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The SHOWOFF Thread


Go Ahead, Make My Day!
that is smoking!!!! :)
^:+1: /me drools out a river.

Thanks a lot folks! With my age-old P-4 system till a few months back, I used to suffer from inferiority complex. Now I feel I am in the same league with the others in Digit Forums. However, as they say, a computer is only as good as its user, and in that respect I am still light-years behind you guys. For the moment, therefore, I am content to play catch-up as I keep visiting the Digit Forums.

Meanwhile I have replaced the first pix in my last post with a better one (scaled down from 4000x3000 pixels). In case that violets any of the forum rules, please do let me know. If so, I shall take it off.

^heh awesome rig!!... i shud agree, its the same as mine :)

Thanks and, yes, I noted the similarity of our rigs in the overclocking forum earlier. I also claimed to be lucky on that count as I hope to benefit directly from your experience in overclocking. I wish I had your RAM (or Corsair Dominator) though. I made a serious error in choosing the RAM, entirely on account of my own stupid mis-judgment.

I must reiterate one point though. Throughout the planning period and during the actual shopping for the components I got endless advice, tips and support from the Digit Forum members. That's what made this rig a reality. Particularly, I must mention topgear's help in this direction. Towards the later stage, when I got to know thunder.02dragon, I got plenty of help, including hands-on help from him in setting up this rig. I believe this is the kind of spirit that makes this forum thrive.
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^the board is a dream for Ocing, ill be glad to help, all u need is ask

@desiibond: i gave the HDD to segate, they said it was a firmware prob, flashed a new firmware and gave it to me, they said even this wont last long and ill have to change hdd, im currently backing up all the data, then ill get a replacement for a new segate


Here is the pics of my new Acer Aspire 5542G Laptop.


AMD Turion II X2 M500 (2.2 GHz, 1 MB L2 Cache), ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 512 MB VRAM, 15.6" HD LED LCD, 3 GB Memory, 320 GB HDD, DVD Super Multi DL drive, Acer Nplify 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, Multi-in-1 card reader, 6 cell Li-ion battery.


Go Ahead, Make My Day!
^the board is a dream for Ocing, ill be glad to help, all u need is ask

All in good time, meaning, when I have a stretch of a few hours of free time without having to worry what I need to do in the very next hour!

I know about OC'ing only in theory, but hands-on I am a complete noob. So I may need a bit of hand-holding, showing me the way step by step. So thanks in advance! I shall let you know as soon as I am ready.
my new ps3 slim.



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wooooooooooooow.... :D:D congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatsssssss

how much it costed u..??? and is it modded..?? (afaik, ps3 are still way behind for modding) bit still asking.. :D


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Awesome... congrats.. It is available for 20k in Chandigarh.. and the older one is for 18500 free with 2 Game DVDs..
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