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Who will win 2014 elections

  • Rahul Gandhi (Congress)

    Votes: 8 7.8%
  • Narendra Modi (BJP)

    Votes: 54 52.9%
  • I want Narendra Modi but not BJP

    Votes: 16 15.7%
  • I want Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)

    Votes: 12 11.8%
  • Others

    Votes: 4 3.9%
  • I don't want to vote for any of them

    Votes: 8 7.8%

  • Total voters
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And tommorow he is going to the place by Metro ? Seriously ?? I don't dare to travel by the metro , atleast not in morning.. The intense crowd , in this vaishali/dwarka lane.. :shock:


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Once I saw a lady being crushed in the queue so badly, almost falling, I felt so sad but couldn't do anything. Even the guard was just standing. This happened at Rajiv chowk while catching train for NCC in the eve, a few weeks ago.


Meanwhile, Here's a nice article for those who blindly believed AAP's claims of 50% cut in power tariff's and water bills as the government has no authority to reduce these.

Government has no authority to reduce power tariffs: DERC - The Economic Times on Mobile

Correct me if wrong, but even the security is under the centre. Meanwhile, there was a hug media publicity for this guy being an "IITIAN". I wonder why thrice elected Goa CM who is also an IITIAN did not receive the similar perks. :oops:



Once I saw a lady being crushed in the queue so badly, almost falling, I felt so sad but couldn't do anything. Even the guard was just standing. This happened at Rajiv chowk while catching train for NCC in the eve, a few weeks ago.
A common scene at Rajiv Chowk. On a side note , never travel along with kids in Metro if you intend to change trains at any interchange stations.
This is the one of the reasons why metro trains have reserved coaches for ladies , but unfortunately "unko mens ke sath ajne ka jyada shauk hota he."
I mean when you already have reserved coaches whats the point in flooding the un reserved coaches , while the first coach is not full. :(

In politics why does everyone has to put forward only the negative sides of a person. ?? Damn it,!


Like I have said all this time, AAP will be used by the Baboon Party to stay in power for 2014 if the brainwashing reaches beyond much for the Congress-mukt Delhi!

A very good read : 4 ways the Congress won power through Constitutional coups - India News

I've been seeing AAPankwadis claiming of AAP winning. AAP asked people of delhi to vote for most honest party and Delhi voted for BJP. Kejriwal who sweared on his kids not to join or support Congress ended up taking the support of the most corrupt party that he staged all his drama so far.

Next, on how he did he "people's referendum"? Njoy => Last day of referendum, AAP likely to form government in Delhi - YouTube

He gathers a crowd of about 1000 and asks them "whoever wants us to form government in Delhi, please raise your hands" and then manual counting starts 1,2,3,4,5,6. So thousand people basically "represents" Delhi in his royal opinion as if Delhi elections were a joke and a timepass!

Now for some economics, details of what he did and the consequences of mindless freebies and subsidies. The whole notion of subsidy is to deliver to the poor, or to certain deprived section regardless of religion, cast, color or creed that secularism stands for. A subsidy has an objective, an analytical cost attached, a period and "who will benefit". It is not something given to @all in the name of anti-corruption and if given to @all, still has a huge analysis behind. Well, what happens if ill-researched subsidy is given?

Suppose 700L of water or anything is given for free and I consume 200L, the remaining 500L can be wasted easily or blackmarketed. This increases the consumption as well. Now the company shall pay a Rs100 thing for Rs.100 only. Delhi government will buy it for Rs.100 but will sell it for Rs.50 due to 50% tariff reduction that is promised mindlessly. AS a result, the Delhi government will end up with huge losses. How shall these losses will be compensated? Either it will take loans for the other nations or other countries or end up INCREASING the TAXES. Lets, assume it takes loan from other countries. Then the deficit which is in dollar value will increase and hence dollar value will rise leading to inflation. This is a vicious circle, as with inflation, losses will rise again and hence loans or TAXES. History has witnessed that this leads to a possible CIVIL UNREST.

