1. Geekysam

    How do I plug in USB Pen drive 2.0 in Apple IPad Air 2

    I have many pen drives which I want to plug in my IPad Air 2 easily without hassle any suggestions would be helpful.
  2. nac

    Can I still use this Pendrive?

    I tried to play this video in my system, but mine couldn't handle it. Since I am gonna buy an i3 in the near future and also my cousin has an i3 laptop, I thought why not give it a try in his laptop and see i3's capability. We played the video, in less than a minute laptop shutdown on its own...
  3. V

    New SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 16GB Pen Drive Having problems

    hi i just bought SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 16GB Pen Drive from Amazon the write speed it just **** on usb 3 getting just 8-11mb but on usb 2 getting 18mb & the pendrive is getting hot as soon as it connected .Wat is the problem should i replace it & can we replace pendrive on Amazon ? On...
  4. ashs1

    Transcend Pendrive RMA

    Hi guys :) I once again need your help. 1) My 4.5 months old transcend pendrive has suddenly stopped working since yesterday. Whenever i insetr the pendrive, it shows "Removable Disk" instead of the name assigned & when i open/explore it, i t says " please insert a disk into Removable...
  5. gohan89

    Pen Drive connected via extension cable not recognized by Samsung LED TV !!!

    I have a Samsung 32EH6030 3D LED TV.I have been using it to see movies or pictures via connection of pendrive or external HDDs without any issue.SInce I have to repeatedly plug in and out the USB device, I decided to buy a extension cable with Male to Female USB cable...
  6. A

    software to speed up transferring file from pc to pendrive

    please suggest something. i use a window 8 pc
  7. mikael_schiffer

    Trojan+Worm converted all my files to a weird file. HELP !

    My pendrive has more than 1 Gb worth of data. Data including videos, files, focs, mp3s and a backup of Windows Office setup Last week i took a file from Uni's Psycho dept.I was warned that there are virus aplenty. Well, which govt office computer doesn't have virus ,right? so i went ahead...
  8. T

    Suggest good performing pendrive

    Need recommendations on a good performing, durable16GB pendrive for office use.
  9. C

    Tablet ~15K

    1. Budget? 15K 2. Display size? 7 or 8" 4. Preferred choice of brand? As long as have good built quality, 128GB pendrive connectivity, available & get warranty in mumbai happy with any brand 7. Preferred operating system? (Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone etc). Android, bcoz...
  10. 7shivam9

    Silly Pendrive Question.

    Im buying a Pendrive after a long while.. So there is this Pendrive Ive found on snapdeal STRONTIUM Jet 16GB Usb 3.0 But the question is that .. Will this USB 3.0 Pendrive wil it Work on a Normal Computer which mostly comes with USb 2.0.. In the Pendrive Specifications it says Compatible...
  11. bssunilreddy

    Positive Experience Bought several items which are in great condition until now...

    Hai, I bought 2 Sandisk 4GB Pendrives, 1 Transcend 4GB Pendrive, 1 Strontium 16GB Pendrive, 1 Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO and 1 Kingston V+200 256GB SSD from flipkart and they are delivered in excellent condition with good bubble wrapping and Invoices within 3 days of my order.Thank You Flipkart.
  12. G

    pendrive shows 'shortcut' on opening

    Hi guys, I'm using Lenovo E49 laptop with win7 ult 32-bit. Whenever I connect any pendrive and open it, it shows a 'Pendrive (XX GB) shortcut (xx bytes)' instead of the files in it. This also happaned when I inserted my SD card in the slot. This started happening a few weeks ago. Is this a...
  13. sanny16

    mouse cursor flickering

    Whenever i plug in a pen drive into my pc, the cursor(arrow-icon) starts flickering as if something is going on even though the pen drive is not in use. Is this a problem or a caused by virus? And my explorer keeps restarting like 3 times a day. why is it happening? Sometimes pen drive would not...
  14. Skyh3ck

    New 32 or 64 GB pen drive !!! suggestion and offer

    hi i am planning to buy a new 32 gb or 64 gb pendrive to be used to create multi os installs like win7, win 8, ubuntu etc. and also store some files i have seen many pendrive on snapdeal and flipkart, there are many companies new companies with cheap price as compare to other companies are...
  15. patkim

    Slow Pen Drive??

    I have a Sandisk 8GB pendrive. USB 2.0 It’s new but it’s extremely slow !! A 2 GB file truly takes 40 minutes to copy from pendrive to HDD. 40 Mins is the initial estimate given by Windows explorer and it holds true till copy gets completed. I have in general seen that the initial high value...
  16. Y

    advice needed on 32gb usb 3.0 pendrive

    guys i want to buy a 32gb pendrive(usb 3.0). please suggest me a good pendrive under 2000. i have chosen Transcend Jet Flash 810 32 GB Pendrive@1650rs. so,is this a good pendrive or is there any other good stuff i am missing? thanks in advance.
  17. TheHumanBot

    [Buying] Pendrive 16GB

    hi please suggest 16GB pendrive. budget under Rs. 600 :P Thanks in advance.
  18. TheHumanBot

    Mediabox may be?

    so my Phillips DVD player can't play HD videos 1280xsomething dimension videos. also it can't read from pendrive. so looking for alternative. which mediabox or what ever it called should i buy? purpose playing HD videos through pendrive to my TV Screen? should play mov, flv, wmv, avi files...
  19. curioustechy

    Files missing from pendrive

    Of late i'd two back to back cases of files missing from my the latest case i copied 2 folders both together having size 13.4gb and when i plugged in that after a day, alas! there were no folders or files in that... but the capacity of pendrive shows that it is 13.4gb occupied...
  20. TechnoHolic

    'USB Not Recognized'

    Recently got a USB extension cable. To get better signal in my mobile i always hang it (this cable+mobile's data cable) beside the window. Yesterday, i tried to insert one of my pendrive to it, but it couldn't recognize. 'USB Not Recognized' message blinked up at that time. Again inserted...
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