1. M

    Color Ball my new game

    Color ball is a one touch challenging game where you have to match color of ball with the pillar by landing ball on it. Game Play: In color ball you have to match color of ball with the bottom area of pillar color by landing ball on it and top pillar change color of the ball. Control: Tap...
  2. Cyberghost

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    INFORMATION Developer: Dimps Genre: Fighting, Adventure Franchise: Dragon Ball Platforms: PS4, Xbone, PC Release Date: ~2016 “The Dragon Ball franchise is a crown jewel and a perennial fan-favorite of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s robust anime video game portfolio and Dragon Ball...
  3. Cyberghost

    Dragon ball xenoverse

    Dragon ball Xenoverse Goku And Friends' Fierce Battles Will Be Reborn! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, THE DRAGON BALL UNIVERSE IS COMING TO STEAM! DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE revisits famous battles from the series through your custom Avatar, who fights alongside Trunks and many other...
  4. rakesh_sharma23

    How a dead GFX Card is made alive professionally

    How a dead GFX Card is made alive professionally. In this article I will show you how a dead graphics card is repaired. No oven baking, no do-it-yourself type trikes, just a pure professional repairs. Meet the victim, my old no display, dead ATI-Radeon X1650 graphics card. Removing the...
  5. NiGHtfUrY

    Dragon ball z bid for power! [does anyone here know this game? ]

    Okay so their was this game by the name of Dragon ball z :Bid for power based on the quake 3 engine. I played it in 2008 and i totally fell in love with it,but due to some reasons i lost the game. It was given to me by a friend who lost the pen drive which had the setup. It has been 5...
  6. rajatGod512

    Big Ant Cricket 2014 Thread

    From Looks like finally we are getting a cricket game that is somewhat close to realistic and fun . More Info : While the game is still awaiting its official announcement, Big Ant have already made a beta their player editor available for download, which just happens to...
  7. V

    Configuration Received from assembler please check

    I am about to take a new Desktop PC for Surfing/Gaming Needs I have got a quote from a Local Assembler/Seller as follows Intel core i7-3770 L2L3 8MB CACHE 3.4 {3rd GEN} 61 D2H GIGABYTE_M/B with HDMi@DViPort GRAPHICS upto 512 MB 4BGB DDR3 RAM 500GB SATA HDD - Toshiba DVD WRITER DL...
  8. S


    plz suggest me a monitor ranging below 6k. what about i ball 18.5 led sparkle 1854 and benq 18.5 led gl903a
  9. A

    Dragon Ball Z - PC

    Is there any DBZ game for PC ? It should not be too old.
  10. RCuber

    Water level/Flood Detector

    Hey guys, I have a peculiar problem with my residence sump. the sump is located inside our house. and if we are not careful the water overflows and floods 2-3 rooms :( . I cannot use a ball valve due to the placement of the water pipe outlet is midway to the sump. so I need a water alarm which...
  11. Alok

    Fifa 13

    new game in popular series is set for end 2012 (september probably) PREVEIW FIFA 12 was one of the strongest, most rewarding sports titles I've ever played, so while en route to EA's First Look Event at their studio in Vancouver, I had absolutely no idea what to expect from FIFA 13. Crazy...
  12. S

    how to lob a ball over keeper in fifa?

    in 1 on 1 situation when keeper approaches you (striker)then how to score by lobbing the ball over his head..i play fifa 2010 on pc so tell accordingly... guys pls tell me

    need a cabinet

    recntly i bought a new hdd,i noticed that there is no enough room inside the cabinet after installing the new inm nw looking for a new cabinet. im currently using an i ball cabinet.with a 250w smps(i ball i7272) my config is mobo-intel dg43nb. gpu -9500gt hdd -500 gb wd,500 gb segate,1...
  14. nisargshah95

    10 yo Logitech ball mouse problems

    [SOLVED] 10 yo Logitech ball mouse problems My Logitech ball mouse is 10 years old and worked perfectly fine until today. I can only move it horizontally and that too either on the top or bottom of the screen. It just doesn't go anywhere else. I checked it with Windows XP, Server 2k8 and Ubuntu...
  15. blackhole

    PES 10 - Invisible ball Issue

    i play pes 10..ball is me plz
  16. A

    The Blackberry Thread

    well i though it was needed as i couldn't find much abut bb in proper. me.. i had the BB 8310 until the trackball went poof!.. bought the 9700 for 28000. its got a nice trackpad.. no ball :) . its nice :)
  17. NucleusKore

    Umpire dies after being hit on head by ball

    Source: A cricket umpire has died after being struck on the head by a ball. Alcwyn Jenkins collapsed after the blow during a Welsh cricket league match in Swansea on Saturday. He was 72. Read On.....
  18. A


    Congratulations to Pakistan for Winning the World T20 SEE THIS I was Right!!!!!!! Won about 5000 Rupees Yahoo!!!!!
  19. Goku DBZ

    Post the pictures of your favouriite anime

    Dragon Ball Z / Naruto / Others
  20. 5*****

    FS: Intel C2D 1.8 Desktop PC

    Conf:- Intel Core2Duo 1.83 Intel Org Motherboard ATI Sapphire x1650 Pro 512Mb 200 Gb Sata HDD 1 GB DDR2 Kingston DVD RW sony 20x I Ball Cabin with 450watt Supply Location delhi All products are 5 month old Price:12,000
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