Therefore, a subsidy is given when one has clear cut analysis on how to generate income as well where economy can be promoted. More to this, the water freebies will not be given to people living in housing societies, poor people who don't have meters, people who still get their water through tankers and rich people who will use it above the prescribed limits. So who actually this subsidy is aimed at? Is it pro-poor?

Here are some good reads on electricty and lesson from 2G and coalgate scams for the young crowd ---

Indian Power Sphere: Government has no authority to reduce power tariffs: DERC
Open letter to Arvind Kejriwal - Times Of India

Such childish acts like mindlesss subsidies and freebies end up increasing corruption exponentially, taxes and destroy any chances of good governance. A good governance basically aims at decreasing tariffs and bills through development.

Now talking of Gujarat, it has topmost governance, clean river, solar power panel on street light, surplus power etc all the factors which end up decreasing "tariffs and bills" through good governance rather than providing "subsidies and freebies". Please read ; Gujarat to get country’s first smart grid - TOI Mobile | The Times of India Mobile Site

A solar power panel on street light is a self-sustained mechanism for which you don't have to pay for and hence reduces taxes through good governance.

Gujarat has also given a 30000 crore subsidy to Tata Nano, to lure them from WB to Gujarat. Result? Profits and employment! Thats just one example of subsidy and how it works rather than destroying the economy in the name of pro-poor and anti-corruption.

Now a little analysis on AAP and their statements

1. Kejriwal : Will remain AAM aadmi with simple living. He gets 10 room flat bigger than a bungalow, lives their and then calls for smaller flat on public demand and feedbacks.

2. Kejriwal : Will ride by metro. A special metro coach for him is inducted and since Delhi police has to do its duty a more expensive 3 tier security is incrporated. Now in this scenario there is no concern for public safety, a huge number which gathers to see him on metro station. A simple bomblast or terrorist activity could have made it into a national tragedy and hence no concern for public. Besides, Harshvardhan and many other politicians apart from AAP still go by metros. They never market. Same with Goa CM who goes by scooty and personally monitoring the building collapse today, where media is not showing that at all but busy in projecting Kejriwal as someone of minimalistic needs.

This is the same media who never showed 12 years of rapid development work in Gujarat, how Modi sent his personal men, IAS officers, choppers, more than 3 crore donation to Uttarakhand during floods where media distortied the whole episode to 15000 gujaratis only for 2 weeks on front page cover. Later TOI apologised for this distortion on Page Number - 9 (Sunday Times, Published on - July 14, 2013).

3. Corruption

Checkout yourself. First he claimed to have all the proof of Sheila corruption, and then asking for proof from Harshvardhan.

Its an advice to AAP supporters to keep a close tag on Kejriwal on what he says on Swiss black money, RObert Vadra land scam and all the other scams he claimed to have proof for instead of getting infatuated or emotional about the whole episode.


Bhushan : Army is responsible for killing in Kashmir
Bhushan : Kashmir should be separated
Kejriwal : Don't hange Afzal Guru
Kejriwal : Batla house encounter fake and pro-Naxals and hence directly mocking the death of martyred Inspector Mohand CHand Sharma. Please do some research on the court verdicts as well. Is he beyond the court, army and the nation?

Army responsible for killing of Kashmiris Prashant Bhushan Lastupdate:- Wed, 6 Mar 2013 18:30:00 GMT
AAP Founder Leader Prashant Bhushan Blames IB for targeting SIMI - YouTube
Don t regret my views on Kashmir Prashant Bhushan Lastupdate:- Fri, 14 Oct 2011 18:30:00 GMT
Indian Power Sphere: Government has no authority to reduce power tariffs: DERC
Arvind Kejriwal fully backs Kudankulam stir against Nuclear Power plant : Kudankulam

Had Kejriwal made all these points clear before the election and specifically said that they can/will joing Congress after elections or in case of hung assembly, would he have secured even 10 seats? Rewind your tapes and see the anti-congress fire that was present at that time.

