1. A

    I want to buy apple smart watch latest version

    Hi friends, I am looking to buy apple smart watch latest version, can anyone help me to buy that in Riyadh because i belong from there. Any help would be great Thanks
  2. meetdilip

    DVD Release alert

    Is there any app for Android that can prompt me about DVD release of Hollywood movies I choose to watch ?
  3. S

    need help on buying an android box!

    apologies for any mistakes as this would be my first post here! I own a 32" samsung LED tv at my flat and as i am a student i didnt get a cable connection but was just using it to watch movies stores on flash drives. now I have a wifi connection at my place and so i would like to buy an...
  4. T

    Tablet to watch movies

    Want to buy a tablet to watch movies / tv series on. Should have a good display, prefer Android. Price <25k. Can buy from the US. How's the Nvidia Shield Tab / Nexus 9?
  5. Cyberghost

    Watch Dogs 2

    Play as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker living in the birthplace of the tech revolution, the San Francisco Bay Area. Team up with Dedsec, a notorious group of hackers, to execute the biggest hack in history; take down ctOS 2.0, an invasive operating system being used by criminal...
  6. sujoyp

    DO you watch web series? Suggessions

    Guys I hope most of you may watch Webseries on youtube now days. I have seen some and looking for more 1. Bang baaja barat 2. Permanent room mates 3. Baked 4. Chai sutta cronicals 5. TVF Pitchers Are there any others. These are awesome.
  7. Anorion

    Watch multiple videos at once

    Ok, so you are Ozymandias or Batman or Sherlock from Elementary The idea is to do this : you put up an array of different video feeds and watch them all together. so it can be done on this site Youtube Multiplier : Mashup and mix up to 8 YouTube videos on a single page I had a go...
  8. chimera201

    Need a TV

    Need a TV so that my mother can watch saas-bahu serials in high definition with all the extra makeup. I don't watch TV that much but there is a slight chance that I might get a PS4 so the TV should go well with a PS4. Don't have any specific feature requirements other than being VFM. Should have...
  9. Skyh3ck

    Wrist Watch Suggestion requried

    Hello friends I am looking to buy a new wrist watch may be buying online or from shop, just need to know how reliable is online shops for watches, there are few casio watshes, are they real, also how is Giordano, Rico Sordi, Dezine and other companies, are they good, also how is Sonata...
  10. K

    [For Sale] Apple Watch (Sport) 38mm - White, used 1 month

    I'm putting my Apple Watch (Sport) 38mm White band for sale; it's been used one month and is in excellent condition. Included: - Watch w/ straps (obviously) - Charging Cable - Tempered Glass Screen Protector already installed, bought for INR 995/- Not Included: - Box / Manual / Packaging...
  11. mitraark

    VFM 27 monitor for browsing coding videos

    Looking for a VFM ( Read, Cheap but reliable ) 27" Monitor Will primarily use it for ( sorted according to priority, DESC order ) * browsing the internet, code ( hence 27", or is 24" going to be more value for money ? ) * Watch 1080p music videos. * Play FIFA/GTA * Maybe watch...
  12. C

    Solar Roadways!

    Watch this video, this can change the world as we know it. * Source -
  13. F

    Need a Elegant Black/GunMetal Steel Wrist Watch

    Hi Guys I am planning to buy a new watch for easter Budget:15k Colour: Black or GunMetal Currently was thinking about the Fossil Grant or tommy hilfiger. Kindly suggest any thing good pls
  14. C

    Recommend some games

    I currently have a lenovo y50 laptop and I am sort of new to PC gaming.I am playing watch dogs,mafia 2,saints row 3&4 atm.Can you recommend me some games.I like city building games, AOE like games(played stronghold, rise of nations), horror(metro 2033?),COD,BF etc.But the important thing is it...
  15. rohitshakti2

    TVMC (XMBC) for Android to watch movies tv etc

    Just wanted to share my new find: If you’re looking to watch movies, television, and whatever else your heart desires, without having to manually configure a thing, TVMC for Android is what you need. You’ll find TVMC to be the easiest out of the box Kodi-based solution available. You install it...
  16. ramakanta

    How to Watch the recorded program from Dish TV+ on PC

    I has recorded TV shows on my Dish TV+ using USB drive and i wants to watch that shows on my PC but when I am using that PEN Drive on pc , it is giving the Message of format disk . Any idea how to Play recorded file in PC . Please help me . Thank you.
  17. P

    Smarthwatch For **Cheating**in exam+Everyday use!

    Hi everybody,I was browsing throgh the internet while I saw the LG G WATCH Google play lists it for 14k and lg website says its price is 240 something usd, While Snapdeal,Flipkart are trolling it for 7k! Now here's the question,If I leave a moto g or canvas nitro and buy a decent 5-8k...
  18. Flash

    #PK #Piracy? Akhilesh Yadav 'Downloads' a Controversy

    The Chief Minister's Office attempted damage control with its own tweet this morning. "#UPCM #Akhileshyadav has licensed @UFOMoviez digifacility to download & watch movies. Controversy around pirated download is unwarranted," said the tweet. Officials say the Chief Minister has a legitimate...
  19. windchimes

    How to save this embedded video into my laptop.?

    Guys, Here is a 1hour plus webinar , but I would like to save it onto my HDD and watch it later. * Any tool/way to save this file?
  20. G

    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Max Payne 3 and Watch Dogs on HD 6770m ?

    I was trying to run Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Max Payne 3 and Watch Dogs on my laptop (HP DV6-6165tx) and both showed BSOD and instant crashes. I've tried installing latest drivers but nothing worked till now. Has anyone tried these games ?
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