Which upcoming movie are you excited to watch....?


Right off the assembly line
Hi, I am jimmyalan , I am big fan cinema and i love to watched upcoming movies , I am excited to watch new upcoming movies Resident Evil: Retribution, Argo..
Are you excited to watch these movie or have any one yours choice so please share with me..
I am awaiting for your reply.......:)


Lost in speed
  1. Expendables 2
  2. Wreck-it Ralph
  3. Man of Steel (Not in near future)
  4. The Wolverine (Not in near future)
  5. Despicable me 2
  6. Iron Man 3
  7. Tom Yum Goong 2


Right off the assembly line
Some chick flicks:
Pitch Perfect
The Bachelorette

Resident Evil Retribution
Premium Rush
Taken 2
Django Unchained


N00B Troller
This Year (Only 1 Movie Remaining for me):
The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey

Next Year (2013):
Iron Man 3
Man Of Steel
World War Z
Kick Ass 2
Monsters University
Fast 6
The Wolverine
Thor : The Dark World
Despicable Me 2
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
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King of my own Castle
When Hulk beat batman, superman beat the **** out of hulk.

The one legged Ninja.

Where Man met his match in women.

Dive and die.
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