1. Aniruddh Joshi

    Need advise for Activity Tracker (Compatible with iOS)

    Hello, I have recently started Biking (Bicycle) and I am using Strava app to monitor my activity however, since there is no way to monitor heartbeat rate, I am looking for suggestion for an activity tracker band. I am not looking to buy Chinese products. It would be great if the band has...
  2. kg11sgbg

    Motherboard problem,display post BIOS not booting up.

    My Desktop-PC has the GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3 motherboard which was functioning and running great for nearly 2 and 1/2 years. Just a couple of days ago,the PC is refusing to boot up. I've tried clearing the CMOS of the motherboard and reloading "optimised defaults" but after rebooting by pressing...
  3. P

    employe activity tracking freeware needed

    i'm about to start small software company in couple of weeks , i need some employee activity monitering /tracking software in open source that will send activity details to mail/cloud. please share if anybody knows any freeware of it.
  4. U

    weird CPU Activity

    Whenever I start any small appication even after reboot cpu activity is very active up down...i have done reinstall, no virus memory upgrade etc but no help Any ideas??
  5. bssunilreddy

    AdSense account getting disabled due to suspicious activity in my account...!!!

    Hai guys, I made a South Indian Culinary blog via google's Blogger and signed in the Adsense account which said that they will approve of my blog after 10 days and then when I returned to check my AdSense status it says that it has deactivated my account. Reason: Due to suspicious activity...
  6. T

    Hardcore PC Gamers

    Hello everyone, I founded this page named, Hardcore PC Gamers on Facebook a while ago. It started getting subscribers lately and it has grown to around 800 fans. We are now dedicated to post stuff that would be of interest of gamers and appreciate their activity on the page. We would like...
  7. ASHISH65

    how to see the activity of computer connecting to multiple display

    how to see the activity of computer connected to multiple display hi everyone, iam opening a cyber cafe next week.i have one computer (main server) which is connected to 5 monitors by an device named Ncomputing device and software. i have one cpu which is connected to others
  8. ramakanta

    Screen caputure

    what is the best small automatic screen capture software . i want to capture/record my all activity in the computer . please help me , which software i will use. thank you. :-(
  9. aaruni

    Network Activity Monitor

    I need a software, which can monitor my wi-fi network activity over 4 devices - dell laptop, hp laptop, macbook and hcl me tablet. I need this ASAP as I need to monitor my data usage because I have already exhausted my 20GB 3 months FUP, in less than a month :-(
  10. T

    [Complaint] NZXT Service

    Bought the NZXT 410 Crafted Cabinet. Having issue with the Reset and Power Button stickiness. They go down but doesn't come up easy. Reported this to NZXT Service by TKT No. NKP-200-31052 about 5 days back. No reply to the Ticket ever since and now they are sending me auotmatic mail that...
  11. gurujee

    Help me nabbing a cheater

    my friend is being cheated and she is doing it 2nd time. Is it possible to know from an IP address, that what other email accounts is being accessed from that IP or computer ? We know her current email ID' password, so could know its IP from 'last account activity'. I think sheis using...
  12. A

    PC Wont boot

    I thought of cleaning my motherboard and the chassis. I removed all cables, except the cpu, heatsink, gpu and ram. Now when i turn on my pc there is no display and no hdd activity. I have a p5qpl am mobo. Can u guys plz help md out
  13. gameranand

    What do you prefer for Movies ??

    I was having this discussion with one of my friends on what do I prefer for watching a movie a 2000INR stereo speakers or a 2000INR Headphone. I am used to headphones because I have been using them for my everyday activity for 4 years so I want your honest opinions. Please also mention reason if...
  14. ITTechPerson

    Solution required for Offline transaction tracking system

    Hello guys, I am maintaining few cyber centers over Sikkim, need to track the offline activity of the Systems of the centers. Can you please advice me a solution to track all the offline activity of the computers (Printing, CD writing etc.) it is for corporate use, so it is preferably a...
  15. G

    Threads in C ???

    Hi, If I want to achieve some simultaneous activity through C programming....... say I just want to display the clock in seconds at the bottom of the page while some activity is going on on the page....... how do I achieve it by C ? After all, even Jave in its initial days was developed by C...
  16. Goten

    Paranormal Activity

    Its 1:38am, 20th December, 2009. I just watched the movie "Paranormal Activity". Creeped the hell out of me coz I m alone in my house n lights are all off. I like being creeped out(So i m not switching the lights on, thats the whole point of watching a horror movie, I wanna go n take a leak but...
  17. patkim

    too much HDD activity

    My office laptop has 1 GB RAM Win XP SP3 & 80 GB HDD. I notice that quite frequently even the routine tasks like net browsing, clicking on start button, explorer operations etc cause too much of HDD activity and that keeps slowing down the system.. Office Admin folks say it’s an OS issue. Page...
  18. esumitkumar

    External HD Western Digital not recognized

    Hi I have 250 GB WD HDD with USB connectivity only. I had accidentally dropped it on the floor. After that , my laptop isnt detecting it. HDD has got white light connector that shows its activity. While connecting to lappu, its on but still lappu cant recognize ?? Any solution to this prob :(...
  19. A

    conected to BSNL Brdbnd in ubuntu 9.04 but downloading is pathetic

    I installed ubuntu 9.04 two days ago... (people suggested it was best to begin with .. i have been using others flavours occasionally in past few months) got connected to internet via ethernet. while I was trying to update ubuntu using update manager or download amarok using package...
  20. mad1231moody

    Kido attack

    Hi freinds. My PC was affected by the Kido worm. A trial version of Kaspersky weeded out the worm and I also ran Norton Dawnadup Remover tool. But still every 2 hrs or so My kaspersky detects keylogger activity and when I click on view report I get this message. Kaspersky is unable to weed it...
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