1. patkim

    What is LAN IPv6 address?

    My Dlink router has IPv6 options. Needless to say my ISP does not offer IPv6. When I look into IPv6 options, I find an option by the name LAN IPv6 address. I am not much familiar with IPv6. What does this term mean and how it's related in IPv6 networking? Could someone help me understand...
  2. Chetan1991

    45-60k laptop for architecture related work

    Yo. Looking for a laptop for someone who needs it for arch. work 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 50k, stretchable upto 60k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this...
  3. Ronnie11

    Advice on buying 2TB Internal Hard drive

    Hi Guys, So i have 3 hard drives in my pc(model no. in signature). My primary hard drive is almost full and needs an urgent upgrade preferably 2tb or above(Highly doubt if my system will support hard drives greater than 2tb). Can you please suggest a hard drive which will primarily used for...
  4. topgear

    Message from Western Digital

    Source : PM Received from Lincon_WD
  5. snap

    Random Discussion Thread

    DO not post queries/posts related to anything that has a dedicated section in TDF DO not post random pics/memes. Random pics should go * Thread can be moved to the cavern section by mods...
  6. quan chi

    Discussion about films (mainly indian).

    Discussion about film industry (mainly indian). Like the title says from acting to direction everything matters here. You can discuss about the best actors, directors, musicians, scrip writers, stories etc related to the film industry. Here you don't name a film and review it in two lines...
  7. nac

    I am redirected to

    For the last 2 weeks or so, I am getting redirected to up on loading a website. Not all the time, but it's happening. I reset my browser, ran malwarebytes, antivirus. It's still happening. I don't know if it's happening to the all the sites I visit or only few of them. As of now, I...
  8. braindead

    Meizu discussion thread

    To discuss anything related to Meizu since i couldn't find anything elsewhere here. Service centers here Snapdeal Promotions (thanks to Zangetsu Current issues: Google play games not installing (error 505) Did a logcat and there is a conflict with another google app regarding the...
  9. B

    Intel screen while booting pc

    Hi Guys, My PC many a times while booting freezes on the Intel page. Even if I restart it from the CPU the computer starts and then it is stuck on the same page. Then I have to turn off the ups and the main power supply for few seconds and then it boots up fine. What is wrong with my PC...
  10. P

    Suggest a good Tech Forum

    Hello friends, Can anybody suggest me a good technology forum, where i can members related to Internet & networking? Thanks in advance.
  11. H

    Questions related to nvidia shield, Xiaom under 10K phones etc.

    I have many question related to mobile world: 1. Recently released Modern Combat 5 supports which chipset as it cannot run on MTK6582. So, does it support MT6592 or Qualcomm MSM8228 Snapdragon. And how much RAM is required? 2. When will be Xiaomi Redmi Note will be available and will it be...
  12. K

    Finding images on web

    Hey guys , Where can I find hi resolution images related to technology? I need it mainly for my blog and it should not be copyrighted. I have looked through unsplash but I could not find any technology related pics in that. I wan hi res images of laptops , mobiles, and everything else. Where...
  13. W


    Hi there, can't find the introduction section so posting here.. And let me tell you people i am really a video game junkie, and want to gather as possible information related to upgrade pc for gaming or anything related to Extreme gaming PC ideas. just browsing some Thanks
  14. S

    Suggest me a seminar topic related to computer or electronics.

    Suggest me a seminar topic. Eg: Google glass Wireless charging etc . tell me some similar technologies or gadgets related topics.
  15. NoasArcAngel

    CS : Go

    All CS:GO Related discussions and players go here. Anyone who owns and plays cs go, please post your steam id / player name and i will update the list. All discussions related to matches to be played by tdf members to be made here. 1. Noasarcangel ( waytoGO ) 2. d3p 3. flyingcowfx 4...
  16. kARTechnology

    Help: PC very slow after cleaning, so slow to format with 7/8

    hi, as usual i cleaned my PC yesterday and it worked fine until that night. suddenly it switched off and started to reboot in a loop continuously(start-gigabyte logo- reboot) i switched off ups and turned it and it worked fine got 10minutes and again turned off as before i got frustrated and...
  17. S

    Recommend some good Courses related to SEO and PPC

    Alright! I have been wanting to do some good course related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC(Pay Per Click) or maybe combination of both, a course I can actually learn from. please,recommend some good courses and some good institutes in mumbai. Thank You :)
  18. rst

    Post mathematic related questions here

    If you have any mathematic related question post here we can try to solve them I know yahoo answer is good platform for such things. But there is problem of uploading images in yahoo answer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ maths symbols £ ω ∴ ∂ Φ...
  19. F

    Buying a gift for a friend, preferably a PS3 Peripheral. Budget 3.5k - 4k (Max)

    hey guys me and my friends have decided to pool up money for our friend who has a PS3 We are all gamers and we want to buy him something related to a PS3 like a headset or something related to a ps3 that will enhance his gaming experience :D however I have to find something decent for him...
  20. N

    Asus k55vm

    I purchased ASUS K55VM laptop on oct. 2012. I been doing losts of experiments on it and i think i am ready to answer any Q> related to it. If you have any Q. related to this specific laptop then please feel free to ask. THnk you. ASUS - Notebooks- ASUS K55VM
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