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  1. sanads

    Best gpu around rs. 2500 max

    hi guys, i need best value for money gpu around rs. 2500 for some gaming and hd movies , plz suggest good one. Don,t suggest any xfx gpu, i had bad experience with their service. Thanks to all
  2. P

    Best MotherBoard for Core 2 Duo E6750 under 3k

    Hi everyone, I had a Core 2 Duo E6750 processor with XFX 650i Ultra motherboard and a XFX Geforce 9500 GT Grpahics card. All was well until last month when the I/O Controller on the motherboard went kaput(so the repairmen tells us) and furthermore the graphics card has also stopped...
  3. M

    Blue screen Help!!

    Hi. I m Mody. I am new to this forum. I am getting the BSOD after installing a new graphics card XFX HD 6670. My motherboard already has an onboard GPU My SPECS are: MoBo - ASUS M4A88T-M onBoard GPU - AMD HD 4250 Processor - AMD Phenom X6 1090T RAM - 4GB DDR3 HDD - 1TB Seagate...
  4. S

    How to connect three monitor with xfx radeon 6770?

    How to connect three monitor with xfx radeon 6770? Hello My Graphic card has three port , 1VGA , 1DVI , and 1HDMI I have connected two monitors to VGA and DVI port and it works fine ,So Can i connect a third monitor to hdmi port and get triple display or not mu config is XP pro 32 bit...
  5. R

    2 & 3 SLI Power requirements??

    Hi, friends - i m new in the graphics world, So I want to know that how much PSU power required for 3 SLI XFX 9800GTX+ 512 DDR3 card?? Means overall PSU wattage i want to know??????#!##!##!##!#
  6. Tribalgeek

    PSU For The Monsterous Msi GTX560Ti Hawk.

    I currently have a Core2 Duo E7500 and 4GB of RAM running Windows 7 with a XFX GT240 graphics card.I have a MSI GTX560Ti-Hawk. Now I'm ready to uggrade my card, but was wondering, if I upgrade to the GTX 560 ti, what power supply do you guys recommend for it? Also my Elite 330 case will...
  7. K

    PSU Upgrade? Seasonic or XFX

    I am going be upgradinngmy crappy PSU.. so far i have these two in mind SeaSonic S12II 520 Bronze 520W --> Theitdepot - Seasonic 520W PowerSupply (S12II-520) or XFX Core Edition 550W Power Supply (P1-550S-XXB9) --> Theitdepot - XFX Core Edition 550W Power Supply (P1-550S-XXB9) so...
  8. N

    PC hangs at motherboard logo XFX

    Hey Frens...... plz help me outta this problem....problem is as below.. Weneva i power my pc on ... it hangs at the mobo logo XFX..ie pre bootup into the OS.... I can do nothing bt restart my pc..many times it doesnt help bt that elps is that i have to reset CMOS ... bt the problem comes...
  9. V

    Plz Advise

    My present config is Gigabyte G31M-S2L Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66GHz 2.00 GB DDR2 Seagate 250GB HDD UMAX nPOWER 450W PSU 1. I am planing to buy the xfx hd 6670 @5300/- Is gaming better in win Xp or Win 7. i have both installed. 2. Which is better GT 520 or HD 6450
  10. V

    Help choosing among the following monitors

    1. Which of the following monitors should i buy dell IN2030m -rs 6250/- benq gl2030 -rs 5750/- acer s202hl -rs 6000/- are all the above LED monitors? 2. Is the GT 520 (Rs3300/-)similar to HD 5570 in performance. since the 5570 is EOL it cost 6000/- approx. What about HD 6450 3...
  11. R

    Xfx hd 6790 1gb???

    Hey GUyzz.... I have a budget of 7.7k approx for GPU....so should i go with XFX HD 6790 1GB or please suggest me some other card in this range........ and i also have 2.2k for PSU.....so suggest me one good VFM PSU for this GPU....... thanxx in advance..:)
  12. Skyh3ck

    Graphic Card upgrade......

    Hi My cnofig is INTEL C2D E6750 (will upgrade to Quad core or EE) Nvidia 650i ultra mobo Corsair 2 x 2 GB DDR2 800 RAM Corsir VX450w PSU XFX GTS 250 512mb 19" Widescreen LCD monitor (Will upgrade to HD monitor in few month) Currently i have XFX GTS 250 512mb Card, i want to...
  13. sanads

    xfx nvidia gt240 1 gb ddr3 graphics problem

    xfx nvidia gt240 1 gb ddr3 graphics problem I have pc with following config core2duo e8400, msi g33 motherboard, 2gb ddr2 ram, 320gb hard disc, lg led monitor, My problem is that SOME TIME MY GRAPHICS CRACK IN DISPLAY , PC HANG AND SOME TIME PC SHUT DOWN AUTOMATICALLY. WHEN I REMOVED...
  14. J

    Need help with PSU

    So Finally, I had decided to change my crappy zebronics 500w platinum psu. I come to know differtnt Psus Like, Corsair TX650 V2 @ 5500 in Primeabgb Corsair GS800 @ 5600 in primeabgb and the Mega XFX 650w xxx Modular I can find it in lynx india. XFX 650 Watts SMPS - Model...
  15. S

    is GTX 560 Hawk overkill for this config?

    hi guys, my current system config is as follows - e8400, xfx 680i lt sli mobo, 4GB ddr2 ram (800MHz), 2x xfx 8600GT sli, 18.5" Samsung monitor. I'm planning to upgrade the gpu. will the GTX 560 Hawk (or twin frozr II) be overkill for my system?
  16. soumo27

    XFX Radeon HD 4350 1 GB. 9 Months OLD.

    Sold Locally via Quikr....
  17. Tenida

    Xfx 8600 Gt 256 DDR3

    * Product Name:XFX 8600 GT 256 DDR3 * Expected Price:SOLD * Time of Purchase: 05/09/2008 * Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 6 Months * Reason for Sale: Want to upgrade to MSI 560Ti twin frozer II * Purchase Invoice Available: Yes * Product...
  18. MegaMind

    Resolution prob on XFX 8600gt

    Hey guys my friend has the foll config, DELL ST2010(1600*900) monitor Dual core E2180 P5N-MX 4GB DDR2 XFX 8600GT CX 400 When the resolution is set to 1600*900 with 8600GT, It appears like this, Even after Auto adjusting it remains the same... But when the gpu is removed n monitor is...
  19. arko1983

    xfx 9800 gtx+

    Want to sell my old grafix card bcoz i bought a new 1 (gtx 580).Will post pics soon .want 5k if anybody interested pm me.Want to sell in kolkata.10 months warranty still ther. 1. *Model number and details: XFX 9800 gtx+ 2. *Date of purchase:feb 2009 3. Reason for sale:bought new card 4. Warranty...
  20. B

    booting too late

    i have a asus p5g41tmlx motherboard,with intel e55oo 2.83 ghz processor. it boots normally within 2 minuts or less. but when i install xfx 8400 gs graphic card on it it takes to long to display bios post and bootup. whay should i do?
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