1. nac

    Processor & Motherboard related queries

    Processor & Motherboard related queries If you have general queries related to CPU or motherboard post here guys. Many a times felt the need of one and even looked if there is a thread for general queries under sub-section. Rather than starting a new thread for every small/general query...
  2. Flash

    PC/Console/HTPC Setup thread

    Post your PC/Console/HTPC setup screenshots here. . . This is not a showoff thread, and purely for the setup and queries related to that. Sample pic: Let the games begin!
  3. A

    Counter Strike Source queries

    I want to buy CSS and play online, had this queries . How will it work on 512kbps broadband connection ? Are there any good indian servers ? players pls guide me And where to buy ? amazon or steam ? - - - Updated - - - Any ideas ? - - - Updated - - - ????????
  4. Ricky

    BSNL RTI campaign - its public ltd. company and we need to fix it

    Hello Guys, I am not sure if we really need this kind of thread here or if it even makes sense. However, it is for sure that it is because us ie. the Citizens of this country that we see wastage of public money always. If you are BSNL BB subscriber then you must be following post like this ...
  5. vickybat

    Unable to run wildcard queries in hibernate search

    Hello guys, I'm unable to run wildcard type queries in hibernate search. Hibernate search is not the ORM persistence api we all are acquainted with but is a different thing. It's a full text and search api that searches through documents by indexing them. It's built on top of apache lucene...
  6. rickenjus

    Want to get a new BSNL broadband connection, but knows NOTHING !!!

    Sorry guys I didn't post on general query thread because I have lots of queries, none of my friend ever had broadband connection neither me, so some ultra noob queries here. :-D Please help me with the following - 1. Do I have to take a landline connection first or I should just fill...
  7. TheHumanBot

    Post Online Money Making, Internet Marketing, Adsense queries here

    recently have noticed many threads on this topics so if you have any questions, queries go ahead and post it here and i will answer them. :-D
  8. L

    PS3 queries from a new PS3 gamer...

    Hi folks, I am new to the world of Play Station gaming, all these years I was a PC gamer. I have recently purchased a 3 month old PS3 (500 GB) from somebody. I have a few queries which I am keen to get answers of, please help. 1. I have registered at Sony PS site and selected few games...
  9. O

    [Query]Multiple queries on digital connection+5.1 speakers

    [Query]Multiple queries on 5.1 speakers Dear All, Please help me in my audio queries. Thanks to 'Tenida' for resolving my initial queries on 5.1 set. I am looking for 5.1 speakers with good sound quality and thumping BASS..window rattling type :) My main priorities--Movies, Gaming, Music (in...
  10. harshilsharma63

    Post your queries related to C.S.E. 5th semester

    Hi guys. I|Many TDF members (including me) are currently pursuing their engineering. As for most sstudents (:D) exams would be after ~2 months, I decided to create his thread. Members/Students can post thir queries of C.S.E. 5 th semester (yes, I'm currently in 5th semester) here. The subjects...
  11. Shah

    Queries regarding CCNA and CCNP

    Well, I have joined B.E. (CSE) this year in a not-so-popular private college in my locality. I joined CSE because I love programming, AI, Ethical Hacking and stuffs. When it comes to Networking, I have zero knowledge about it. Now, the thing is, The students can do CCNA and CCNP from the campus...
  12. M

    quite a few queries GTX 680 vs GTX 580 SLi

    Hi everyone, I have a few queries. I purchased my rig in March 2011 and have the flg config, CPU: i7 2600k Motherboard: Asus Maximus IV Extreme GPU: Asus Gtx 580 DirectCu II RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB(2X4gb) PSU: Corsair HX850 HDD: WD caviar black 1TB(X1), Seagate 1TB(X1) CPU Cooler: Cooler...
  13. A

    guide for parsing mdx queries in php

    Hi we got a MS SSAS server and a report portal called cubes installed in office. Now i do know to generate mdx queries but not sure how to connect and what steps need to be performed so that i can use mdx queries in php scripts same as i use normal queries. Some guidance is kindly advisable...
  14. pramudit

    [HELP][DIY] My coil gun with some queries

    My exams are over so me and my friend are gonna work on My Coil Gun. We are making it hand mounted with a better power source. Before that i have some queries for it, please do help me... Query 1- We wanna have voltage as high as ~400v in DC for 12v battery. Can we make a inverter with IC555...
  15. Rohan_B

    Queries Regarding PS3 Slim

    Hey guys, I have a PS3 and have been enjoying it for 6 months but there come times when I don't have any game to play on it, majorly becuase the games are too expensive. Also I just got the experience of playing CoD multiplayer on a friends Xbox 360 and loved it. So now I want to try out...
  16. dashing.sujay

    Sony Vaio CB35 Discussion thread.

    Hello Guys, I have seen multitude of users creating similar threads asking help on CB35. Plus I got countless no of PMs regarding the same. So, I thought its better to discuss everything at one place which will be gradually benefit other members too. Please pour in your any queries, suggestions...
  17. meetdilip

    Automated queries from my PC

    I was trying search on gnome site and got a message there are automated queries sent from my computer. Unusual traffic from your computer network - Web Search Help Hijack this pro log also attached. Using Avast Free + Online Armor Premium.
  18. Zangetsu

    MBA queries???

    Most of the people say only Full time MBA has value & other MBA programs have no value (e.x: Correspondence,E-MBA,Part-time) how much do u agree on this?
  19. anish_sha

    Macbook Air...some queries...

    Hi guys, Planning to get a Macbook air basically to use while travelling and i hope its the lightest yet powerful laptop i can get.. But have 3 queries regarding the same... 1.Can i install Windows Xp along with Mac OS, as sometimes may require Windows applications to run, Also will there be...
  20. MatchBoxx

    ** All USB EVDO/HSDPA (3.5G) data cards or modems queries here **

    Moderator edit: I've created a general thread for Datacard queries. Instead of using the word 3G, it is better to use UMTS/HSDPA for GSM and EVDO for CDMA. 3G is a generic term which comprises of 3rd generation technologies. Better to be specific. -- Hi, i need to purchase a USB DataCard to...
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