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The 8x DVD writer on my Dell laptop suddenly writes very slowly--a 4GB DVD takes about 1.5 hrs, running at speeds up to only 0.8x. Have tried two different softwares (Roxio and Nero) and two different discs (Sony and Moserbaer) and all have the same problem. Also, when the DVD write gets up to about 150 MB, the writing slows down and almost stops--after multiple attempts a single MB is written, and then writing continues normally at the slow 0.8x speed.

Have tried to clean the laser head in the DVD drive, but nothing seems to make much difference. Do I need to replace the drive--it still works, but only at 1/10th speed?


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have you tried the standard troubleshooting procedure:


try that procedure.


probably urs is set into pio mode,,reset it back to ultra dma ,,do these things if only PIO mode is there,
right click my computer
go to manage
go to device manager
expand the tab IDE ATA/ATAPi controllers
click those ones marked primary IDE channel
click the tab advanced settings
fine out in which one it is set to PIO mode,,this will be probably ur DVD drive,,,delete the channel,if unable to revert back to ultra DMA mode
now restart ur comp and windows will detect ur dvd drive and will do the necessary action
hope this works,,just my 2 pence


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Its possible that u've tried to read a badly scratched disc which causes the OS to revert back to using PIO mode which is a lot slower than DMA just like Dr.tweaker said.

I had the same problem a few years ago.Since i have a single core CPU , my system used to practically hang whenever i tried reading/writing any dvds. Any amount of meddling with the device manager did not get me anywhere. I think some digit member gave me this script long ago which resets the DMA. It worked for me and many of my friends. You could give it a shot.

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