DVD writing speed makes no difference! Why? Solution?


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I use Nero Burning ROM 10, it never gave me any problems but I see that if I change and up the speed to 16X for writing it makes no difference than 8X speed, both take ~ 8 mins. However when starting at 16X it does show 5 minutes but in reality it takes 8 mins.
I generally write dvds at 8X but sometimes when I am in a hurry I select 16X and this becomes a pain.

Thanks in advance.


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Its a dependent feature you see, sometimes it depends on the DVD used. They can't be written at high speed and sometimes its a problem with DVD Writer. Which DVD and writer you were using ??


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Sorry I forgot to mention my DVD writer, it's HP DVD 1260 and I always use Sony dvds.
I remember some long time back my previous Sony writer was taking almost half an hour to write a dvd, then someone said about some options in My Computer settings and that did the trick, but I can't remember what was the path.


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It depends upon what file you are writing,and quality of the DvD. i suggest you to use quality dvd's like sony or any other highly branded DVD's. for writing important data. and 16x speed is not that good to write huge quantity files .
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