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400 rs to spend

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have HAPPY meal ...... or pizza | burger | chineese | et all ........

else deposit in bank 4 later use ........


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4 in 1 Card Reader?
Bluetooth Dongle?
Infrared Dongle?
Additional Mouse/Keyboard?
Pen Drive 1 GB?


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If you have a mobile. Buy a recharge voucher.
If you have a comp and acess net from cyber cafes. Buy a pen drive.
If you want to be stylish, buy a chicky watch
If you have a nice gf, take her on a date. (Yeh, Rs 400 is too less, but he is in 8th, he can have a blast. Also, the last time I went on a date, I spent only 60 bucks. If anybody wants to know how to go bout this, pm me)
Get a hairdo.
Buy a laser mouse from iBall. (It was for Rs 475 a week back)
Go for a movie in a nice multiplex with some1 you like.

Choices are endless
Just decide where you want to spend. 400 would be enough.


A question, What is ment by date which is metioned here? Also, i now have 1000 rs to spent(600 more)......


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add 100-200 more and buy an additional 512 MB Ram and make your system 1 GB.
You don't know date, dating etc? Then probably, you shouldn't go for it.:D Got a GF?
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lots of people are asking him to save it in a bank account but unless he already has one, the amount is too less to even open a new accoutn :D

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm said:
get sum pirated movies..
get lots of pirated movies

or just follow the footsteps of bill gates....charity :D


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bigdaddy486 said:
i don't know anything about pendrive. Rs.400 is silly for u all because you all have good jobs and i am a student studying in 8th standard.
Have it with you till you graduate out of college, then you'll have 1000 USD in your hand. (1 USD = 1 INR i mean... ;-) )
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