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Well guys, Showoff your new PC parts of whatever stupid or insane modding you've done with your gadgets. I think the post title says it all.


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T4 was a change from tha past ones
btw here goes mine
With bling blings turned on:grin:

with bling blings turned off:grin:

cutie ;-)
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Not a great rig..




pardon for imagequality.


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^ we are poor baby. With only income of 7000 P.M. That table is bearing my **** from 2002. Has broken couple of times. Fixed it with some screws and plaster. Expecting another healthy 5 years from it.


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Well, here goes:

My main rig with lights off

Heres the Dell 2208WFP monitor, logitech G-15, Genius ergo something laser gaming mouse, creative 5.1 speakers, X360 wireless controller and the Sennheiser HD202 headphones.

The front of the antec900 gamer case:

The inside:

1.core i7-920
2.evga x58 SLI
3.Zotac gtx295
4.Gskill 6gb 1600mhz RAM
5.cooler master aquagate s1 water cooling
6.tagan BZ700

The other 3 comps in my room:

From left:
1.P4 3.2Ghz + 2gb RAM + 6600gt
2.Q6600 + 2gb RAM + HD3870x2
3.c2D E6600 + 2gb RAM + 8600gts

Sony Vaio VGN-FZ27G + 3gb RAM

Sony BRAVIA 46" W series:

Sony BRAVIA 32" W series:

The home theatre room with the projector system:

My entire main rig again:

Pics taken with the nikon coolpix S710 14.5 MPX digicam


Back! guys who're showing off... please put THUMBNAILS and NOT the whole PIC FFS! Its only the beginning of the month and I'd rather not spend all my bandwidth on this thread.
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