One should take a note of Chiranjeevi a "clean, anti-corruption" guy in the south and how he protested againt BJP and congress and ultimately joined congress. IMO, Indian people are more of emotional, judgemental and hopeful rather than researchful, analytical and practical. Most would say "I don't like politics", "all politicians are the same" when politics is in their daily life, home, friendship and many politicians, contrary to their assumptions, indeed live a simple life irrespective of the party they belong to. But the unaware and innocent people need someone "new, clean, credentialful". Back then, people liked an economic top-cat Manmohan from Oxford who now has reduced India to an an utter economic failure. For those who don't know, this has been congress politics from very early times that whenever someone is winning, then raise someone who is "clean, new and stages anti-corruption protests" cut the winning party votes and finally forms an alliance with the projected "new, clean" guy and his party.

What happened to a COngress-mukt Dilli? So far any sensible person should know that corruption shall not be rooted out until and unless the dynasty politics is destroyed and Congress demolished, something which Mahatma Gandhi foresaw long back and said!

I have also seen AAPnkwadis talking about 150 crore Modi office. Perhaps, they should first understand his threat level, and threats from Lashkar, SIMI, Hizbul, Naxals etc. Secondly, that office is for many of his ministers and future ministers from where a central elixir will flow for the rest of the Gujarat. Even after all this if someone who can't do basic mathematics, still thinks otherwise, then he should understand the surplus profit. If you have a good income and people and servants are happy with you, then you have every right to buy a good car. Same with Modi, why can't Gujarat government build internation styled bullet proof offices when the profit they make is extremely good? Why do people expect doctors to be available all night when they are humans too and well doing politcians to think small?

This is like blaming Modi for using 50 crore on Sabarmati project where it has been delivered and become a clean tourist spot, contrary to the 1500 crore wasted by Shiela/Congress governent on yamuna, where it is still a gutter of the highest order and yet nobody complaints.

FInally, as discussed, first Kejriwal swears on his kids that he will not join Congress nor support them, then he joins. He talks of no security, then more security has to be added to his childishness, then he does referendum by counting heads from a sampl survey of 1000 people; he refuses for government vehicles, then takes; he refuses for luxury government bungalows, then takes and then due to pulic feedback gives it away.

None of the above is my point of concern. If you want to lead then just lead stop making childish claims and doing U-turns all the time. Nobody cares if you have a big office or extra security if you do good and people are happy with you.

For those who still don't get it. A leader is one who leads the nation on some solid principles where he is not wavered by what people say, like or dislike but what is collectively is in the best interest of the nation. He does not try to be "nice" or sagely. He "leads" rather than being led by the people! He is not confused or changes his statements often and randomly, but speaks with confidence, shows what he has done, how it has been done and gives promises based on certain analysis and observations instead of quick, impuslive, short-term freebies and subsidies that makes Indian public look lame and disastrous in long run!

In the end, every political party has corrupt people as corruption is in the very human nature. Kejriwal's AAP is no exception. What happened to Shazia Ilmi's sting operation? Her own party gave clean chit to her. Is that called justice? Why not set up thousands of committees on her as well like they were setup on Modi, where he welcomed all and most importantly SC's own SIT, the highest, the apex court which gave him clean **** twice now. Yet some cannot respect SC's judgement!!

Please join Modi pages as Media has not and will not show the massive development work carried out for 12+ years and will not show! Its upto you to chose a "proven" CM as PM who is applauded by internation diplomats and businessmen, people and elected thrice now, or to chose someone who has anti-national views and is yet to deliver and "will" do!

Sorry, for all this blabbering.....but 2014 is near. Vote for a party which has 'clear-cut' vision regarding National policies and National problems and not someone who spreads red-carpets for Anti-nationals like Syed Shah geelani, talks of separating Kashmir, speaks pro-Afzal guru and asks for Modi/Rahul's opinion before forming his own opinion on Kashmir.


I somehow agree to the conspiracy theory that has recently popped up after congress & AAP's union in Delhi , that maybe AAP is Congress in Disguise. AAP is doing more harm to BJP than Congress. Don't know the truth , but my speculation sways my faith that recently stood-up when the recent election results were declared.
Had problems deciding between BJP and AAP , about casting my votes in Election but the recent strongholding of Congrez by virtue of AAP is giving me more reasons to believe in BJP.


