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Admirer Of Digit

Digit supliers are really making me :x:x ....

Even being a subscriber i hav not received my issue yet, that to my first subscription issue.. though i was a freq. buyer from last 1.5 yrs from news stands.. who have already got their issues.........................

i am really really angry...:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x:-x

DIGIT:::::::::::-x:-x:-x:-x:-x SUPPLIERS


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what digit costs RS 250,wt* is happening here,digit already costs more than other mag's.... the magazines put lots of advertisements to reduce costs which is acceptable ,....but it seems digit's crew want to reduce its customers n' seems they can't handle the increased no. of customers.......when started reading digit back in 2005,more than 15 friends in my class used to buy only few left (including me) all bcoz of increased price,,parents says" are Rs 200 kya ek magazine pe hi kharch krega it is Rs 250.."" ...........sure the contents seems impressing but digit teams should think this point that lots of info is available on internet these days n' if the strategy of inc. price like this....sure digit will suffer in the long run ........
May god save my fav. tech mag, i wanna see u rising always so...plz do something

swood said:
Rs.250 totally justifiable-considering the 2 FT's,the content in the mag,dvd's freebies and dont forget the free gift each reader gets worth Rs. 150 so the mag cost comes down to just Rs. 100

DigitCritic said:
Now this is another reason why I do not subscribe the magazine...
If the news agency distributors inspite of having SUCH A STRONG NETWORK can not deliver magazine within first week of the month... then I can only imagine how much wait the subscribers might have to do ... if they do not live in well connected or major cities ! Digit planned to make one of the most expensive issues in its HISTORY and they can not even deliver it within time ? If you do not even care or bother about readers getting your ANNIVERSARY ISSUE ( inspite of being MOST EXPENSIVE ) issue in time then why even bother to make such issues or carry on contests on them with time frames ! why you guys keep upseting readers ?

My sincerest apologies. We did take on too much work... much more than our little team could handle, because we wanted to make the anniversary issue memorable. The delay is inexcusable, and I hope you guys will forgive me.

There are no excuses, but I can offer an explanation for those who might still be interested:
1. Issue was delayed because of our eagerness to provide more content than ever before in our history
2. With additional printing load of 2 FTs and a SKOAR! mini, and 3 DVDs, printing and packing took longer
3. Significant weight increase meant additional bickering and haggling with carriers
4. We had to shift the test center smack in the middle of issue closing, as we're shifting office soon
5. All those DIYs seem to have cramped and injured everyone's fingers, because typing out articles went excruciatingly slow for all of us this time...

Again, these aren't excuses, just honest explanations. My apologies for the inconveniences caused.

suyash_123 said:
My God 250 rs for this anniversary issue.
Is this a Birth anniversary issue or What? are Digit Gone mad or what?
Am I asking for a Business tycoon's magazine or what? Really this special issue is special for them, as they will get Lots and Lots Of Money by this Issue. These Days the digit is acting like to Earn as much money as they can by there Issue
There marketting stategies to sales are In Spree , without taking any consideration in market, They just want to Suck as much money they want But sorry, I am Unable to Buy this Magazine, I could not contribute this money for such a Magazine.
Sorry dude Ur marketing strategy is not good and going to Fail !!!!

Well a lot of people who meet me do think I'm crazy... However, the magazine and the rest of team digit are quite sane, I assure you. Don't be swayed by the videos of us you saw on the community DVD!

I went with popular feedback about the Fast Tracks that people wanted. Printing more on paper increases the cost. I think there's a poll running somewhere (if not there should be a poll or a discussion), about whether readers would be as happy reading Fast Tracks as a PDF, or some other electronic form. The day the majority shifts towards that, I'd be only too happy to do so to reduce our skyrocketing production costs.

Remember, it's you guys who decide what you want for special issues and regular issues. We ask all those questions, have an advisory council made up of subscribers and news stand buyers, conduct polls, sort your emails and demands, run focus groups and reader meets, and compile all feedback and interactions with readers. Do you honestly believe we do all this for fun? It's because we want to give you guys exactly what you want or need... We may not succeed with everything all of the time, but I do hope we're doing so most of the time.

Also, please send us feedback, and answer the polls we set up here. Get more interactive here, spend time with the community and drop by the By Demand thread every now and then, and I promise you will find less to complain about every month. But it has to be a team effort, involving all of us.

As for the pricing... We always try and give as much as we can, and for as cheap as possible.

I will not get dragged into quality issues, because those are completely subjective, but look at it objectively, in measurable terms.

