1. esumitkumar

    Error : No permission to write to /storage/emulated/0 when Installing SKY FORCE RELOADED

    Hi Guys I have unrooted MI4 with Latest stable MIUI Whenever I try to install Sky Force reloaded (which I love like crazy), Google Play store crashes..and throws this error java.lang.SecurityException: No permission to write to storage-emulated-0-Android-obb (attached image) I have...
  2. Cyberghost

    No Man's Sky

    Inspired by the adventure and imagination that we love from classic science-fiction, No Man's Sky presents you with a galaxy to explore, filled with unique planets and lifeforms, and constant danger and action. In No Man's Sky, every star is the light of a distant sun, each orbited by...
  3. R

    How to setup TATA Sky HD+, Samsung LED TV with Yamaha YHT 196

    Hi All, I impulsively purchased a Yamaha YHT 196 HT without really confirming whether this will work with Tata Sky HD+. I was under the impression that if the HT has HDMI inputs it should directly give a 5.1 sound output for HD channels on Tata sky. I assumed these connections will work ...
  4. Cyberghost

    Panic grips in Kochi as ball of fire spotted in sky

    Panic grips in Kochi as ball of fire spotted in sky Kochi: Panic gripped the central Kerala as a huge ball of fire was spotted falling from the sky at night on Friday. Residents of Fort Kochi, Paravur and Kolencheri experienced tremor while fireball was seen falling. No casualties have...
  5. abhidev

    No Man’s Sky: A Vast Game Crafted by Algorithms

    Sean Murray, one of the creators of the computer game No Man’s Sky, can’t guarantee that the virtual universe he is building is infinite, but he’s certain that, if it isn’t, nobody will ever find out. “If you were to visit one virtual planet every second,” he says, “then our own sun will have...
  6. R

    5.1 Channel output from STB(Tata Sky)

    Hi All, I understand that the STB(HD version of Tata Sky) produces 5.1 channel output through either HDMI or SPDIF options. I desire to connect a 5.1 HT system to enjoy the digital audio of the various TV channels. Please guide me with a a good HT system availale within 15k range ( with a SPDIF...
  7. GhorMaanas

    To dispose off old STB

    Hello fellows! i have a tata sky sd stb. i had upgraded to its hd+ stb in 2011, and the sd stb is lying packed in its box since then, as initially i had planned to use it with my pc, but that didn't happen. i now want to dispose it off. wanted to know whether it could be sold to anyone, and if...
  8. Extreme Gamer

    No Man's Sky: IDK about you guys, but this is one game that I'm definitely looking forward to If you're done binging on them AAA releases, you're probably in for a treat. Link if the embed doesn't work for you (doesn't for me fixed): No Man's Sky - YouTube EDIT: Embed should work now. UPDATE: The devs talk about the game.
  9. theserpent

    Debates about the Economy, Politics, Religion, and everything under the sun

    We all know that Indian economy is becoming worse day by day,Ruppe is becoming weak against Dollar and Now it's 65 Rs What the hell??The goverment just doensn;t seem to care.\ Sensex is at the lowest of 1 year,Onion rates are touching sky high,God knows what's next. It looks like dollar will...
  10. R

    Connecting Tata Sky HD+ , Sony LED TV KDL 46"HX750 & Sony BDV-E690 ( 5.1 Ch Home Theatre )

    Hi Recently I purchased the above 3 items from different shops and a different guy came to install every one of the items. Before the Home theatre could be installed I had to leave for Mumbai and couldn't see its installation happening in front of me. Now tata sky was connected to the LED...
  11. Ironman

    Sky Drive , Google Drive , Cloud Storage Question

    1. How to Remote upload to Sky Drive or Google Drive 2. How to Remote Upload to Drop Box 3. How to Transfer files of sizes like (atmost 300mb) between dropbox to other cloud services
  12. S

    TATA SKY HD >> through RCA >> <some connector> >> speakers

    Hello, I am planning to connect my laptop speakers to new led tv. Thus LED tv has no stereo 3.5mm jack, and has RCA plugs. So, 1. is it possible to connect this speakers to tv 2. is there any such cable which has 3.5 female to RCA male ? if yes then I am using TATA SKY HD which...
  13. sayan8

    Suggest me a Good psu under 2.5???

    Please suggest me a good psu under 2.5k frm online with store link....... For 7750,6770,7770 Flipkart price is sky high.. Should i get it...
  14. nseries73

    Tata sky hd 2 videocon d2h hd

  15. msn

    Tata Sky + HD on Interest Free EMI

    Today, this what they have started offering in their Ad - 1. Tata Sky Plus HD STB 2. Installation 3. First Month HD Gold Pack Subscription 4. First Month Multi-TV Subscription All of these with Interest Free EMI Offer for an EMI of 1047.00 X 6 Months. This Offer available on Credit...
  16. D

    Need an Expertise Help ...please help me!!!

    Hi EveryOne, I want to connect tata sky SD with my CRT-monitor .I am having -- 1. Compaq Monitor 2. Tata Sky SetTop Box 3.TV Tuner of brand : UMAX TV5-3280 4. Cables : (a) MMI AVI Input (b) LINE OUT (c) Adapter (d) VGA cable : used for connecting TV tuner to CPU (not useful as I dont...
  17. M

    Full HD Monitor for PS 3 and TATA Sky???

    Hi Friends Need help in buying a Full HD Monitor (LED) with budget 10k to 12k (umm... 10K will be good :mrgreen: ) I recently bought a PS 3 and have a TATA Sky (not HD) DTH at Home. My old TV is good for DTH, but it's horrible for PS 3 :( I can't invest on a TV, so please suggest me a Full HD...
  18. theserpent

    Sky City One: Chinese Company To Construct World's Tallest Building Over 90 Days???

    Well some months earlier they or someother company had made a 15 story bulding in a matter of few days.But no one has pics of the interior of the building According to me its impossible it wont be safe Building a 15 storey hotel in 6 days - YouTube Source:Sky City One: Chinese Company...
  19. N

    Connecting TATA SKY PLUS to a laptop

    Guys i need some help can I connect Tata Sky plus to my laptop through HDMI cable?? Currently my tatasky+ is connected to my HD TV through just an HDMI it possible to connect it to my laptop as well, the same way? that is without a TV tuner?? Please Help.
  20. C

    Tata sky hd+ 32" tv

    hi i have a Sony Bravia 32" LCD witj resolution of 1366x768 i am currently using tata sky DTH service. the picture quality is blocky and looks pixellated. would it be worthwhile to get the TATA SKY HD DTH service? what i want to know is if the tata sky HD would look better than standard DTH...
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