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  • hello....i noticed dat u wer from tvm ,kerala like me so could u help me decide on my first phone...

    somy budget is less than 10k...the lesser the better
    but dat doesnt mean im ready to use a entry level handset

    i already have an ipod touch so most my entertainment needs are taken care of.

    the main features i luk for in the mobile are :
    Style (gotta luk good ...sliders are preffered...i fancy sliders very much)
    And it cant be bulky i want a slim one
    connectivity options like 3g and wifi are welcome but are not required as de cost goes up fr dose phones
    a good cam (ATLEAST 2 MP!)
    touchscreen is not really a must but is acceptable
    ease of use nd overall gud UI without much errors n drawbacks
    and also a 3.5 mm jack

    this is goin to be my first mobile nd as of now i dont kno mcuh bout dem so help me plz!!! reply fast as i cant wait to buy the phone
    also wer is the best place in tvm to buy a phone?
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