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400 rs to spend

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go to ernakulam(assume ur from kothamangalam) shipyard/Atlantis busstop and go to noveon systems.buy what you want reg computer h/w! or even better do some window shopping in menaka,gcda and have a nice time(which i usually do!)


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400>invest in stocks and get return :p and whenever u get more money buy more stocks.

so far i have investted 90k in stocks all r my self made money from projects and i am in final year of bca


bigdaddy486 said:
i have 400rs to spent. what should i buy for my computer without webcam because i don't ever need it. i want an immidiate answer. do i get i ball pendrive for that price?

i will tell u buy 4 shares of RNRL....by the time u be 18 years...u will have good money in ur pocket by selling those to spend on more better stuff...who can say...u might even be able to buy a new PC from it ;)....else save it...:D

P.S=> ur in 8th and ur user id is BIGDADDY :D :D :D


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Save it!! Nothing better than this! Buy more RAM when you haf enough money.

Btw, don't take your GF out wid rs.400 in your pocket. You'll regret!! :D


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^^lol it means just hanging around in shopping malls(mostly) without any intention of purchasing anything usually just for beating the heats with their air conditioners and more often just for watching some 'nice visuals'.


lol i thought about purchasing PYRATED windows OS :D

Damn i'm sick of watching beautiful gals. . . . yakk


it has become a over dose buddy. at the COLLEGE, in the BUS STAND, PARK, LIBRARY, HOTELS, TEMPLES and whats more there is a BEAUTY PARLOR beside our house and YAKK :D


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You'd never know since you didn't date when you were in 8th. Our BIGDADDY would know it ... already, considering what wizrulz said :p


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aajkal toh kg ke students bhi sayaane ho gaye hai, fir 8th kya baat ha

wasie buying RAM is the best option u hav, save more till u can shell out morei
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