1. S

    Hi All

    I am surya kumar. new bee, I am a tech enthusiast and interested in gadgets.
  2. D

    What to buy from USA/China?

    Hi, My friend is in China right now. Is there anything which should be worth buying from there or cheaper? I am open to any suggestions, mostly interested in PC Components, Hardware, Gadgets. No mobile phone. He will be going to USA on 9th May. So anything to buy from there? - - - Updated -...
  3. adityak469

    Science Including Gadgets

    I don't know where to post this so I'm posting it here. So i have to give a speech on Science Including Gadgets in my school as A ASL(a speaking skill test). I just can't figure out what to say as nothing was told about the contents..... 'm in class 10. Anyone here can suggest me to fill the...
  4. D

    Problem with Windows 7

    I have windows 7 installed in my computer. I had three gadgets floating at right sidebar for long. They are Calendar, CPU usage and Kaspersky. Last 2 days I am unable to find them. Trying to add them again doesnot work. I tried sfc.exe as suggested at microsoft support. But, it was of no use...
  5. ramakanta

    Windows 7 Gadgets Problem

    i can't run my desktop gadgets win my win7 OS . when i want to add desktop Gadgets , there is odd type of displayed. ::screenshoot attached:: please help me . thank you please anyone help me..
  6. rider

    Reviewing Tech Gadgets

    Hello, I want to know what qualification needs to do reviewing tech gadgets like cnet, engadet, ndtv tech guru, etc. How much money can be earned by this profession?? #bump
  7. drsubhadip

    New DSLR to buy

    Dear All, I want to buy a new DSLR . I am using Canon power shoot A3200 IS Reason: Nature Photography, Will visit Kerala Macro Photography, Portrait, Different setting also i want to learn. Basically I am a new learner..learning photograph..just a hobby. Budget around 60 K...
  8. 101gamzer

    Microsoft disables Windows Sidebar and Gadgets

    Microsoft has recently announced-an automated fix which disables Windows Sidebar and Gadgets:-x on all supported versions of Windows Vista and 7. Basically running Windows Sidebar or Gadgets can allow hackers to exploit recently discovered vulnerabilities, allowing them to run malicious code in...
  9. N

    Want new headphones....

    Hey Guys, I am Ninad and i own a Samsung GT-S5620. I am in search of new over-ear headphones for my cell phone. My budget is 3500/- INR. I have heard much about Skullcandy and Sennheiser but thought of having some help from people who are well-versed with these gadgets. So please help me out ...
  10. M

    Suggest a .com domain name for technology blog.

    I want to register a .com domain name which have word like tech, gadgets etc. please suggest the domain names which are available.
  11. echoplxx

    Preview + Feedback [September 2011]

    Gizmo Ga-Ga 101 crazy, useful and fun geek accessories that everyone can afford USB gadgets like mini vacuum cleaner, USB massager, mini USB fridge plus gadgets you can use at home and office. Cool stuff for your car and mobile from a capicitive stylus to a mobile phone zoom lens, we have lots...
  12. Tejas.Gupta

    Chip's website vulnerable to XSS

    I Discovered XSS vulnerability in Chip's Official Website Chip - India's Most Trusted Guide To Gadgets And Technology :stirpot: :rofl: Check this out - Search Results | Chip - India's Most Trusted Guide To Gadgets And Technology :thumbs:
  13. B

    Windows gadgets stopped working

    I tried to install a gadget from net. It was probably something like computer status gadget. As soon as I tried to install it, the windows gadgets crashed. Afterthat whenever I try to launch them, it says windows gadgets stopped working. How to resolve this problem. I use windows 7 home basic.
  14. K

    Girls only

    Gadgets like Smart Phones, iPads and many others rule lives today. A question for GIRLS : Has any of these Gadgets brought good or bad to you ? your life ? Has it changed your lives for better or for worse ? I believe many of the so called surveys are BUNKUM, hence this direct question to...
  15. savithk

    Antec Lanboy Air PC case

    this is available in india ....???? Antec Lanboy Air PC Case | Geeky Gadgets Antec - Antec LanBoy Air Case Sweepstakes
  16. comp@ddict

    Need your feedback - survey

    Okay guys, this is a part of my school Economics Project, and I ask for your humble cooperation, if possible. The topic of this survey is "Usage Pattern Of Handheld Gadgets" Please return the answers as a single post in the following format (copy paste the question, give a - and answer)...
  17. rollcage

    Which Asian Shopping Sites Ship to India? Name a few!!

    Hi guys, I am wondering this for long which sites are there that ship the gadgets or products to India. We know that is good place to buy but sadly they dont ship to outside usa. is good but they have high shipping cost at most products. forget thats Indian site...
  18. comp@ddict

    The SHOWOFF Thread

    Well guys, Showoff your new PC parts of whatever stupid or insane modding you've done with your gadgets. I think the post title says it all.
  19. D

    Want to buy a laptop? A must read.......

    Hello Forum Users, We are happy to announce the beta launch of in collaboration with Digit Test Center. The website focuses on laptops as the first product category under personal technology gadgets. The motto of the website is to be an expert guide and help customers...
  20. NewsBytes

    Beta Launch of, an expert buying advice for Laptops

    9.9 Media group today announced the beta launch of its new portal, an expert buying advice for personal technology gadgets. The first category being covered is laptops and other personal technology gadgets will be added in the near future.   In the present state...
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