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^ No, it's still down :(

Only mobile connection I have is again BSNL and I am still using a feature phone. So I have to use my USB dongle (3G) to use internet which I am using right now. It's not good enough for my use case, it's slow. Once in a while it will spike to 1mbps, and that's only when Windows related things like update I will get that speed. Other than that I get about 100/200kbps, even when I try youtube, it will keep buffering and won't cross 100/200kbps. I don't know how is BSNL 4G in my area, have to ask around. But if I have to go that route, I have to shell out at least about 2k to get 4G dongle. New Airtel Fiber connection costs about the same :-|

In such case taking fiber makes more sense.

My bad : did not see you took Jio fiber. Anyway, congrats for your new connection and more importantly ditching BSNL wired line. Thread ttile shall be changed to " Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Nightmares Here " ... can't think of any thing better :twisted:
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