1. Geekysam

    Where can I watch Jean Claude Van Damme movie Hard Target

    I had a disc of this movie as a kid but I lost the disc and quality of video was not clear on disc. I looked for this movie on amazon prime video and netflix could not find it there this movie was Directed by John Woo the man who made Face Off with Nicholas Cage and John Travolta along with...
  2. Paavni Sethi

    Has anyone used movie recommender?

    I've been using it for a while now and it seems to work well for me, although it's not very developed and needs a lot of work on the AI, it does suggest some good flicks as I keep rating more movies. Has anyone else used it? Also, any better A.I. movie recommenders?
  3. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Bangalore meet up?

    I watch every movie these days first week with same old college, office friends. This time for Warcraft movie, I think it would be more exciting with other gamer dudes. So who's here Jun 10th and weekend?
  4. M

    Laptop under 55k...urgent ....

    Please suggest a Laptop within 55k . Will use it for internet , movie watching, gaming . No brand preference .It has to have a full HD Display Thanks.
  5. T

    Anyone has seen DeadPool?

    I haven't seen DeadPool. I have found a lot of positive review on DeadPool. Anyone has seen this movie?
  6. sam9s

    Top 5 all time Action/War/Martial Art movie

    Top 5 all time action/War/Martial Art movie Whats your top 5 all time Action/War and Martial Art movie ...... Now action as a genre is vast, so think and share. The only genre I do not want to include is WAR, and Martial Arts.They deserve their separate top 5. Though there is no rule to...
  7. R

    Headphone between 2k -3.5k

    The main criteria for the headphone is DURABILITY. I have owned the Sennheiser 202HD in the past. To my dismay, the cable near the ear-joint gave way. The budget is about 2-3.5k but I am willing to extend it slightly for VFM. They can be either on-ear or in-ear. IEM would allow me to listen on...
  8. M

    Watch RGV's Upcoming Telagu Movie - Mogali Puvvu

    Mogali Puvvu a psychological thriller movie, mixer of romance and drama mixed with cops and court rooms. It is based upon the premise that every married man’s cellphone contains secrets which he hides from his wife. Lead Role - Sachiin Joshi, Kainaat Arora, Meera Chopra, Makrand Deshpande...
  9. blackpearl

    Sometimes my ISP goes insane...

    ... and gives me speeds such as this This happens every now and then. A 700MB movie downloads in about 4 minutes. :) I should actually be getting speeds of 1Mbps, which I do most of the time. But then it goes crazy for a few hours.
  10. S

    34 Inch Monitor or HDTV?

    Hi guys, I want to buy a 34 inch monitor for my productivity work like browsing, Word processing and editing which is my main focus and also movie watching. Since 21:9 aspect ratio is both good for productivity and movie watching I was planning to buy LG 34 inch 21:9 monitor. But right now they...
  11. Faun

    Movies/Books Scenes and Techniques V1: Lose the focus

    Thought of starting this thread where we discuss certain techniques used to emphasize the effects of a scene, to make it more memorable, and to stand out from the mediocrity. Bonus points if you can list the movie name before detailing the technique used. These are the points to consider: 1...
  12. Flash

    Activists Will Air Drop 100,000 Copies of 'The Interview' Over... Yep, You Guessed It!

    The film North Korea previously labelled an 'act of war' will now be air dropped over the border-locked country en-masse, creating what will surely be history's first ever government-censored rain shower. A coalition of anti-censorship activists - led by the humanitarian group Cinema for Peace...
  13. Flash

    'Assassin's Creed' movie release date set for 2016!!

    The movie adaptation of the popular video game "Assassin's Creed" finally has an official release date. 20th Century Fox announced that the "Assassin's Creed" film, starring critically-acclaimed actor Michael Fassbender, will be out in cinemas on Dec. 21. 2016. Fassbender will not only be...
  14. shreeux

    Shreeux's Movie Chronicles

    This is my Watched list.......Shreeux's Movies
  15. srkmish

    If you had to select only one movie as the best you have ever watched

    I know its a very hard decision, but the only movie which has left me haunted by its amazing plot and which i consider the best movie i have watched is The secret in their eyes. El secreto de sus ojos (2009) - IMDb I think given enough posts, this thread could indirectly become a...
  16. A

    What's the problem................????????

    when ever I use to play movies using my net book which is connected with TV via HDMI cable (for duplicating the screen ) and for audio output I use my home theater connected via Audio input/output cable.Now the probe is that when ever i play the movie the TV get's blackout for 1 sec which...
  17. M

    Need a pc for 10k....

    As the title suggest i need a pc for 10k. It will be used for internet,office and occasional movie watching.Please help...
  18. Shah

    Any freeware video editing software?

    I don't want a video convertor, I am asking about a video editor with which I can make some video effects like movie titles and also some merging of audio, etc.
  19. ico

    College Girl - the best movie after Gunda?

    Gunda has a competitor. Unlike Gunda which only had 'dhamakedaar' first 20 minutes, this film is consistent throughout. Name of the film is "College Girl". Find it on YouTube. Youtube: SfZxnYX4fG0 Great movie.
  20. Desmond

    FBI Drags Google Glass Man From Theater on Piracy Fears

    Source : FBI Drags Google Glass Man From Theater on Piracy Fears | TorrentFreak
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