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  1. Pathik

    XFX Launches 8500GT, 8600GT, 8600GTS in India

    XFX introduced its latest range of graphics cards in the GeForce 8 series. The new 8 Series cards is made up of the Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT, 8600 GT and 8600 GTS. Sunny Narain—VP, Sales and Marketing, XFX—HongKong, said, "The GeForce 8 series will deliver unparallel levels of graphics...
  2. U

    FS: XFX 7800 GT Xtreme Edition

    XFX 7800 GT Xtreme Edition this card doesnt need a PCIE power connector to work.. this card works with a 4 pin Molex power connector.. Card is being used and is 14-15 months old never been oced or volt-mod about the warranty this is something I really dont know about if the card is still...
  3. Pravas

    Which Hardware And GFX pls Helppp me soon?

    Hi guys, i am buying my to be Assembled Pc hardwares from a Dealer in Kolkata(...i dont belong to this place:(). My selected GFX and RAM was XFX 7900GS and Transcend 2x1 GB DDR2 667 MHz. Now what the problem is that the Dealer told me that XFX 7900 GS is unavailable and Though Transcend RAM is...
  4. Kniwor

    XFX 6600GT 128Mb GDDR3 PCI-E

    Here's the card. XFX - Products GeForce™ 6600 : Models The card comes with original box, cables etc. Approx 1-1.5 years old, so remaining warranty left. No issues whatsoever. Expecting : 3.5k
  5. Kniwor

    XFX Geforce 6500TC 256Mb PCI-E for cheap

    I have graphics card, which I need to sell XFX Geforce 6500TC 256Mb It's about an year Old, but I lost the box and all, so even after being in warranty, consider it no warranty, and purchase it as-is, for this reason I will try to keep the price lower. The card is in perfect working condition...
  6. A

    XFX 7600GT XXX edition for sale

    Brand new XFX 7600GT XXX edition video card for sale.Its factory sealed and hasnt been used yet.Price 10K.
  7. Z

    computer not starting

    My english is bad, am in learning process so sorry for mistakes in grammar. I read Digit magazine since i loves games in computers. Magazine advises me to buy 8800GTX for smooth gameplay and i buying 2 set of 8800GTX from xfx called ddr3 xxx version. when i come back home to play i remove...
  8. Khimera

    For Sale: XFX 6800 XT DDR3 256mb Agp

    Hi Guys, Selling my XFX 6800 XTreme DDR3 256mb AGP card ( which actually performs a bit better than 7300 GT ddr2 according to reviews.) used for 2.5 months. Was bought from U.S So no local warranty. You can check the specs here...
  9. g_goyal2000

    XFX 7600GT AGP or Leadtek 7600GT AGP

    Hi Guys. I'm planning to buy a new AGP card in place of my old nVidia 5200 AGP. I have decided on a nVidia 7600 GT based AGP card cos it's better then 7800GS, cheap & available. And also cheaper than an ATI x1950 which I would die for. XFX & Leadtek are the only ones who make 7600 GT based AGP...
  10. neeru_igi

    onboard displays:which one is better??

    which one's better? atiX200 or nvidia6150 also in a (un)related matter.is the onboard nvidia 6150 better than an XFX geforce 5200(128 MB agp 8x ) thx in advance
  11. sam9s

    Any body interested in buying XFX 7600GT

    Hi ALL, I am getting an 8800 from US, and I want to shell out my XFX 7600GT,... I can offer 7000, with Ghost Recon the original title plus 3,4 other titles as well of your choise. Under 3 year warrenty with all the package........anybody interested....people from Delhi NCR
  12. D

    Can a XFX GeForce 5200 Graphics card be connected to a TV

    I have an XFX 5200 Graphics card can i connect it to my TV Here is my specs XFX GeForce Fx 5200 PCI-E 256MB TV Out: 1 Outputs - Maximum Resolution: 2048 x 1536 Pixels - RAMDAC Speed: 350 MHz - With Multiple Monitor Support How can i solve this issue
  13. godling

    7600GT vs 7300GT

    1. I wanted to know how drastic is the performance difference between these two? (Please be a bit detailed, if you can) 2. I need to buy a brand other than XFX, because I've heard that XFX cards are substantially slow. Anyone knows what else is available in Calcutta? And does brand choice...
  14. M

    XFX GeForce 5700LE 256MB GDDR2 AGP8x

    XFX GeForce 5700LE 256MB GDDR2 AGP8x with bill + driver CD + manual and 1.5 yrs old. When I sold off my old computer the buyer didnt want a graphics card. My new PC does not support AGP, so its lying idle for past 4 months. :? I think it would be quite useful for someone with system running...
  15. S

    I want to sell my computer parts

    Proc-intel P4 2.4 GHz --------Rs2000 Mobo-Intel Chipset 865 GBF --------Rs2000 Ram-2x(256MB) = 512 DDR --------Rs2000 GPU- XFX Geforce 5200 AGP 128 MB ----Rs1000 XFX Geforce 6200 AGP 256 MB(New Bought 2 months ago)(SM 3.0) --Rs2000 Negotiable. All these things are working fine and One year...
  16. C

    rate the gfx card

    hi..... hw much do u rate the the following gfx card... what are it's pros and cons.... xfx pcie express card 6500 256mb.... thanks :eek:
  17. G

    PCI-E Graphic Card

    Hello Everybody, As per my buget, please suggest which is best of the following chipset of XFX PCI-Express Graphic Card 1. GF 7300 GS 2. GF 7300 LE 3. GF 6500
  18. savithk

    graphic card for animation

    i want to buy graphic card for 3D animation . iam useing this software Maya , SOFtIMAGE XSI , 3D MAX. My comfig is AMD 64 2800+ ASUS K8V-MX . 512 RAM . 80GB . please help me . i talk to many computer reseller they told me they have XFX GeForce 6200 256 MB AGP 8X . and XFX GeForce FX 5500 256MB...
  19. tanush_89

    which 1 is better card.

    I actually think that 6800,6600gt are better than 7600gS.But is the price diffrence worth the card. For how much time XFX geforce 7600gS will last?? plz a serious advice is needed.
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