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  • I am not able to join or open any social groups

    Plz help

    Someone just told me that u r the one who has most knowledge here in TD
    Watched Kuda Ke Liye, starts off as slow but gains momentum afterward. Heroine was beautiful but too bland for my taste. Sauce not delivered. But movie delivers :p
    and this forum sucks.. why do u guys visit this forum.? bunch of smart ass newbies ruined it..
    I can come to any other channel than that channel.... #hungry-hippo is good enough.
    I'll be back to india next week.. dunno how im gonna live there.. :(
    You don't talk like that with ichi. Want to get your guts spilled out ? :p
    Seriously, if you n biju don't get TF2 by this weekend, I'm gonna send a copy straight to your doors.. Could there be any more fun than playing a real team based game together?
    TF2 goin for $10 again.. including some awesome deal on Steam. I bought orange box, Bioshock and few others. TF2 is freaking awesome.. Im totally glued to CSS and TF2.. dude **** UrT, get TF2 :D
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