1. sling-shot

    How to test if various listed sensors of a phone are working? - Android

    I have a Sony Xperia ZR which has been of late behaving erratically when on a call. I generally hold it directly against the ear (rarely use bluetooth headset never headphones). For the past 2 - 3 weeks I have been seeing that at the end of call the phone would have opened random applications...
  2. theserpent

    Debates about the Economy, Politics, Religion, and everything under the sun

    We all know that Indian economy is becoming worse day by day,Ruppe is becoming weak against Dollar and Now it's 65 Rs What the hell??The goverment just doensn;t seem to care.\ Sensex is at the lowest of 1 year,Onion rates are touching sky high,God knows what's next. It looks like dollar will...
  3. din

    A 'touching' moment in Punjab Police... Really touching

    Those who seen this before - please ignore A 'touching' moment in Punjab Police... Really touching If you can't see the above photo, please click here Source : Forwarded email
  4. R

    Can anyone suggest me trendy and expensive mobiles at affordable rates.

    Hi everyone, I am a student and planning soon to purchase a new cell phone (the old one is so...out of fashion) with a very trendy and expensive look including all the required functions. The problem is that my purchasing budget is not even touching the edge of the cell phones rates like Nokia...
  5. prashant9918

    my motherboard's and processor's temp is ok ?

    hi guys i am worried about the temparature of my motherboard and processor.after 1 hour of gaming my motherboard's temp touching the 50 C mark and processor touching 53 C mark . is it ok ? if not what should i lookafter. my current configration is as given below. AMD athelon 64*2 , 4200...
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