1. B

    BSNL broadband giving 10gb data per day @249 pm

    Highlights: 1. Under the new plan, customers can download '10GB per day' data by paying monthly charges of Rs 249 2. The new unlimited wireline broadband service plan will offer 2Mbps speed 3. Users can also make unlimited free calls to any network without any additional...
  2. Charley

    BSNL Broadband - Webites load Slow

    I'm on the 1199 bsnl bb plan & I get speed of 1.6 Mbps+. But the website loading speed and video running speed is slow since March 21 on PC, laptop and mobile. What could be the reason? I read somewhere changing DNS will improve speed. Is it true? As per my settings in TCP/IP [Win XP], the...
  3. A

    wi fi extender

    required for home use compatible with tp link and bsnl modem,any advice.budget max 1500/-
  4. M

    Please Suggest me a Wi-Fi Dongle and some questions - HELP

    Hello everyone I would like to use BSNL SIM (3G) with a Wi-Fi Dongle, following are my requirements: 1. I want to use the dongle like this: * - In my room WCDMA network signal is almost NIL, so I will be using it with a adapter...
  5. M

    Query about BSNL 1099 3G Plan

    Hello everyone I would like to know whether BSNL's 1099 3G Plan (with NO FUP) is a temporary or permanent plan? Any ideas? I am thinking of using this plan for my internet needs using a Dongle. Will also disconnect my existing wired connection because of pathetic service by the ISP. Thanks
  6. K

    BSNL Broadband never ever ban VPN's?

    I connect VPN right after windows start-up. & I download tons of data(sites which are blocked by BSNL). so there is no use of block, then why BSNL leaving VPN unblock & allowing users like me to download data from blocked sites?.
  7. K

    FUP Came back after 6 months in BSNL Broadband for me.

    I enjoyed BSNL Broadband with tons of downloads since June 2016 for about 6 months. but on Dec 12 2016, FUP Pops up for me. IT MAKES me sick. why FUP Came back after 6 months ?
  8. B

    Wifi router for BSNL 2mbps connection

    Hi, I need advice from you from buying a wifi router for my BSNL broadband (not optic fibre). I'm pretty new to wifi routers so please suggest what kind of router should I go for. It will be used for home use. Building is a two story house. I was thinking of buying 'TP-LINK TL-WR841N...
  9. S

    Trying to connect WiFi Router to non-WiFi D-Link BSNL Modem

    unknown D-Link Modem Netgear WN614 WiFi router PC have IP set manually. Default gateway is Router IP manually configured as I am able to access router using that IP. But if I connect modem to the router, the internet indicator will start to blink...
  10. C

    RailWire US/EU ping for gaiming

    I am using BSNL broadband now. Ping to US servers are like 280 ms. Can anyone using RailWire provide ping/traceroute/mtr to following IPs ? Is RailWire is stable compared to BSNL ? BSNL, i don't have much issues, get 2 mbps, only problem is high ping...
  11. saswat23

    BSNL Launches Unlimited 3G Mobile Data Plan for Rs. 1,099

    Sources: BSNL Launches Unlimited 3G Mobile Data Plan for Rs. 1,099 | NDTV BSNL Unlimited 3G Plan without Speed Restriction | Launche BSNL gives unlimited 3G plan for Rs 1,099, doubles data limit for existing plans - Times of Indi
  12. TechnoBOY

    BSNL to soon increase minimum post FUP broadband speed to 1Mbps

    Laying a milestone in Indian broadband landscape, countries largest broadband provider BSNL will soon increase the minimum broadband speed from existing 512Kbps to 1Mbps across all its unlimited plans. The new tariff will come into effect from August 1st, 2016 on PAN India basis cites a source...
  13. P

    ISP in Pune

    Hi Guyz, I want to purchase an unlimited plan preferably without any FUP. My budget is around 1400-1600pm. Can anyone suggest any ISP's worth going for, i am currently using BSNL but their useless FUP make the speed go back to Stone Age. Thank you.
  14. B

    BSNL is shutting down EVDO services

    BSNL has announced the shutdown of CDMA Voice and EVDO data service. BSNL has cited poor performance, low revenue, and small customer base as reason for the shutdown of CDMA services. I was using EVDO data card for last 7 years. But now they only offer to migrate to 3g or broadband both are very...
  15. paroh

    BSNL injecting banner ads into broadband user connections

    * State owned telecom operator BSNL has been injecting banner ads and other service related messages on web browsers within its broadband network. It has followed in the footsteps of the other state owned telecom...
  16. S

    Can i use the ADSL Wifi Router with BSNL Wimax?

    Hi guys, a little help needed. I had a BSNL Broadband wired connection till last year. It worked well for 1 year and then it started giving me trouble. After a long battle with BSNL to repair it i finally gave up and switched to Wimax. I had a DIGISOL wireless ADSL router for which used...
  17. Flash

    BSNL Lines Up Rs. 2,000-Crore Investment to Modernise Itself

    State-run telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) plans to invest Rs. 2,000 crores for the upgradation of its network, Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Thursday. "The company has plans to invest Rs. 2,000 crores for the upgradation of its network which includes adding...
  18. Charley

    Bangalore BSNL Broadband Tariff & FTTH

    Did BSNL increase tariff for Rs. 845 plan to Rs. 875 from 1.1.2016? I don't see it mentioned anywhere. How is BSNL FTTH compared to BSNL broadband? What is the setup process for FTTH?
  19. RageshAntony

    BSNL evdo is very slow in my area. Please help ?

    I am using BSNL EVDO connection. I am living at Uthangudi , Madurai , Tamil Nadu . My problem is my connection is dead slow that is i am getting Transfer rate in downloads at 10-25 KBps , even in night time. Since the promised speed is 1 Mbps the transfer speed must be ~ 100 KBps. But I got...
  20. A

    TP W 8968 problems

    modem wont work with or without wireles with my laptop though the bsnl chaps have configured it for my bsnl bbnd connection.however the dam thing is working flawlessly with my mobile phone in wi fi mode.However when i use my old workhorse siemens sl2-141 modem it works fine with both laptop as...
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