Count the number of DVDs we give, the number of printed editorial pages, the number of words per page, the number of new software you came across when you browsed the DVDs, the number of articles, the amount of interaction, the mails you get answered, the quality of the community, etc. and compare it to others, and you'll see what I mean...

Think about it. Usually large corporates, enterprises and multinationals undercut the market, put their multi-billion financial might behind their brands and finish off all competition, or just buy them over.

However, if one of those "little guys" is popular for innovations, cares for his customers, and is not greedy about margins, and sometimes, even takes a loss or two just so customers stay happy, he'd be really hard to kill. In fact, he could hold on to majority market share for a long time.... anywhere from 9 years to 90 years! Anyway, this is a discussion we can have on IRC someday :)

tarundham said:
hey does anyone have digit's phone number or address need to call them up

If you still need it, my direct line is 022-40789500 (until we shift in a few days, that is). Board line is 40789666

You can get our numbers from any copy of Digit, just look at the page that has all our names and designations. Numbers for all departments you're likely to call are clearly mentioned there.
If you want to reach the editorial department, just call up the board line and ask for us by name.

saratdear said:
I bought it yesterday...I think it is a great issue, but I thought the price of Rs.250 was a bit high. Magazine side is great, fastTrack is good, and including the seeds was an excellent idea. But the DVD has let me down. It promises of Maya and 3ds max 2011, but both setup files are not working. What I would like to know is is it my problem alone? Does Maya and 3dsmax install correctly for others?

Rechecked, works fine for me. Does everything else from that DVD install for you? If not, then the DVD is spoilt, and you should inform help at thinkdigit dot com and they will replace it. If the other stuff on that DVD works, then it's probably something wrong with your system.

ankushkool said:
Nice work guys BUT Once again i must say that i am really disappointed with the product comparison section! even the april issue the speaker comparison was useless, the details about the products were not up to the mark and de conclusion looked like it was written in a hurry! last years speaker comparison was just brilliant... even the budget mobile comparison skipped micromax, one of de most hyped brand.

And now this month! saaaad mobile comparison, it skipped two mobiles which i was really interested in samsung spcia and HTC tatoo even HDTV comparison skipped last years best buy phillips.... and i dont see these comparisons are even close in helpin us buy stuff! they just look like being done for formality.

I really like your mag but please please do something about the product comparisons... hope this does not fall on deaf ears.

I Will look into the sourcing to try and get a larger variety of products.

For the HDTVs, you should know that Philips TVs will now be made and marketed by Videocon in India. I'm waiting to see the new range of Philips-videocon TVs, and am still a little apprehensive about recommending the currently available crop of made-by-Philips TVs that we've tested, when you might be buying Philips TVs that are made by Videocon soon. We will review them as soon as they come out, and hopefully quality and feature sets will be top-notch as we expect from Philips. However, until we see and test them...

As for the questions others had about the gifts and lucky draw, I have checked on the random generator that we are using to assign gifts, and you're right, the ratio of vouchers is higer than other gifts. I think there are only around 25,000 to 27,000 (in all) of these training vouchers to give away. We have tens of thousands of other gifts (Tshirts, Movie DVDs, Pen Drives, Swiss knives, etc.)
to give away, while the remaining majority will get Rs. 150 voucher for the Digit store, which you can use to buy interesting stuff, including any issue of Digit.

I'm not privvy to the code for the random generator, but I have flagged it for IT. I wouldn't want our most expensive gifts being given away and exhausted in the beginning of the month itself. Thanks for pointing it out :). And don't worry, allotments that have already been made will not change.

Those of you who now get Tshirts or other stuff please post here as well, and don't blame me if you actually wanted the most expensive gift (the Rs. 890 course). You have your fellow forum members to thank for warning me and getting the bugs ironed out.

Make sure to register for the free gift though, because only the claimed codes are used for the lucky draw, not all of the lakhs of allotted codes that were printed... No gift claim, no bumper prize, sorry!


