Need Help Coding!

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i needed help writing a program.
the program's concept is that it inputs a string and then replaces the following in the string and gives the output:
q with a
w with s
e with d
r with f
t with g
y with h
u with j
i with k
o with l
p with p
a with z
and so on.


Sami Hyypiä, LFC legend
1. Which Programming language?
2. What kind of interface will the program have? Console based, Web, GUI, etc.
3. Post an attempt, even a failed/incomplete one will do, otherwise this thread will be locked. You've 24 hours.


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I have the .cpp file. All i want is to convert it into a gui .exe file.

You dont even know what Compiling is??

Do you know programming?? If not then learn it first.

No one is going to help you or write your programs from scratch if you dont know anything.

Please change the thread title so that it more aptly describes the problem you are facing. It will help you in getting more focused replies.


Sami Hyypiä, LFC legend
You just had to post your code in [NOPARSE]
[/NOPARSE]. Since you failed in that part, so thread closed. You are free to create a proper thread next time.
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