDDR3 AGP/ CM X430W

    Hi, I m selling my GAINWARD 6800GT AGP with Dual Slot/Fan cooler with 256MB GDDR3 memory. The card is Golden Sample Edition & can run almost every game like Assassins Creed etc. on high settings. The card came as a RMA for my Gainward 6800GS PCI-Ex. I m also selling my Cooler Master Extreme...
  10. IronCruz


    i am planning to buy a AGP card(256 MB GEFORCE FX 6200 AGP Card) for my Gigabyte 8I845GVMRZ Board. But i am not sure whether the card is compatible with my board. So please tell me whether it is compatible and can i play games like FIFA 08, PES 08, NFS Pro Street with this Card.
  11. C

    System Upgrade

    Hi All I am planning to upgrade my Old PC currently it's a Intel 1.7 Ghz , with 2 x 256 MB DDR , a 80GB and 40 GB HDD's running on a U8668 Motherboard I plan to go for RAM and Motherboard change, considering a budget of 7K please advise of possibilities in this case, a good onboard AGP and...
  12. M

    AGP cards, TV Tuners, SDRAM, Audio to RCA splitter

    These are in Bangalore. Pinnacle TV Tuners (without remote) works with 64 bit Vista. Rs 400 (Bought from Sumit B) 256 MB SDRAM Rs 300.00 (Are tested and known to work, please check that your motherboard is capable of handling 256MB chips) 1 SOLD 2 Remaining Sis 6326 8MB AGP 2x Connector cable...
  13. U

    Sell a cpu

    hi, i want to sell my old CPU and buy a new one, old one : 3 yr old cpu intex coral atx cabinate, celeron d 2.4 ghz mercury PI845GLM_AGP intel chipset motherboard 512+128 mb 333mhz ddr sdram 80 gb segate hdd 7200rpm...
  14. G

    AGP Graphics Card for Sale

    I have an NVidia 5500 FX AGP 8X card for sale. features: - 1] 256 MB DDR Graphic Memory 2] AGP 8X 3] pixel Shader 2 4] Runs Vista Ultimate smoothly. Can use Aero. 5] DirectX 9c 6] OpenGL v1.5 7] Core clock speed 300Mhz D-SUB 1 DVI 1 TV-Out S-Video Out VIVO No...
  15. S

    Help needed regarding AGP card

    Hi, My friends got an old system - P4 2.8 Ghz HT, 1GB RAM , Intel 865GBF Motherboard. he wants a AGP 8X Graphics card within a budget of 5k. Which card should he get so that he can play the latest games at least at minimum specs? i know its an outdated system , but still any help would cheer him...
  16. M

    8X AGP support problem on Mercury PVM7 PRO V1.0 motherboard

    I have a Mercury PVM7 PRO V1.0 motherboard which supports AGP 8X/4X, AGP v3.0 compliant with 1.5V. I had recenlty brought a 8X AGP card of make NVIDIA GeForce® 5200 128MB DDR Standard (PV-T34K-NAHG) with OpenGL support but the mother board is not identifying the card. I tried going into the...
  17. rohan_mhtr

    Fcuked up Nvidia service

    OK guys , I had purchased a XFX 7600gt AGP card about a year ago which came with 3 year warranty . Recently i started noticing very high temperatures and frequent shutdowns which is when i discovered that the fan on my 7600gt was not working . As it was under warranty i gave my card to my dealer...
  18. S

    XFX Geforce 6600GT 128MB DDR3 (AGP)

    I am selling this graphics card.... XFX Geforce 6600GT 128MB DDR3 (AGP) (USED) == 1500/- (Shipping Included) Specifications: GPU/VPU: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT RAMDAC: Dual 400 MHz Fill Rate per Second: 4 Billion texels Vertices per Second: 375 Million Video Memory: 128MB...
  19. M

    Fs:6200 Agp Graphic Card For 1k Only

    HI FOLKS, On sale is my 6200 128 mb graphic card. selling price is rs 1000/- only. NO OFFICIAL WARRANTY BUT ILL PROVIDE 3 DAYS TESTING WARRANTY. ONLY DELHI BUYERS MAY REPLY Specification GPU Chipset - nVidia GeForce 6200 TV out/Encoder Chip - Yes Cooling System - Heatsink Memory...
  20. K

    New AGP card

    hi , i have an old computer and a Fx 5200 card .. wanted to upgrade it .. can you guys suggest some good AGP cards . not too expensive , just for basic gaming and surfing .. also , will switching from nvidia to ati be a problem .. info . agp 8x slot , p4=2.93ghz , 1gb ram thanks :)
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