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Thanks to Raaabo for writing in reply to us. I got the issue yesterday and both the website and the sms is telling that my lucky draw number is invalid (i tried both 0 and O).... And u can see, this is not the problem of me alone... Lots of posts have been made here about the same problem.
Do something. Otherwise this will not be an ''assured'' gift. :-(


Thanks Raaabo for your post. Even I won the same course and perhaps due to the bug but no complaints there. Although few troubles like on the digit DVD there is a mention of Ultimate boot CD but I know It can be downloaded (which will take my 2-3 hr so i forget it) but the real problem is in my Fast track of Ethical Hacking Some pages
(page 65-80) are missing and if you could just mail me those pages
i would be glad. By the way the edition was rather much good I enjoyed it and appreciate your efforts to make it good no but the best. A jewel for collection. One more request please re introduce the section of Take a crack and 30 minutes expert. I don't if you have already started it as I wasn't able to buy for past 4 months.
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@raaabo, thanks for the prompt reply as i was expecting :) just to let u know that the product comparison was one many of the reason i loved digit n m just a bit disappointed as its not been upto de mark for sometime now, but i m sure u guys will look into it :) now a days de Agent001 is what i m hooked to and wud like to see lot more of it :)

cheers guys!


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I Just Luv Your Work.......This Month's Fastrack Are Just Awesome.......Its Filled with Full of Knowledge....And It Cleared LoT Of MIsconceptions...About HACking In My Mind..........Thanks To Digit Team...I m Very Thankful tO you people...Ur Doing excellent Job.keep it up.............But i Want to complaint one thing....i Dont know its in the right topic im complaining...i have complaint....Dat One Of Dvd PRovided With June 2010 Edition Which INcludes last year's fastracks.......this disc is Giving error each time i try to open it........I HAve tried other DVD's but they are working fine.....But their is sum problem.....With this dvd.... I HAve tried this dvd On my frendz Computer also....But still it is picking.....but not playing the disc......Den i tried manually to open each folder and read fastracks....but sadly this method also failed........i opened the folder containing jan09 pdf file of fastrack but when i tried to open is giving error LiKE CYClic REdunacy Check...i have tried 10-15 times...But each time it is giving this error..plz tell me wat to do.....


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y Review/Feedback ..... well partial !

1) Finally Digital is showcasing some cool stuff.Actually wanted to say for sometime.. because earlier the section Drool Maal was ... showcasing expensive but trashy stuff. I wonder gadgets like the world's most durable laptops which are used in military etc,most expensive branded gaming rig etc are also covered. We always see reviews on them but they leave or give just 1-2 lines for the most expensive stuff. By the way from last couple of issues... the selection has been good.

2)The Digit Tree Project - An interesting and really good article. I would like to see a few more of these kinds... which bring down the global concepts to individual level. This is something which I felt was really worth appreciating.

3)Feature - It was nice to know about fellow digit readers .. people from the digit community.Glad to see it in anniversary issue.

4)Scitech - Interesting, wish more such articles come up in forthcoming issues.... could have been better... but never the less.

5) Cellphone Test was BAD... no other words.. no sugar coating or exagerating.It is something which has been there in digit for now I mean to be honest I have seen the review articles does not live upto the standard... the review articles are bad consistently. As someone also raised this point -- for example " BEST BUY - Nokia N97 mini " ?????? ... could not understand the reasons for this one... people also refer as buggy mini :D. I do not own this phone so did not had much experience but whatever time I had with this phone.. there was nothing extra-ordinary.

Every thing said and done... the issue was average. Few articles were interesting and really good others were now just average or below par.... and a few were bad.

skoar mini on games... was like trivia... nice short funky.

Fast Track on Hacking and DIY were good but should have covered more content.. Honestly they were like HALF of the NORMAL FastTracks.. so could not decide whether I should count them as 2 or 1 split into two [:p]

Haven't gone through the dvds.. but contents looks promising... so will come back later and complete the feedback in sometime


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Guys This was my worst digit experience till date.!!!!!250 rs for the issue and that to supplied with a faulty community DVD minus all the HD trailers of games and upcoming movies I feel cheated .I bought the issue from a news stand some time back.:x:-xI wan't my money back.


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I have not received any info from on how to go about with the course? Will someone wake them up from digit please?

same in here :!:

Finished reading the article The Digit Tree Project - it was well informative.

BTW, after looking at the pics of the trees I really have to think about another place to plant the trees - my elder bro sowed them into a pot - when they will be a little grown up later he said he will plant them elsewhere and will distribute some among our friends so that they can be lanted at different places :p
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I Really Really wished that I would had to post that I got a Swiss Knife, but what I got is to the more awesome.... wait for it.... evoucher !!!
I really wanted a swiss knife, cause I know I wont be able to buy it.
Now I am confused for which course to go!
Somebody wants to trade evoucher with a swiss knife with me, I would be happy to do that! And I am serious.
BTW, Anniversary issue rocks! I appreciate the effort put in by digit, and despite its heavy price, its heavy on content too. And it was supposed to be that way. Period.
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