1. A

    [SOLVED] Utorrent dataone help

    I have my BSNL Dataone connection with 256Kbps speed. But when i download movies from utorrent, it shows only 25-30Kbps? Please help me...
  2. sarathsnair

    modem+router for dataone broadband

    is the linksys WRT54G is come with a modem+router ? can it be used in a bsnl dataone connection ? suggest me a good modem+router for my dataone broadband connection.. my budget is 2500Rs. i am from kerala
  3. T

    BSNL Wifi Router Required Urgent

    Dear Friends, I need any good brand wi-fi Router / modem for my dataone connection. Requirement : 1. The Router/modem should be able to connect itself to dataone broadband (without the use of computer) 2. The Wi-fi Router/modem should be able to connect my laptop , Smartphone...
  4. B

    DataOne Configuration Problem in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

    Hello Guys, I have a problem in configuring my DataOne Connection on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I use 750 Rs Unlimited Plan & Huawei WA1003A ADSL Modem. Actually I don't have a PPPoE connection. What is the procedure to configure connection other than PPPoE ? Thanks in Advance.
  5. panacea_amc

    DATAONE help- forgot login password!

    hello, i just forgot my login password for my dataone internet connection. however i can login into the BSNL PORTAL i.d. account. is there any way of getting my password. please do help! thanks in advance.
  6. panacea_amc

    DATAONE help- i forgot my login password!

    hello, i just forgot my login password for my dataone internet connection. however i can login into the BSNL PORTAL i.d. account. is there any way of getting my password. please do help! thanks in advance.
  7. ssk_the_gr8

    Dataone usage checking site not working

    guys does anyone have a solution to this problem? the dataone site seems to not work. the dataone usage finder from is also not working. how can one check the usage of dataone BB ?
  8. bukaida

    problem configuring wireless dataone broadband in FC-11 live on USB

    I have installed fedora core live on my 4 gb pendrive with 1 gb reserved for persistent storage. Everything is working fine except I am not being able to connect to my dataone broadband. My wireless network is detected perfectly and the ip addresses, username and passwords are given accordingly...
  9. T

    Limiting bandwidth in a bsnl dataone connection

    I have a bsnl dataone connection and i am using ITI DNA a211 wireless router provided by bsnl . There are two computers on the network and i want to split 1 mbps each between both of them. How is this possible? When the other guy is downloading lots of stuff my download speed drops very less ...
  10. P

    Not able to login to dataone portal

    Hi, I am not able to login to the dataone portal to check my account usage through IE 8. The same page works in opera or firefox. Anyone know whats the problem..? Thanks, Prasanna.
  11. mikael_schiffer

    DataOne hangs,while Modem's Link Indicator still ON

    I just reformated and re installed windows xp sp2 I setup my DataOne broadband and it was running smooth. But i keep getting disconnected time after time, something that never happened before the reformat. Now that could be DataOne problem. My main problem is that when i GET DISCONNECTED...
  12. qams

    Automatic BSNL Dataone Usage checker

    You can check BSNL Dataone Usage Automatically, for , who use Dataone Broadband. U can Find Bandwidth meter too. *
  13. R

    BSNL DataOne Torrent Download Problem.

    I have a BSNL DataOne Plan ( 750 P.M.) which i use heavily for FTP downloads. But the main problem is- when i try to download anything via Torrents, i get extremely slow downloading speed. Even a 4 MB file takes Half An Hour to download. Is my ISP blocking the torrent ports? If so, is there any...
  14. abhijit_reddevil

    256kbps unlimited internet connection

    Hi, I want a 256kbps unlimited internet connection. Which one is the best, available in Kolkata? Please do not suggest me BSNL dataone. I want options other than BSNL dataone. I was thinking of Airtel. According to the information available on, the 256kbps...
  15. JohnephSi

    1st bill after DataOne connection

    Hy guys i ve takn my dataone connection last month..iam in home 500 plan..I ve some problem regrding bill generation .when will my bill generate..i mean before which date i ve 2 finish my 2.5 gb...Dy gave me a paper telling about date of creation n it is 16-05-2009...plz help me guys
  16. S

    connect dataone broadband with ubuntu

    I installed ubuntu 7.something which came with the digit June 2007 DVD The installation took place normally, now i would like to connect the BSNL dataone modem with the computer.... i use only USB to connect to the internet in XP, but in ubuntu-help it shows something like go to the terminal...
  17. P

    How to make use of Web Distributor II

    How to connect using Web Distributor II Hi Team, This is pradeep and I wish to know from your experst that , how to make use of the Airtel Broadband modem, which says Web Distributor II, YOZAN secured Wireless, imported by BHARTI TELETECH LTD. Right now I am using BSNL Dataone 256...
  18. soumya

    Dataone connecting but no activity

    I was surfing the net as usual, suddenly I see that no websites are opening. But the link was there and dataone was connected. I restarted and reseted the modem but to no avail. This is happening in both my lappy and desktop. What's the sudden cause of this? My desktop has no antivirus but my...
  19. lahratla

    Schedule Wake up and hibernate for DataOne

    I want to wake my Laptop from hibernate mode at 2:10am each day and then hibernate at 7:50am each day. How do I do? Also, I want to start my modem Nokia Siemens C2110 for BSNL DataOne once the laptop wakes up and then turn it off when the laptop hibernates? How Do I do? If I kept the modem...
  20. Charley

    Blocking Ports on BSNL Dataone

    How to block the ports UDP 10599 and UDP 22000?
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