1. dashing.sujay

    Redmi 3S Launched in India

    Priced at 6,999 INR and 8,999 INR. Spot on IMO. I was so excited for it. So who all are getting it? I'm buying it in first sale, along with my friend; the prime version. I bought Redmi 1S in first sale on 1st sept 2014, and it has served me well for 2 yrs with first problem occurred a week...
  2. Vyom

    I got my first Raspberry Pi 2 :D

    Hi friends, I got my first and new Raspberry Pi 2 board yesterday. I bought it recently from a lightning deal from Amazon.in. And I am very excited. Here are some pics: More Pics in this Imgur Album: My Raspberry Pi 2 ! - Album on Imgur (around 10 MB) The specs of Raspberry Pi 2 is: SoC...
  3. R

    Newbie here

    Hello All.I am Swaroopa from India.I like traveling to different places. I came across to this forum when I was searching for Internet marketing and Digitals forums and I was so excited to join it. This forum is so interested as well I found it very much informative.
  4. S

    Hi All

    Hello All.I am Sahasra from India.Newbie here. I came across to this forum when I was searching for Web programming forums and I was so excited to join it. This forum is so interested as well I found it very much informative.
  5. oroboros

    Nokia X, X+, XL

    Who else is very excited to get there hands on these phones.:-D:-D:-D
  6. samudragupta

    Samsung Galaxy S5 discussion thread

    With Sammy's S5 round the corner I think this is the right time to kick start any discussions based on "rumors" or facts trolling the internet. So what are you guys expecting from the new flagship model. I am a sammy basher and never liked any of the galaxy series. Having said that i am really...
  7. H

    Which upcoming games are you most excited for?

    Which upcoming(announced) game has got you the most excited? For me they would be: Total War: Rome 2 *www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fqb3cPPfuM Developer: The Creative Assembly The Witcher 3 *www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gIsYuPIKco Developer: CDProjekt Red Monolith...
  8. kapilove77

    Samsung Galaxy SIV

    Was just roaming around youtube and found out this. Hands-on Samsung Galaxy S4 - First Look (Render) - YouTube I am really excited. Are you?
  9. rider

    Sony's stacked Exmor RS phone camera sensors detuned over quality worries

    Sony would still like you to get excited about its upcoming Exmor RS stacked CMOS image sensors -- just not too excited. Both the 8-megapixel IMX134 and 13-megapixel IMX135 are scaling back from their original RGBW (red, green, blue, white) coding to an ordinary RGB over concerns that they...
  10. J

    Which upcoming movie are you excited to watch....?

    Hi, I am jimmyalan , I am big fan cinema and i love to watched upcoming movies , I am excited to watch new upcoming movies Resident Evil: Retribution, Argo.. Are you excited to watch these movie or have any one yours choice so please share with me.. I am awaiting for your reply.......:)
  11. sygeek

    Share your Memorable Experiences here

    Ever had a "I will never forget this day" moment. Too Excited to share it? Well do that here.
  12. pauldmps

    Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Beta will launch tomorrow, September 15th, 2010

    Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Beta will launch tonight, September 15th, 2010, with downloads scheduled to go live as early as 10:30 AM Pacific time, and there’s absolutely every reason to get very very excited. Read More: IE9 Beta Up Next - Get Very Excited - Softpedia While IE 9 Beta isn't...
  13. Z

    Hello everyone ~!

    Hello everyone ~! I am the new member of this community. I am glad to know about this forum. It gives me lots of knowledge and information which is good for me. I am very much excited to know about this forum. Thanks To all Have a Nice Day
  14. R

    Vista drivetech4 for FREE!

    A new car by the Tata group using the same technology used by European cars is in the market! Has anyone test-driven it yet? It's surprisingly really cool. It's different from the earlier Indica Vista models, that's probably why it's called just 'Vista drivetech4'. *surpriseyourself.in/...
  15. LegendKiller

    Linux= No Questions asked,none answered?

    I won't name the distro which has upset me........but the reason was that i had asked them in their forum as to why they were lagging behind,despite their promise of releasing their distro latest by end of dec.... i got response that linux is free community managed OS and developers are...

    Fast & Furious

    Source I am very excited guys watch out the trailer Watch broom
  17. blackpearl


    One evening last week, my girlfriend and I were getting into bed. Well, the passion starts to heat up, and she eventually says, "I don't feel like it, I just want you to hold me." I said, "WHAT??!! What was that?!" So she says the words that every boyfriend on the planet dreads to...
  18. T

    Starcraft 2 Announced

    This has been for many years. Atlast StarCraft 2 have been announced for PC and it RTS. More information :- *www.gamespot.com/news/6171170.html?tag=topslot;title;1 More Screen are going to coming. Iam so excited.
  19. goobimama

    The New iMac G5

    Most people seem to be really excited about the iPod Video. Well there is another reason to be excited. Its the all new iMac G5. The new one is thinner (20 inch is thinner than the old 17 inch) and has iSight built in. It also has a software called FrontRow and a remote which is almost like...
  20. S

    Well, suggest me on what I should ...

    Hi , Well, I am basically a student of medicine but I am very much interested in computers. I wanted to do something in IT and so I learnt quite a few languages like C++, VB, perl etc. And a bit of linux. Would you like to suggest me any course that I can do simultaneously along with...
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