1. Krow

    FOSS Donation List

    I always wanted to donate to different FOSS (Free and Open Source) projects, but never could for some reason or the other. In this thread I will list some projects I have been using a lot and mark an amount for donation. I will donate as and when I have the resources. My donations may seem...
  2. Anorion

    Preview + Feedback [June 2010]

    Quick Content List Digit Magazine -- 9th Anniversary issue Fast Track to Ethical Hacking DIY Fast Track with 20 Do It Yourself projects Gifts worth Rs. 4 Crore We are continuing with the "Green Dream", with something Free enclosed in every issue CTC II Skoar! Mini - this is a special...
  3. iinfi

    any website which gives a complte list of FOSS

    is there any website like sourceforge which actually gives a complete list of FOSS software for both windows and linux? thanks.
  4. CadCrazy

    BJP turns to FOSS

    Indian political party turns to FOSS By Marco Fioretti on October 20, 2008 (9:00:00 PM) Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is India's largest political party, with around 20 million Ordinary Members and about 4 million Active...
  5. thewisecrab

    Been enrolled in Web designing contest, need help

    As the title reads I've been enrolled in a web designing contest (being the most computer-centric person among the class) :( The rules are: 1)Make a site using any FOSS or Script it on your own (CSS.XHTML,etc) Topic will be given on the spot 2)Upload it onto a free web host with domain...
  6. Cyrus_the_virus

    The Six Kinds of Anti-FOSS Trolls

    Warning: If you take anything personally here, It's your problem! Nothing was written by me nor intended to point a finger at anyone here. It's just for a good read, so read it and move on rather than trolling. Since I wrote about the seven kinds of anti-Linux FUD pundits, it occurred to me...
  7. iMav

    Bin Laden:Islam :: FOSS Fagots:FOSS

    Bin Laden:Islam :: FOSS Fagots:FOSS Being an active member on tech forums, you come across some really interesting things and people. I have a lot of friends and readers due to these very forums. This article was in the making for quite a long time, but recent events on one of India’s biggest...
  8. H

    Congrats Ani, Mac4Lin gets the page!

    Our very own Anirudh's (infra_red_dude) Mac4Lin project has gotten it's page in LinuxForYou magazine. Page - 43 Mac4Lin - 63.33 - OpenLX - 61.40 - Anjuta - 61.00 - HarvestMan - 60.00 - Get it I say - 59.00 -...
  9. motobuntu

    Which is the best FOSS antivirus?

    Please suggest the best FOSS antivirus for windows xp
  10. praka123

    Making Money from Free & Open Source Software

    I found a site trying to help programmers and others answering this question.earnings from FOSS! – Free, Open SourceDollars * Hope this site grows!:o
  11. desertwind

    FOSS Meet @ NITC 2007

    Another chance for a get together for FOSS Community at National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Kerala. National Institute of Technology, Calicut will be hosting a three-day conference, pertaining to Free and Open Source Software, namely FOSS Meet @ NITC 2007, on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March...
  12. praka123

    KDE for M$ Kernel?what about GPL codes inside

    ................. * KDE is going the same way as Novell does with M$.KDE's FLOSS developers/contributers,watch ur future with other DE rather than with QT.:mad: *
  13. gauravnawani

    Blender at FOSS Expo booth

    Hi guys, Its already too late but if some one is planning to come to at Bangalore, you can meet me up at FOSS Expo booth. Especially any one interested in Learning about Blender or Gimp. Gaurav
  14. A

    FOSS workshop at GSI

    Dear all The workshop at my office (GSI) at Hyderabad on Free and Open Software (FOSS)between May 17 and 18th went very well. It was inaugurated by the Principal Secretary, IT, Govt. of AP, Hyderabad Dr. Mohanty who explained use of Linux in AP Government. Besides GSI, representatives of...
  15. A

    A FOSS Workshop in Geological Survey of India

    We have a FOSS workshop at Hyderabad on May 17 and 18th. I have selected three topics to present there. But I need some screenshots that I am not getting anywhere. Specially from some Live CDS I am unable to screencapture and save on a media. My topics are: 1. Localization (l10n)into Indic...
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