1. W

    Time to get your SSD buying done… NAND flash prices set to rise by 40% in 2020

    Source: Time to get your SSD buying done… NAND flash prices set to rise by 40% in 2020 Anybody planning on getting ssd,get it soon as prices already started increasing.
  2. ramaswamy ganapathy

    Any good news with regards to the fantastic pricing?

    heard 1060 dropped to 24.2k from a friend @siddhesh222 is it any good? Your thoughts and future predictions.
  3. W

    Gaming Mouse - Budget max 1000 - 1500 Rs

    Hi Guyz, My current Logitech mouse is giving right click problems. Looking for a decent budget gaming mouse. Price Range 1000 - 1500 Rs Company - Any Online purchase. Games played - Mostly Overwatch, Doom and Titan Fall 2 Any mouse that can give me good right and left click...
  4. S

    Best android volte tab under 15k

    Hi guys, Could you please help me out with the list of best tab under the price range of 15k supporting volte? Your suggestion will be appreciated. :)
  5. A

    Need help in figuring out actual price of system build

    Hello Everyone, Can you please help me in figuring out the actual price ofthis desktop from HP. OMEN by HP Desktop PC - 870-260in It retails for 1,40,000.I just wanted to know as to how much I would be overpaying by buying this system. I think this would be a good reference build at 1 L...
  6. savithk

    i3-7100 Processor

    is this available in india ....???? i3-7100 Processor any one know the indian price...????
  7. A

    Has laptop ram prices increased?

    I feel like I saw 4gb transcend at around 1.5k and 8gb around 2.6-3k or was I just dreaming. I also feel like I saw G.SKILL RIPJAWS at extremely low price.
  8. .jRay.

    IEM to wear under helmet

    I want to buy a good pair of iem that blocks out a lot of wind noise to wear under the helmet, it should have a very low profile so it doesn't come out when i wear the helmet. I liked the Mi Capsule earphones. Couldn't find more for such price. Budget is around 1.5k. PS: My helmet has a...
  9. D

    COC account for sale..

    TH8 turned TH7 maxed base with drag lvl 3, cc upgraded to th8 standard, 5 builders..What should be the right price for the account..?? im from india.. Would appreciate all the info i can get.. thnx
  10. D

    Google Pixel

    Google Pixel price 50k+. Anyone buying it? Looks like another iphone in the making considering the price tag.
  11. J

    WTS : Audio-technica ATH-M50 headphone in Kolkata

    Studio quality headphone, fascinatingly balanced output, does full justice to high quality recordings, just google to know more. Almost unused , bought in December 2013 with proper bills and have been used indoors for maximum 4/5 times, comes with the box and everything that was in the box...
  12. G

    UPGRADING! My Gaming PC.(Delhi)

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Gaming(Screen recording while playing),C++,Video Editing...
  13. S

    Best Bluetooth Earphone under 3k

    Guys I would like to know which among these has better sound quality and durable 1. Brainwavz blu 100 2. Boat rockerz 230 3. Soundpeats q7 Also please tell me if there are any better options in that price range. Thanks.
  14. M

    Replacement fan for my Graphics Card

    I have a XFX Radeon HD5750 which has a wobbly fan. I have scoured the internet for a replacement fan, but cannot find one at a reasonable price. This is the picture of the graphics card: I live in Kolkata. Can anyone tell me where I can find a fan or cooling solution at a reasonable price...
  15. S

    Laptop at Rs.15000

    Is there any laptop at the price of Rs.15000 with most of the available specifications?
  16. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] HiMedia HD900B 3D Media Player

    Expected Price (Rs.): 6500 shipped Item Condition: 4 out of 5 Purchase Date: Aug. 2011 Remaining Warranty Period: None Invoice Available?: No Reason for Sale: Got an HTPC Shipping from: Thane Payment Options: Cash, Bank Transfer a popular media player till not long back, this 3D media...
  17. M

    Buying GPU from Us( vs buying it locally

    Thinking of purchasing Gtx 1080 when released. was checking pricing options avaliable .. for current card ex 980 TI, same variants across multiple sites 1. ASUS GeForce 6GB 384-Bit GDDR5 Graphics Cards STRIX-GTX980TI-DC3-6GD5-GAMING: Computers & Accessorie...
  18. A

    Brainwavz Delta vs Brainwavz Jive

    On lookout for new IEM ear phone with mic. I have zeroed in these two. Review seems nice. can anybody using these provide an insight whether they are worth the Price. Wil use these with mobile mostly. Good bass and clear sound is priority. Any other suggeston with 2000 budget is also...
  19. ajayritik

    Should I buy PS3 or PS4

    For long time intended to buy either PS3 or any other gaming console to go with my Samsung Smart TV 46". Had to delay it for reasons such as having to invest again in Game disks etc. But now intend to go for one. It will be mainly for me, wife and our 5 year old kid. There seems to be...
  20. A

    Suggestion on Hp Pavilion 15 gaming notebook

    Hello there First of all Im quite sorry to start a thread like this.Im not a great writer at all:crying_NF: I havebeen using past 6 year an Intel core 2duo powered lappy which is now showing its age in the world of modern os and apps I want to buy a sixth gen i7 quadcore laptop in the...
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