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^ yea, even I thought AAP being Congress' creation a conspiracy theory by BJP people on social media, but I guess I was wrong. Very wrong.


^ yea, even I thought AAP being Congress' creation a conspiracy theory by BJP people on social media, but I guess I was wrong. Very wrong.

So you think it's really a conspiracy theory or maybe a part of the truth.?


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now the Kejriwal and AAP is in government for almost a month and they will be in government at least another 4 to 5 month till Loksabha Election, why they are not taking any action against ex CM, Officer of the Congress government who did corruption while in Power,

when the Anna led movement started i thought it will be good, even when AAP was formed i thought it will be good for the public, but then Also AAP and Kejriwal started the Minority Appeasement just like congress. At least Modi says in front of everyone and SECULAR media that he does not consider any community as minority, and all the policy and government plans are for Indians, (not for Majority or Minority)...

AAP part should stop and oppose the politics of Vote banks, now it making sense why the BJP even after winning most seats is staying out of power and AAP created a government with the help of Congress, which was its biggest enemy in fight against corruption..


Democracy is a myth
Comparative study between "Trinamool Congress" of West Bengal led by Mamta Banerjee and "Aam Admi Party" of Delhi led by Arvind Kejriwal

Disclaimer: All things I posted here are totally how I (I, and only I) see the things. Might not match 'your' views and or may not be proven right in every case :p

Trinamool (TMC)AAP
Led by Mamta BanerjeeLed by Arvind Kejriwal
Came into power after defeating CPM which was ruling for 34 years! Came into power after defeating Congress which was ruling for 15 years!
Has no particular political agenda. Mostly 'movement' based. Has no political vision rather than staying in power as long as possible.Has no political agenda along with no political vision. Not aware of capability
Congress was ally when came into powerCongress is ally when came into power
Congress left midwayCongress MLAs were exposed of having ulterior motive of leaving this party midway
Revolted against Congress even when it was an allyRevolted against Congress even when it is an ally
Does not agree to policies defined by Congress (FDI, Land bill etc)Does not agree to policies defined by Congress (FDI till now, rest not sure)
Stay simple approach (CM still lives in her old home)Stay simple approach (Though moved to new home)
At first year of rule did not encourage too much security, but 2.5 years later can be seen having more securityDoes not have 'Z' category security
Travels in a normal hatchbackTravels in a normal hatchback
Has money donation policy for each event in state (like each and every event she attends too or any mishaps. Eg. People died of drinking illegal hoot and she ordered to give 2Lack to each family of dead, Special monetary benefits to Moulavi etc )In the first month of rule, already given free water, halved electricity rate. Brace for future
Told in its first year completion that 100% work that they were supposed to do in five years, is doneClaimed that they have done more work in one month than Congress govt.
Makes big promises to people wherever she goes(but has learnt not to take herself seriously and neither the promises)Made big promises before coming to power. As he's novice, he's taking himself seriously
Has a political career of 30+ years. Has worked with and against veterans. Had renowned political gurus and everyone agrees she knows politics. Novice in politics. Does not have a political guru and this thing alone would make him suffer in future. My advice : ask Sheila Dixit to be their political adviser. At least they would know what not to do.
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What's with the negative tone of newspaper's headlines ?

Both Congress and BJP are together when it comes to Jan Lokpal bill. I'd not want these parties to rule India. They have ruled enough.
Comparative study between "Trinamool Congress" of West Bengal led by Mamta Banerjee and "Aam Admi Party" of Delhi led by Arvind Kejriwal

Disclaimer: All things I posted here are totally how I (I, and only I) see the things. Might not match 'your' views and or may not be proven right in every case :p

You do CPIM?
No. I'm for Congress.

What a pity!

Congress or BJP it does not matter. Both are same.

As a matter of fact India is filled with fools (sorry for the language.). Hmph.. modi is just BS! He will come & help reliance loot more. I dont want to start. He is either the most overrated politician in india. What kejriwal told most of us (who are not sleeping) already knew.

What we need is those lakhs of crores of black money stored in personal accounts in swiss banks. Get them you get a developed country or atleast the situation will improve a little bit.
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