1. sumit05

    Need 1.5 ton window A.C

    Suggest a 1.5 ton windows a.c.Budget less than 30k.Which model & brand to go for guys please suggest.
  2. ico

    You guys should try out Tixati for torrents.

    Perhaps the best for Windows IMO.
  3. Randy_Marsh

    should I get PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim?

    Hi Guys, I am planning to purchase PS4, and totally confused on which one should I buy? Reasons being: 1) The price difference is huge (Slim 500GB @ Rs. 26990/- vs Pro 1TB @ Rs. 38990/-) The 1.50 firmware version features support of external hard drive (just like xbox one), so internal...
  4. Randy_Marsh

    CPU lighting?

    Hello Guys, I have assembled some systems by myself before, but never worked on lighting. I have recently assembled a new system with Corsair Carbide SPEC - Alpha and wish to light it up to potentially use its see-through side panel. I was looking online for some LED strips but most of...
  5. D

    Is this link working?

    Guys can someone check if this link is working . I tried multiple times but its not working for me. Link is here
  6. sumit05

    Suggest a phone under 8k.

    Guys suggest a phone for sis around 8k.Will be used for facebook,instagram,whatsapp etc.Thanks
  7. K

    FREE VPN for netflix

    hi guys i need to know any reliable free VPN for netflix
  8. Zangetsu

    Best headphones in 2016

    2016: 9 best headphones we reviewed | Gadgets No 1.Bose QC 35 - Rs 29,363 2.Sony MDR 1000X - Rs 30,990 3.Sennheiser PXC 550 - Rs 29,000 4.Audio Technica ATHSR5 - Rs 12,990 5.Audio Technica ATH WS550iS - Rs 5,860 6.U-Jays - Rs 15,999 7.Sony MDR 100ABN - Rs 21, 999 8.Bose QC25 - Rs 25,200 9.Sony...
  9. D

    Is IndiFlashMart official seller on flipkart?

    Guys is IndiFlashMart official seller on flipkart?
  10. D

    Home Network Problem

    Im going to move to a new two storied house. I want to put the land line on the ground floor and modem/router(BSNL Broadband) on the first floor. Is there any easy ways to do that?. Guys please help me out ( sorry for my bad english)
  11. krish_techie

    Should we import xbox one s from US ?

    Hey Guys, I Know that xbox one s is not official in india. But, If i get it from friends in US will there be any problems here ?
  12. furious_gamer

    Replacing E7400 with Q6600, a wise decision?

    So as you know, I tried to play GTA IV couple of days before and even with an GPU upgrade(GTX 750Ti), I didn't see huge improvements. So, after lot of digging online, find that Quad core makes hell a lot of sense to play GTA IV. Since I'm very short on budget, my search for old Quads began! I...
  13. furious_gamer

    Problem with 600VA UPS during Gaming!

    Hi guys, So I recently got my hands on a GTX750Ti & VS550. So I removed my age old HD4670 & generic 400W PSU and installed them both. I have this UPS from CyberPower which is rated at 600VA and it works fine even after I installed GTX750Ti. Now I have to tell you guys, that, in my home, we...
  14. S

    which good LED TV you can suggest and why

    hello guys, I'm looking to buy a LED/OLED TV in next month as i search for new models of LED tvs i totally got confused which one should i buy, hence here i'm looking for some wise help if you guys able to suggest/advice me some that be awesome . here are the Questionnaire for TV : 1...
  15. desai_amogh

    duplicate products on eCommerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon, snapdeal, etc

    Guys, I dint put this under online shopping as I wish to discuss this and get a solution or suggestion. I bought a Puma shoes from Amazon couple of days back and it was delivered today. This is what I ordered. When I opened the box, I realized it was a duplicate product as the finish...
  16. mikael_schiffer

    RX 470 for ₹15990 ... Wakakakaakaa

    Source: AMD Radeon RX 470 for Mainstream Gamers Launched at Rs. 15,990 | NDTV RX 470 to cost ₹15990 Is this some delayed APRIL DAY joke ? AMD will not only destroy the 1080p market of nVIDIA , but its own too ! Nobody will buy the R9 series anymore. I think ndtv got wrong info...
  17. topgear

    Intel Xeon LGA 771 on a Moded LGA 775 Socket .. A Platform ahaed of it's time

    Now we are in a time when manufacturers are coming up with everything " locked" to shoo away enthusiasts ( sans the hardcore and sponsored ones ). But personally my mind is still on the time when LGA 775 platform was in it full mature state where you can overclock, mod almost any supported cpu...
  18. D@rekills4

    Buying Nexus 6P.

    Hi guys, I am buying the Nexus 6P soon. The only thing I am worried about is the 3GB RAM, would it be enough guys? Most phones come with 4GB RAM these days. Also, I am buying from FlipKart, so, anyone knows any good sites for coupons to help me drop the price a bit? Thank you.
  19. M

    Need a small help with MsExcel 2007

    Guys, I am working for a educational field where we conduct exam, we enter out data In Ms Excel 2007. Our enrollment Number is total in 15 numeric numbers example like 161110147911001, I would be highly be grateful if you guys help me with the formula to auto generate the enrollment number in...
  20. S

    World of Warcraft

    Hey guys I just started playing on retail since December and been on and off. Anyone here on Digit Forums who plays it?
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