1. GhorMaanas

    Gadget as a gift to couple on wedding?!

    hello all, its not everyday that we come across queries like the subject. :) i want to give a unique gift to my cousin on her wedding this weekend, that'd be of USE to the couple, but want to avoid giving the same old stuff like kitchenware, watches, etc. presently am thinking about getting...
  2. GhorMaanas

    [URGENT - Mini Laptop] Asus Eeebook X205TA, or Lenovo Ideapad 10080MH0080IN?!

    Hello! need a mini laptop for parents. have shortlisted the two models in the subject. the asus one has lesser RAM but seems to have more powerful battery. anyway, which one would be the better of the two? the Lenovo model is under lightning deal for a few hours more today. pls suggest ASAP. TIA!
  3. M

    Bluetooth Speaker around 4000Rs

    First of all. I am sorry to post in the mobile section but I could not find any other forum closely related. I want to buy a bluetooth speaker for around 4000Rs and the ones which ship to my location (190001), I have narrowed it down to Jabra Solemate(not mini) and Zoook Armor XL. I know how...
  4. K

    Mini xerox

    Hi Guys, I have got a very small shop in a Nagar in a small Town. I would like to buy a MINI XEROX MACHINE. The cost of it may be upto Rs.12000/-. Which one is best and profitable?
  5. abhinav_bipnesh

    Need suggestion for home NAS using Mini iTx board

    Hi, I am thinking to build an home NAS using either Mini iTX or full size motherboard. The configuration I am looking for is something below Atleast 2 SATA 3Gb/s Port. Alteast 2 SATA 2 ports 2-4 USB headers supporting either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Minimum 16GB DDR3 RAM support but can be...
  6. A

    Assembleing- Using a laptop processor into a Mini pc.

    I want to utilize my laptop processor and RAM to make a Mini Pc something like media center.So could any one of you suggest me a good motherboard for it . Processor-Intel Atom N2600 Dual-core 1.60 GHz Ram-2 GB, DDR3 SDRAM
  7. mohit9206

    Suggest a cabinet in a budget of 2-2.5k

    I have seen a few models online like Antec VSK4000, Antec X1-T, CoolerMaster Force 500, CoolerMaster CMP 250,NZXT Beta Evo,etc. Doesnt matter if its mini tower or mid tower as long as it fits all my standard sized components.I forgot to add that my mobo Gigabyte H61 has only usb 2.0 front...
  8. sam9953

    Converter for Micro HDMI (Male) to HDMI (Male) cable?

    Hi guys, I use to own an Xperia S and my phone was stolen buy some nitwit and now I am left with Mini HDMI (Male) to HDMI (Male) cable, does anyone of you know a suitable adapter or converter so that one end has a Mini HDMI (female) port and the other end has the usual android phone charging port?
  9. kg11sgbg

    The Iball Splendo Mini PC Stick with Windows-8.1

    Well,Guys I don't know how many of mini PC enthusiasts are here,but I shall be waiting for some few months and take a plunge for having one. The Iball Splendo Mini PC Stick. I already bought a Philips 22PFL3758 FHD Smart TV ,through an exchange offer,in lieu of my old Analog CRT BPL TV. What...
  10. Dangerous Dave

    Bug In One Plus One Invite System ( Order without Invite)

    HEY GUYS I HAVE A WAY BY WHICH YOU WILL NOT NEED INVITE TO ORDER ONE PLUS ONE 1:INSTALL OPERA MINI ON YOUR MOBILE 2:NOW OPEN OnePlus One (64GB, Sandstone Black)- Invite Only: Buy OnePlus One (64GB, Sandstone Black)- Invite Only Online at Low Price in India - IN OPERA MINI 3:IT...
  11. savithk

    mac mini alternative

    i want to buy mac mini alternative <windows PC > version ...please give any suggestion
  12. panacea_amc

    Anyone having experience on a S4 Mini?

    hello, I am considering to buy a S4 mini handset. Basically i needed a compact android phone with a not-so-huge-size. I have zeroed my choices onto 2 phones: s duos2 and s4 mini. what s duos 2 lacks is the gyroscope (needed for the Photosphere camera). so, I am considering the s 4 mini. But the...
  13. panacea_amc

    Is Samsung S3 Mini available in India?

    Hello, Is Samsung S3 Mini available in India? I am considering to buy it. A used model is also preferrable. Thanks.
  14. J

    opera mini java download folder

    I have opera mini java, on samsung gravity 3, bell network. I was able to download files ...but when I upgraded to v8035 I was unable to download. It says download failed...please try again. All it lets me do is open download field, but there is no option to choose download location. I have...
  15. sayan8

    Help me decide between Ipad Mini Retina / Iphone 5s

    Hia friends .. i currently own a Htc One x 32gb and its abt 1 year old now i want try the ios as im pretty much bugged with android . Ipad mini retina is available herE for abt 26k whereas the 5s for 47k. But both of em have the same things i guess and if go wd retina then id save abt 20k .. So...
  16. I

    AV Receiver/ Amplifier for Philips FW V785 Speakers.

    Hi, I want to use just the 2 channel speakers of my mini Hi Fi Philips FW V785 as PC speakers output. Currently I am using 3.5mm to RCA cable to connect output of my PC to AUX input of my music system, but I find that there is a lot of coloration in the sound signature. To be honest, the...
  17. A

    Buying Advice : 18K Budget

    Hey People, I am looking for a phone for my brother, max budget is 18K. Priorities are Expandable memody,good screen,good camera,good battery backup. Being a mobile affocionado myself, I have shortlisted a few models .Need a second opinion on the following models. 1. Lg L 90 2. Sony...
  18. A

    BUying Advice Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini aor Galaxy S3

    Which one will be more better choice between GS3 and GS4 Mini. My main requirment will be updated OS, Facebook, Twitter, watching Videos and songs. And and reading ebook Good Camera too. (Games maybe once in blue moon, not a hard core mobile gamer. GS3 has good screen, but heard it lack...
  19. quagmire

    Gionee Elife E7 mini with true octa-core MediaTek processor launched in India for Rs 18,999

    Gionee Elife E7 Mini hands on
  20. amjath

    Retina Apple iPad mini gets blasted for having outdated display tech

    Retina Apple iPad mini gets blasted for having outdated display tech - GSMArena Blog Original Source: Mini Tablet Display Technology Shoot-Out Big letdown Apple is not Apple anymore in Quality, that too they cost us more
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