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  1. J

    split second bsod

    i'm getting blue screen of death while loading split second game running win 7 ultimate 32bit my h/w core i3 540 ram 4gb ddr3 transcend xfx geforce gt240 512mb ddr3 graphics card intex 450w psu seagate 500gb hdd
  2. 1

    Which Shop in Nehru Place

    Hi everyone. I want to buy few things from nehru place can anyone tell me in which shop these would be available. 1) Asus p5kpl-am ps 2) Sapphire/ XFX Radeon HD 5670 1GB 3) WD green 1TB HDD 4) AOC 1619SW
  3. K

    Help needed in OC'ing GT 240

    Hey, does anyone know the overclocking limits of XFX GT 240 1GB DDR5. Plzzzzzzzzz reply.....
  4. ithehappy

    Xfx 9800gt 512mb

    I wanna sell my Nvidia XFX 9800GT 512MB Graphic Card. Purchased on November, 2009. Have Bill and Box. Purchased Price was Rs.6750. Almost 2 years warranty left. Pictures, Uploaded with ImageShack.us Condition Perfectly Fine Selling Price, Rs. 3900/- Selling Reason...
  5. d3p

    XFX Ati Radeon HD5770 1 GB for Sale

    Hi All, I want to sell my XFX HD 5770 Card, which is just 6 months old. Lifetime warranty. Current market price in roughly around 8.5 - 9k. Selling price is 6k + shipping cost inside india. Reason of selling : Already got a GTX 580 from U.S in cheap price. Intrested people can contact me @...
  6. D

    Graphics Card Help

    3 years ago I bought a XFX 8500 GT graphics card with Rs.4600.Last month there was a problem with the graphics card and I submitted it to the service center (it was under warranty period).When I visited the service center they said my card is not repairable and they can't replace it as 8500 GT...
  7. maverick786us

    XFX Power Supplies

    I am a big fan of Corsair PSUs, untill I came across this artical. I still love Corsair PSUs, but I consider it pricy. But after reading this aritcal I found a new hope that XFX PSUs are less expensive compared to Corsair and after going through their specs. It looks as good as Corsair PSU. So...
  8. vishald

    Need advice on graphics card

    Hi, I am using Intel Pentium D 2.66 Ghz dual core processor (533 FSB with 1 mb cache) on Biostar G 31 D M7 motherboard, 1 Gb DDR 2 Transcend ram, 320 gb WD SATA hard drive and Iball LPE223-400 power supply. Monitor is samsung 17" Syncmaster 773s. I am planning to buy XFX ATI 4650...
  9. vishald

    Need immediate advice

    Hi, I am using Intel Pentium D 2.66 Ghz dual core processor (533 FSB with 1 mb cache) on Biostar G 31 D M7 motherboard, 1 Gb DDR 2 Transcend ram, 320 gb WD SATA hard drive and Iball LPE223-400 power supply. Monitor is samsung 17" Syncmaster 773s. I am planning to buy XFX ATI 4650...
  10. fatalcore

    Urgent graphics card

    Need a graphics card Budget : 6000-7000 MAX ! PSU : 500W Zebronics Professional. I suggested : XFX HD 5670 512MB Please assist.
  11. Kniwor

    XFX 6200 Graphic Card PCI-E (550/- shipped)

    Here's the card, perfectly working no issues. The card has a DVI port, a VGA port and an S-video port. XFX NVIDIA GeForce 6200 3 days test warranty, full refund minus all shipping charges. Here's a pic. Picture - XFX NVIDIA GeForce 6200 Reason for sale: Lying unused after upgrade No warranty...
  12. Rollercoaster

    SLI Question

    Hi, I have one XFX 8800GT 512 MB gfx card and I want to add another in SLI I have some doubts- 1. Do the cards have to be an exact match? If not how much variation is possible. Like --one with 512 MB ram and the other with 1GB or --one 8800GT and the other 8800GTX. --if they are different...
  13. M

    XFX 8600GT 256MB /w Warranty

    Hello folks Me got a XFX 8600GT 256MB freshly RMA'd from RP tech. It has got warranty upto 26/6/2010. It has got all accessories that came with the card and also the Original Box. Price : 1750 Shipped. anything at all, use PM...
  14. C

    Xfx ati radeon hd 5750

    I want to sell xfx ati radeon hd 5750 10 days used.. With all warranty for 9k+shipping anyone interested call me @ 09932768007 i'm from kolkata. Reason for sell: Urgent need of money images can be provided if required. MOD Edit: Read the guidelines below and post more information accordingly...
  15. J

    Problems with my MoBo. How to choose a better one??

    Hi all, I have an XFX nForce 630i/1333MHz/GeForce 7150GPU with 256MB DDR2 Motherboard which has issues with Front Audio, specifically, the Microphone. The Distributors have agreed to give me a Board of my choice, though they only handle XFX and ASUS MoBos. Since I'm a noob when it comes to...
  16. paroh

    XFX 8800GTS 320MB replacement??

    As my XFX 8800GTS 320MB is not working properly but the card is under warranty as 1.5year is still there. As this card is no longer available with rashi peripherals so as in the policy if the card is not available they will give u the higher model in exchange of that card. So can u please tell...
  17. N

    XFX 7900 GS and Laptop RAM - 2 GB (DDR2: 667 MHz)

    Hi, I have posted this earlier as well, but didn't make the deal as I sold the HD 4770 instead and decided to continue with 7900 GS. But now I have bought a MSI ATI Radeon HD 5770 two days ago, and replaced my 5 months old XFX Nvidia 7900 GS with it. Now my old card is for sale. It is 5...
  18. ajaybc

    Please suggest a replacement for my 8600GT

    Hi, My XFX 8600GT got fried recently.It was under warranty period.I gave it to Rashi Peripherals Cochin for servicing.They said a replacement has been sanctioned. But the problem is that 8600GT is not availble on stock and they cant replace it.They said they can give some other card instead of...
  19. Gowt1ham

    XFX 7800GTX 512mb DDR3 & AmD Dual core 2.0 Ghz

    Cheapest Offer! XFX 7800GTX 512mb DDR3 2300Rs XFX 7800GTX 512mb DDR3- 2.3kbeats 8600gt and 9500gt all editins with ease Working perfectly Reason for sale-HD 4770/GTS250/GTX 260 or similar Pics on the way Selling X2 3800+ proccy Socket 939 @ 1250Rs + shipping I am selling it less than...
  20. maverick786us

    Best company for an ATI card

    I presume that XFX are best ATI cards as it is the seems to be the brand of choice from the experts. Its provides best Warranty out their and best customer support and best quality build cards. How much will XFX HD 4890 will cost in Delhi, nehru Place? Apart from stupid computer empire, can...
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