1. G


    im buying one plus 3 .....any other better option than OP3.....or any upcoming phones in September......OR OP3 only best option........REPLY FAST !! TY
  2. D

    980 Ti vs the upcoming 1080

    Hey guys, Will the upcoming 1080 be faster than the 980 Ti? According to the info leaked till now, it seems that 1080 will be faster than 980 but slower than 980 Ti. What do you think guys? I am asking since I have ordered a 980 Ti and reconsidering my decision.
  3. bssunilreddy

    Best Upcoming PC Games Titles in 2016

    Hai, Here are Best Upcoming PC Games Titles in 2016 Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen -Jan,15 Resident Evil Origins Collection -Jan,19 Rise of the Tomb Raider -Jan,28 XCOM 2 -Feb,5 Unravel -Feb,9 Dying Light:The Following -Feb,9 Far Cry Primal -Mar,1 Tom Clancy's Division -Mar,8 Hitman...
  4. bssunilreddy

    Upcoming PS4 titles...

    Upcoming PS4 titles in 2016... Uncharted 4:Thief's End, (I like most)Does not come to PC alas Tom Clancy's: Division, No Mans Sky, (I like most)Does not come to PC alas The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn,(I like most)Does not come to PC alas Dishonored 2, Unravel...
  5. R

    Request for good ideas for gaming configs

    Hi All, I'm planning to build a decent gaming rig come September/October. I need some help in finding out what would be the best bang for my buck for the below specifications so that I can be financially prepared when the time comes. I've filled in the PC configuration questionnaire: 1...
  6. maverick786us

    Fractoral Design cases

    How much would fractal design define r4 case in indian market? Its a very good case, therefore I want to have it for my upcoming rig. Other option that I would consider is Corsair 650D
  7. 101gamzer

    LG Optimus G2 photos and video footage leaked!

    The LG Optimus G2 made yet another pre-announcement appearance. This time around however, the upcoming Android powerhouse emerged in a number of clear photos and video footage - not the blurry images from times past. The leaked photos showcase the upcoming smartphone in its full glory. We...
  8. Ricky

    Micromax Canvas 4 is on the way ....

    Already noticed the teaser advert. on TV ? SOURCE You know it apperas to be blue life one rebranded , see : And now see Canvas 4: And if thats true then I don't see anything new in this phone.. I hope this time they have a competitive snapper ..
  9. amjath

    Upcoming Movie Trailer Thread

    Hi guys, Thought there should be a Movie trailer thread for upcoming movies. Post the extended look or teaser trailer etc here. Iron Man 3 Extended trailer *www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=10151448848516578 I know already posted Fast and Furious 6 Extended Trailer...
  10. H

    camera needed upto 15k

    hi ! i need a suggestion on the purchase of camera! i read many forums but it made me more confused ! I am newbie and i need it for all tours (which includes zoomed picture , recording from inside the cars) for upcoming functions like diwali ! and for home-based low or no light recording ...
  11. S

    Any Upcoming Mobile meet my expection - Plz help me

    Hello! I Plan to buy new latest Android Smart phone under Rs.15000 before Oct 30. I need your suggestions any upcoming mobile does have the below specifications My specifications for mobile are- 1,Big Screen At least 4 inch. 2, Good camera at least 5MP. 3,Good hardware at least...
  12. G

    Best phone to buy / wait for in the next 6 months: GS3 / Optimus G / HTC?

    I am looking to replace my ageing BB 8520 with a superphone.. I am not in a hurry, since my BB has atleast 6 months of service left in it.. the phones that I am tracking currently are GS3, LG Optimus G and rumors of upcoming phones with quad-core kraits.. Some factors that I am considering...
  13. S

    M Gpu's

    Hello Everyone......:-D Guys recently i am collecting information about Graphic Chips.... Now i am not getting some information about it.... A. What is the difference between Nvidia GT...M and GTX...M series? B. What are the advantages if i buy GTX or Vice/Verse? C. Which would be the...
  14. J

    Which upcoming movie are you excited to watch....?

    Hi, I am jimmyalan , I am big fan cinema and i love to watched upcoming movies , I am excited to watch new upcoming movies Resident Evil: Retribution, Argo.. Are you excited to watch these movie or have any one yours choice so please share with me.. I am awaiting for your reply.......:)
  15. R

    Suing festival

    What on earth is going on? News of companies suing each other is much more frequent these days than news of upcoming products and innovations.
  16. desiJATT

    My new Gaming PC :)

    So, after a long wait, finishing up with my 12th pre boards, boards, AIEEE, now finally, I bought my PC components :D Here's the configuration, finalised with the generous help of TDF members and moderators :D AMD Phenom X4 960T - 6957 Gigabyte GA970A-UD3 - 7000 Corsair XMS3 4GB - 1700...
  17. desiJATT

    Need Feedback regarding an upcoming thread.

    Hello TDF Members! I need a Postive Feedback from YOU guys about an upcoming thread I am working on with the help of moderators here at ThinkDigit forum. This thread will solely require your help in building. The thread will cover Gaming performance on a certain Gaming configuration for...
  18. vickybat

    Six Upcoming Shooters Which Look Better Than Killzone 3

    Killzone 3 is one heck of a graphical beast on the ps3. But some upcoming shooters claim that they have what it takes to go past killzone 3. Most of them are multiplats except one which is exclusive to the ps3 just like killzone 3. Source So guys, what would you pick? 1. Rage 2...
  19. KDroid

    The Cricket Channel

    Does this thread needs an explanation? :) I know that there are not much cricket lovers @ TDF! Many hate it! :) I don't mind at all! Upcoming International Fixtures: (Upto August 31, 2011)
  20. Cilus

    AMD Bulldozer News and Discussion

    Well MSI has shown the AMD's latest Scorpius platform or 9XX series chipset for the upcoming AM3+ CPUs. Check here For detail information regarding the upcoming motherboards, check here
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